Annie Freeze

Other Alias: Annabelle Friese, Ann
Age: 21
Height: 5′ 6″
Hair Color: Dark brown
Occupation: Adventuress
Abilities: Science, engineering, quantum physics
Affiliation: The Outcasts

The fearless Dr. Annabella Friese grew up in 19th Century Metrobay: the first woman to ever graduate from Metrobay University with an advanced degree in physics.  A skilled engineer, she manufactured all manner of gadgets and gizmos… only to see them refused again and again solely because they came from a woman. She was forced to divide the proceeds of her actions with a duplicitous con man, who claimed half of her wages while selling her products.

Eventually, she became fed up. In a secret mine outside of Metrobay, she stored plans and prototypes for dozens of fantastic inventions – centuries ahead of their time – which she swore never to let any of them fall out of her control. The greatest among them – an advanced hibernation freezing chamber – she used on herself, to escape this backward-thinking time and find an era when women are respected for their minds.

She awoke in the 21st Century, shocked to see the ways that women have advanced… and how shockingly behind they have fallen as well. Nonetheless, she has taken to this new era with gusto, using her fantastic patents and clockwork devices to defeat even the most tenacious foe. She has since joined the Outcasts, and uses the money gained from her patents to fund their operation. And yet part of her wonders what might have happened had she stayed in her time… and simply found the proper man to partner with?

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