Internal audit

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Internal audit

Postby abc » Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:57 pm

I thought to myself, I'll do a nice little short story for a change. Turns out it's much longer than my last one. Sorry about that. And there's no transformation in it. Very strange for me. But it does feature a young woman learning a lot about herself.

Internal Audit

April Druck closed up her store for the day. It was already dark but the nights were getting shorter and it was a warm evening. She lived above where she worked but was heading out to get some Chinese food; she'd had a craving for it all day. Arriving at the restaurant just round the corner to pick up her order April spotted a two seedy, red, glowing circles that illuminated the street from above moving towards her.

'Oh, it's her' April thought to herself.

She was as familiar as anyone with the lights that the city's only superheroine, Knockout Tits, projected down from the sky when out patrolling. It couldn't be seen in the daytime, but it could always be felt if you were old enough. Whereas the previous guardian of the city made people feel protected, Knockout Tits' beams made April feel like everyone knew some perverted secret about her and she was the only one that didn't know what it was.

This time the lights stopped directly above April, standing at the door of the Golden Panda. Their continued presence made her feel more uncomfortable than ever before.

'It feels like I'm naked. How does she do that?'

Though it felt like longer it was only a few seconds before two men burst out the restaurant and ran off carrying handfuls of cash with angry shouts in Mandarin following behind. The lights moved rapidly and suddenly Knockout Tits was landing in front of the thieves and, with one hand, pulling down her tube top; exposing her enormous breasts and putting the criminals out of action with a flash from her magic nipple rings.

Not many would have said they actually liked her predecessor, Sister Procyon, and Knockout Tits was just as good at keeping crime down; she just really brought the tone of the place down. April was particularly disgusted with what she saw.

'Does she even know she's got her hand down her panties right now? Is she just going to wait for the cops to turn up while people take pictures of her standing there with her tits hanging out? Disgusting'

But after all the excitement had died down and April had gotten home with her food she was in a pretty good mood. Jie Fu Wong, the restaurant's owner, was so happy to get his money back that he gave April the meal for free. This feeling only lasted as long as it took her to open the first letter in the long ignored stack that awaited her return home. In her shock at what she read, April managed to spill an entire bottle of soy sauce on her table top; ruining the copy of the month's takings report she'd brought back and a few of the unopened letters unlucky enough to be at the bottom of the pile.

April didn't even notice it dripping onto the floor as she kept re-reading the message written using cut out bits of newspapers.

DEaR apRil! i know wHERE YOu got the MOneY fOr YoUr busINess! iF YOU wAnt to STAy out OF Jail YoU wILL GIve ME EVErytHing I WAnt! SEE you sooN!


"No! No! No!" April rambled to herself. "It can't be! How could anyone know! I was so careful. What does he want? Money? My shop? What if he wants me things? I can't go to jail!"

April spent the rest of the evening in a worried daze, not even thinking to clean up the mess she'd made. She couldn't stop herself from imagining different ways this blackmailer could make her life a misery. In the end, so that she could sleep, April had to resort to the only thing that could help her relax; masturbation. It worked, as it always did, even though it didn't stop the thoughts running around her head. As she climaxed she feared the man might make her do this in front of him. Other situations with a similar theme plagued April right up until the moment she dropped off.

The next day at work, April did her best not to dwell on what might happen. The letter and the stress of last night almost seemed like a bad dream and she didn't let any lingering nervousness spill over when she had customers to deal with.

April's business was simply called 'April's Computer Hardware and Repairs' and she ran it very well. Technology had long been a passion of hers, so she knew what she was talking about, and she never made customers feel pressured or confused. The profits weren't impressive though; it was hard running a small, independent business in this market, particularly being a woman. She had gotten used to the pitying looks of disbelief on many male customers faces (the occasional woman as well) as they assumed she was just playing at her job. She even managed to remain calm through the various requests to speak to 'her boss' when they considered their problem to be too complicated her pretty little head.

And she certainly was pretty. Standing about five and a half feet tall, April had wavy, dark brown hair framing the button nose, full lips and chocolate brown eyes of her cute face. Her hourglass figure incorporated her firm, f-cup breasts; matching hips and appropriately slender waist to great effect.

But looking as good as she did often added more difficulties in her line of work. As hard as it was to be taken seriously as a woman, most people outright denied the possibility that a beautiful woman could even be interested in such a subject, no matter how many examples proved them wrong.

