Turing Point Heads Up :)

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Turing Point Heads Up :)

Postby creativeguy » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:35 pm

So as you may have noticed I put Turing Point on haitus... When I originally drafted the series I drafted about 7 - 8 issues to start. I have a general plan and it altered a bit etc, but we're hitting some important aspects I want do right. Some things get complicated other things don't ... but it should prove interesting. We're about half way through this series maybe a bit less... I want to tie up some story ends well but also set the foundation for the follow up series (yes I have two more series around Turing and other characters)... There is a lot of character development and some setup I want to do... as we're going to have visits from a lot of folks you know and some ones you have yet to meet it up. That being said I want to plan things out right and well as things will be acclerating ;)

So thanks for your patience I'm aiming for June/July... I'm doing some pieces I had in mind for rest of April and May as developmental stuff for some characters I'm introducing to Metrobay sort of expanded One Shots... they introduce new characters that will weave into my story lines. :)

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