"Payback's a Bitch" #3

Story by Trishbot, art by Finister Foul.
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"Payback's a Bitch" #3

Postby Trishbot » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:01 am

Hey everyone! Finister Foul and I are back with a new issue of "Payback's a Bitch"! What's in store this week?

Avia, spirit of the Nightengale, begins to recount the tale of Samantha Sable, Raven's predecessor. How did Samantha, an infamous enforcer of R.O.P.E., wind up in possession of the legendary cloak, and what string of events led her down the path of heroism and crime-fighting adventure? Find out in this explosive issue where secrets are revealed, tragedy unfolds, and a new legend is born! Check it all out in "Payback's a Bitch" Issue 3, only at Metrobay Comix!

Check it out here: http://metrobaycomix.com/members/gal/index.php/Paybacks-A-Bitch/Chapter-3

Thanks for reading, everyone! And thanks for supporting Metrobay Comix!
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Re: "Payback's a Bitch" #2

Postby lods » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:58 am

Wow, lots of new info about the cape and what it is connected to. Avia seems to be relatively quiet up until this story compared to past how talking she was implied to be in the past. Guess whatever happens next might explain it.

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Re: "Payback's a Bitch" #3

Postby ajiehb » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:12 pm

It's interesting how destinies of all three Nightengales are connected. While Swan was wearing Avia Cloak as Nightengale, Samantha and Robin where introduced to each other at the ROPE with the help of Max Index. But what's more interesting is that Swan Starling knew Samantha father. Will we learn more about him?

It's still seems like very risky move from Avia to propose her cloak to Samantha. But I guess she hadn't much of a choice back then. And from a small recap of the fight between Pink Pussycat Nightengale and Enchantress we have seen that even wearing Cloak didn't stop Samantha from using strong language. This makes me think that she didn't fully embrace power of Avia and was using Cloak more like weapon to achieve her goals.

But I'm curious to see what will happen next in this story. And what part in it will play Trixtress ^_^ As I understand Samantha is vulnerable only when she is in the role of Lady Payback?

But I'm also very curious to know why Avia is so afraid of her. Some very interesting events must be happening between them in past, huh?

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Re: "Payback's a Bitch" #3

Postby jabbers » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:18 pm

I'm so pleased to see this story getting it's due! Based on what's been established, I suspect Trixtress will ultimately be the one to betray Lady Payback to the Alliance while unknowingly causing the cloak's transfer of ownership. However it happens, it should be an intriguing story to follow. It's been progressing at a very comfortable pace.

The artwork and character designs have been great so far too! I quite liked Swan's costume design, though seeing her relinquish the cloak was a grim sight in more ways than one. All of Sable's costumes have been pretty awesome, doing a great job of characterizing her different identities.

I'm very excited to see this story continue!

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Re: "Payback's a Bitch" #3

Postby TheCheese » Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:43 am

Is this an update once every two months???

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