So April could be forgiven for slightly using her appearance to her advantage. Whilst a lot of men wouldn't trust her judgement when they came into the store they are more likely to just go along with whatever she suggested if she were wearing tight jeans and a close fitted t-shirt. Since she always gave impartial advice and never mis-sold anything it was a victimless crime and she never went as far as showing any skin; she did still hope to be taken seriously.

All this is why April was not surprised or angry when she caught a man looking at her admiringly that afternoon. She had been standing on a stool and stretching to a high shelf behind the counter to bring down a new keyboard she'd been keeping in stock for Mrs Min, a 72 year old online gaming addict, regular customer and keeper of an impressive stable of younger lovers. As sm April had reached up, her t-shirt had pulled out of her waistband revealing a portion of her toned, flat stomach and with her arms over her head at full stretch April's shapeliness was displayed to good effect.

She noticed him staring when she turned to step down and, always being friendly with customers, she spoke to him brightly.

"I'll be with you in just a few moments, sir"

Being caught drinking in her body and then spoken to directly appeared to unnerve him. He kept glancing at Mrs Min when he replied, as if his flustered words were as much for her as April.

"What?...oh certainly, but I'm not here to buy anything. I'm from That's right, I've been seen to carry out a random audit on your business, nothing unusual. You should have received a letter, I believe?"

At the mention of the letter April knew why he was really there. The colour had drained from her face but she managed to keep it together long enough to see her customer out of the store and turn the closed sign around.

"I didn't think you'd be here this soon" April said, in a panic. "I can't go to jail, please"

"I think you're getting ahead of yourself and worrying over nothing" he replied, now much more controlled. "As long as you provide me with everything I require, I'm sure you'll have nothing to worry about. No one I've visited before has been sent to jail yet"

"You've done this before?"

"Plenty of times. Don't you worry, I know what I'm doing"

"But how can you do this? It's horrible!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way. But there are laws and when I find someone is breaking those laws, sometimes I can step in to make sure things even out. I like to think of myself as being like a law enforcement officer in a way"

"Let's get this over with. I won't accept losing my business. What do you want from me?"

"Well, this will take quite a while so first I'll need somewhere out of sight of your customers. We don't want start any gossip, do we?"

April was worried how long 'a while' might be. Her blackmailer was virtually moving in to the place.

"I have a small office out back"

"Sounds perfect! I'll pop back there right now and get myself comfortable. This will run smoothly if you can make sure I get everything I ask for quickly. Some of my requests may seem a bit odd, but if I'm going to help you I will need to see everything"

After he spoke, his eyes drifted down to April's breasts. She was close to hyperventilating and his attention had been caught by the rapid rise and fall of her chest. His eyes snapped back to hers.

"How rude of me, I haven't even introduced myself. I'm..."

"I think it's best if I don't know your name, don't you think?" April interrupted.

He looked insulted and left through the door at the back without saying a word.

'That bastard. Acting so causal with his obvious threats. He wants to see everything, but what choice do I have? I can't believe I'm going to do this'

After making sure the shop door was locked and closing the blinds, April speedily stripped out off her clothes stopping when she was down to her underwear; a mismatched, faded and worn, chosen for comfort only and so large that they held no erotic value whatsoever.

'These will have to do, I can't be naked in front of a man I don't know. This isn't so bad, just think of it like going to the beach'

And so April sidled into her own office, partially undressed and, despite her best efforts, very embarrassed. The man had his back to her, looking in a filing cabinet and only turned to look at April when she f-rced out a small cough.

He laughed.

"Please, Ms Druck, I told you've I've done all this before many times. But I must admit that nobody's tried to distract me from working out how much they should be paying whilst wearing such utilitarian underwear! I think I'd better go. I'll come back tomorrow when I hope you'll stick to more appropriate clothing"

'So that's his game' April thought after he left. 'He's going to sit there and decide how much to extort from me and I'm supposed to cheapen myself for his entertainment to keep the number down. And if I don't play along he'll turn me in. I'm trapped'

April spent that evening trying to work out what she could wear the next day to keep his interest. With her business still in its infancy, she had few occasions to go out and less free cash to splash out on racy clothing when she did. As she rummaged through her old stuff she came across a something that she'd only kept for sentimental reasons. For a very brief time April had been a cheerleader until puberty went further with her than expected and ruined her balance; she'd kept the last costume she'd bought before giving up on keeping up with her growth.

It was a standard cheerleading top and skirt in red & white that April was trying to force herself into the next morning. The skirt wasn't too difficult to get on but like all cheerleading skirts it wasn't designed to cover much. Knowing that he'd complain if she didn't, April wore her nicest pair of panties that matched as they were red and lacey. The top was another matter; it was spandex, sleeveless and midriff baring. There was no way to fit into it without serious modifications.

First, she had to cut away the shoulder straps so that it could reach all the way past the underside of her breasts once she'd tugged it down, something like a tube top. April didn't own a bra she could wear with it. Secondly, the pressure was unbearable. There was only one option. She was very carefully and slowly cutting down from the neckline a little when the strain it was under caused the rip to spread much further than intended. The pressure had been released but at the cost of creating a swooping neckline that almost tore the top completely open at the front.

Shocked at how she looked, April tried to undo some of the damage using safety pins to close her cleavage off a bit. It worked, at the cost of slightly repressurising her breasts and squeezing them visibly higher.

Her blackmailer hadn't turned up by the time April opened the store and she was dreading his arrival; but she was also terrified about who else would see her like this. Her first customer of the day was a middle aged man for whom she'd been recovering data from a hard drive. Luckily she'd recognised him as he was lost for words the moment he caught sight of her and was anyway kneeling down behind the counter by the time he walked into it, zombie like. Looking up with the memory stick in hand, April caught the man looking down at her. He was leaning so far over the counter she feared he might topple over and, realising he was looking down her top, she blushed deeply; both on her cheeks and her chest. Until he finally left, the man kept glancing at her breasts without any subtlety.

'Why would he be subtle?' April thought. 'With me dressed like a cheap whore he must think I'm desperate to be stared at!'

The man she blamed for her embarrassing appearance arrived soon after but barely looked at her beyond saying good morning before heading out the back. She was working herself up to going out to see him when it started to get unusually busy in the shop. Men were turning up, browsing the a while and leaving again. Although, they spent as much time blankly looking at products as they did, with much more interest, at April. For her part, she mostly stayed obscured from sight behind displays until some started asking her basic computer questions and not listening to the answers. Others inquired about products on high or low shelves, claiming various sporting injuries prevented them from managing themselves. These men would then stand uncomfortably close as she stretched or crouched for the items and whilst she explained what they actually were. Even Mrs Min came in and started hunting around as if she'd lost something. Unlike everyone else, she wouldn't even look at April, waved away her offer of help without a word and eventually left without buying anything.

But despite the unpleasantness, sales were booming; too many of the men didn't know how to extricate themselves from their lechery without going along with April's suggestion that whatever it was she held suggestively in front of her chest was exactly what they needed. Although she felt ashamed, April didn't feel guilty about taking their money to make up for the ordeal.

When things quietened down April closed early; she'd made enough money and longed for the day to be over. And the worst was still to come.

When she entered her office, the man looked as if he had been waiting for her all day; as if he could wait forever.

"I'm shutting early today. Made a lot of sales" she said in a dispassionately flat voice.

"I'm glad to hear that. It's great to see a small business owner doing well. It always makes me proud of our country. Whatever it is you're doing out there, keep at it!"

Just listening to him left April almost too furious for words. She turned to storm out but then decided she had to say something regardless of the consequences.

"Look...!" she began. But as she turned quickly back to face him, the safety pins in her top tore free. They had been working their way through the artifical fabric towards this destined moment over the last few hours and once the first one failed the others immediately followed.

To April this all happened in slow motion. The safety pins sprang away to the corners of the room before her breasts, with nothing to contain them, spilled out into plain view. She froze for a full ten seconds, looking down and up again several times before grabbing them, one with each hand, to cover up.

"Miss Druck, I will need to make a record of this, you understand. As unpleasant..."

"A record!" interrupted April. "No!"

And this time she did leave the room, letting her breasts swing free as she span and fumbled with the door. She collapsed in her shuttered store in a panic, unable to think. All her worst fears were coming true. Automatically, April slipped a hand into her panties to carry out her traditional method of escaping stress. As she closed in on a climax, her thoughts cleared. Whatever he wanted she would have to do, even though it would deliver her further into his power it was her only hope; that eventually he would set her free. Finally resigned to her situation, April picked up a display model digital camera and went back in. She placed it in front of him heavily.

"Here. Snap away" she said, defiantly.

He stared at her for a good long while as she stood there with one arm concealing her chest within the remains of her top.

"Tell me why you want this"

"I've worked too hard at my business. It's my dream and I'll do whatever it takes to save it"

"Even selling pictures of yourself online?

The bastard keeps upping the stakes, she thought. But she couldn't let him rattle her.

"...If that's what it takes"

"Listen, I don't think you want..."

"Just start taking pictures"

He picked up the camera. Eventually he worked out how to use it. He pointed it straight at April and the flash flashed.

April hadn't moved. She stood transfixed. It was really happening now. And once it was over she would have to put them on the internet. Slowly, she let her hands fall to her sides allowing her breasts to fall free again.

As he took the photos, April thought he looked hesitant. Maybe disinterested. It wasn't enough to just stand there.

"Tell me what you want to see. Do you want me to look nervous?"

This wasn't a hard look to achieve, as it was his she still felt. April squeezed her breasts against herself with one arm, her other hand fidgeted with the hem of her skirt seemingly flashing her panties unintentionally whilst she tilted her chin down but raised her eyes to look straight at the camera.

Each new suggestion April made she acted out without any of her bubbling emotions showing through as the flashes picked up pace.

"Should I be brazen?"

She hefted her tits up, presenting them to the camera. FLASH. She lifted one to get mouth and licked it. FLASH. Sucked on it. FLASH. Even bit herself gently. FLASH FLASH.

"Should I be submissive?"

She got down on hands and knees, facing him with her breasts hanging to the floor. FLASH.

"Face the other way" he said.

This was it. What April had hoped and feared for. She'd finally got his attention but how far would he go. She turned, shuffling on the floor, until her rear was presented to him. FLASH.

"Lean forward, raise your ass up"


"Now lie on your back. Cross your legs and spread your arms out to the side"


"Stand up. Lay on the desk. Squeeze your tits. Spread your legs"


With each flash he stepped a little closer until he stood right in front of April with her legs either side of him.


She knew what must come next. She spread her legs a little further, accepting it.

There were no more flashes. Neither moved for what seemed like forever.

"The battery's dead" he said. He put the camera down next to April and walked out the room without looking back.

April lay there, breathing heavily, for five minutes before she felt steady enough to get up.

She barely slept that night; her mind was on fire as she relived what she'd done. It would have begun to feel like a dream if she didn't have the photographs taunting her with proof it was all real. More than once, April came close to deleting them, just to be able to pretend it hadn't happened, but knew he would only make things worse for her if she did. He wanted her to sell them online, so that's what she would do. Since she wasn't able to sleep yet, April spent some hours setting up a website and uploading the photos behind a pay wall, not one was made available for free as a teaser and anyone who did subscribe for access would find her face pixilated out in every picture. To cap it all she decided to charge $90 a month for people to see what was inside the vaguely described She'd done as instructed but she wasn't going to encourage anyone.

The small amount of sleep she did manage was spent slumped in front of her computer and April awoke to discover that she already had a subscriber. There was only one person it could possibly be, but why would be giving money to her? That wasn't the usual cash flow direction for a blackmailer. Of course, he was checking she'd done what he wanted and would no doubt be adding the $90 to the final demand.

There was no time to dwell on it now, April would have to open the store late so she would have time to go shopping for the type of clothing she'd have to wear to work and she wanted to waste as little time as possible.

With that in mind, April went to the nearest place she knew; a cheap and trashy women's clothes shop that had replaced a lovely, little wedding dress boutique only a few months earlier.

The woman running the place could have been a natural beauty if she hadn't worked so hard to hide it, April thought. It was clear she'd decided on trampy instead. The woman wore a lime green latex bikini that would have been scandalous on most beaches, let alone in a place of business, and was probably chosen to keep as many of her offensive tattoos on display as possible. What little she wore didn't conceal the fact that her nipples had been pierced to match the rings that adorned her face and even her feet. Her garish makeup was poorly applied and some of the thick mascara she wore had somehow ended up sticking strands of her straight, bleach blonde hair together.

Whilst April had been taking this all in, the woman had been sizing her up as well. Suddenly feeling nervous, April hurried to find something to buy.

"Let me know if you see anything you like" the skank said. "Just call for me, miss t... That's right, I'm Misty"

April ignored her, grabbed a several dresses off a rack and hurried towards the privacy of the changing room. But before she could get inside Misty stepped in front of her, blocking the way.

"It's occupied at the moment. I can let you know if they'll fit you, I just need to take your measurements"

Perhaps it was because the lie was so blatant (the changing room curtain was open showing to clearly be empty) but April couldn't bring herself to contradict her or put up any resistance as Misty took out her measuring tape.

"Okay, stand up straight and don't move"

Either Misty didn't know what she was doing or what she wasn't doing wasn't what she said she would. The latter was more likely but April still did exactly as she was told while Misty groped her way up April's body with the tape dangling unused from one hand.

Working her way higher, Misty became bolder, cupping and lifting April's breasts through her T-shirt.

"You know, I've seen you about the neighborhood. I never would have guessed you liked this kind of thing" Misty said, looking April straight in the eye as sheer continued to fondle.

"I...I don't"

"Hmm, I think you almost do"

Misty reached under April's T-shirt and expertly unhooked her bra, letting it drop onto the floor.

"I need to get an idea what they're like set free. The clothes I sell don't always go well with underwear"

Now, with her hands in direct contact with April's flesh, Misty continued playing to her heart's content.

"If you want to go out some night, I doubt any man would say no to a threesome with us. I think you'd like that better"

Then, very slowly, she brought her hands down and began to slide the T-shirt upwards.

April didn't want to consider what would have happened next, or why she was letting it happen, so she was extremely glad when the shop door opened and a customer came in. That spurred April into action; she moved quickly backwards, free of Misty's grasp, grabbed the first dress to hand and fled.

"Don't worry!" Misty called after her. "Just come back by the end of the week and you can pay for it then!"

Without thinking to go home and change, or at least put on a bra to replace the one she'd left behind, April went straight to open her shop. The man was there waiting when she arrived. Silently, she let them both in and he followed as she went to the back office.

"I need to get changed" she said, gesturing with the yellow dress she held in one hand.

"Because of the tear?" he suggested

April followed his gaze to get chest where she saw a hole had been torn in her T-shirt over her left breast. It was small but the contrast of her pale skin against the dark grey fabric made it very obvious.

Then she spotted that he had a video camera in his hand.

"Really?" she asked.

It was his turn to follow her gaze.

"I brought it for you to..."

"Okay, just be quick with it. Time is money after all. Mine and yours, I guess"

Despite her request, he took some time getting ready to film but soon he had it pointed directly at April and started recording.

"Oh my, it's ruined" April said, pretending she'd point just noticed the hole in her top. "And people will be able to see my titty"

She began tugging at the hole, as if trying to move it to somewhere less conspicuous, harder and harder until she tore a huge opening in the T-shirt with a great ripping sound.

This appeared to make April furious and she started ripping the whole thing to pieces until it fell off her.

"Guess I'll have to put on something more comfortable"

Seductively, April removed her jeans after kicking off her sneakers and bent at the waist to give the camera a side on view of her in panties and nothing else as she picked up the dress from where she'd dropped it on the floor.

She'd not paid any attention to what she'd taken from Misty's shop until this moment. It was not much more than a flimsy tube of stretchy fabric and April was horrified at the thought that it might not fit. But she didn't show it.

Instead, she stepped into the dress with her back to the camera, wiggling needlessly as she pulled it up to her waist, and faced it again to take it the rest of the way. It was at this point that April fully realised how bad a choice she'd made in her haste.

It was clearly a dress for a less curvy woman. Already tight around her hips and rear, the problem was even more evident when April tried to force her breasts into it. It had stretched up to a point and then spread her tits across her chest.

The extra real estate it had to cover meant that dress was barely appropriate to its task. Even just managing to cover her nipples by a minimal margin, the very lowest curve of her buttocks was still uncovered.

April posed for the camera for a short while before deciding she'd had enough for now.

"Okay, cut"

But the camera kept rolling and the man said nothing, so April ignored him and began picking up her clothes. She had no intention of wearing the dress for the day, she'd go shopping again and find something better for the next day. The man had other ideas and, with his free hand, gestured for April to hand him the clothes. She passed them over, reluctantly, as he placed the camera on the desk keeping her in shot.

When he pointed for her to leave the room April shook her head beseechingly. His response was to begin carefully tearing the clothes he held until they became unwearable. She winced as each item was destroyed before he pointed again for her to go open the shop. April looked towards the door, imagining having to spend the whole day dressed like this in front of customers and shook her head again.

"No" she said in a tiny voice.

Then the man spoke, deepening his voice for the camera. "Give me your panties"

"I will not!" April replied in shock, sounding less defiant than she'd intended.

The man held out a hand waiting for her to comply but she stood firm even though she was trembling.

"As you wish, come here then and turn away" he said.

Feeling she'd won a victory and drained of the willpower needed to further disobey, April moved to the spot close to the camera he'd indicated and turned around. She felt him pull the dress away from her back and then heard the sound of scissors cutting through the fabric.

"What...what are you doing? St...stop it" she said quietly, but didn't try to move away.

"You can wear the dress or your panties. Take all the time you need to decide"

"The dress! The dress!" she yelped. He stopped cutting and April heard him putting down the scissors.

She hesitated for a moment, unwilling to go through with it until she felt him grab either side of the opening he'd cut, ready to tear the whole dress apart. April quickly yanked the dress up to her waist, whipped her panties off as fast as she could and handed them to him. Then, whilst she lowered her hemline, he cut her panties to pieces.

Investigating the damage done, April discovered that the man had cut downwards from a few inches below the neckline and only stopped at the top of her butt; a sliver of ass crack was just visible.

This time, April didn't even wait for instructions and walked straight out of the room. She thought about just going straight home but he would only make it worse tomorrow and she wouldn't even let herself imagine what that might entail. After taking a deep breath she walked to the shop door, slid back to top bolt, flipped the sign to 'Open', slid back the bottom bolt and completely failed to notice the queue that had already formed outside.

The door immediately opened and April, who had been crouching carefully to keep her dress in place, sprawled backwards onto the floor as customers swept in. The group, consisting entirely of men, looked down at April and noticed before she did that her breasts had been exposed when she fell. Her skin flushing red as she sat on the floor, April yanked her dress back up and clambered to her feet again. Several seconds later she realised just how far up she'd pulled the dress. Instead of sensibly fixing it, April frantically tried to cover front and back with her hands whilst bolting for the back office only to find the door wouldn't open.

Once she realised it must have been locked from the other side April very carefully adjusted her dress, got her breathing under control and turned to face the silent, staring customers.

"Good morning, please feel free browse and let me know if there's anything I can help you with"

Then she moved behind the counter and f-rced herself to keep smiling whilst the men went about pretending they were there to buy things.

It was the longest day of her life so far. The store was busier than ever; it seemed like every customer had an awkward request and needed everything explained several times while other men 'accidentally' brushed against her. There was even the odd pinch or pull at her rear. And the whole time April had to keep tugging at her dress to prevent another mishap which only served to draw more attention to how skimpy her clothes were, it was humiliating.

Once the day was done April was in a daze. She didn't go to the back office, she didn't even go home, she went to Misty's. In her mind she wanted to make sure she didn't have to spend another day dressed the same way. When she arrived there was no sign of Misty or anyone at all. She waited a few minutes, optimistically, until she heard the click of the shop door being locked behind her. April turned to see Misty, standing topless with a key in hand.

"Hello again! Glad to see you again so soon! I can see you really liked that dress you took but I think it might not be the best fit for you. No offence!"

"Um...why are you mostly naked?"

"First thing I do when I shut up shop for the day is give the girls some air. I love using clothes to make men horny but nothing beats letting it all hang out!"

"You're closed? I'll come back another day then"

"Nonsense! I'm happy get your sorted today! I see a lot of potential in you"

"No, I think this was a bad idea. I'd like to leave"

"Okay, I don't make people do things they don't want to"

Misty let April out on to the street.

"Just one more thing"

"Yes?" replied April

"Stop! Thief!"

With impressive speed, Misty grabbed the front of the dress with one hand and April's shoulder with the other. One big pull finished the job scissors had started and left April completely naked on the sidewalk as Misty closed and locked the door again.

April tried to cover herself with her hands and darted from side to side as the battle between hiding and running raged inside her. Misty watched with amusement, still topless, through the glass panel of the door after having rolled the blinds back up. In the end, April pressed herself against the door, providing Misty a spectacular view, and begged as loudly as she dared.

"Misty! Misty, please let me back in!"

Misty feigned being unable to hear through the door.

"Please! I'm sorry! I think I can see some people coming! Let me in!"

Misty opened the door on its chain.

"You want to come back in?"

"Yes! Please!"

"You'll let me pick out some clothes for you?"

"What? Yes!"

"And you'll be good?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"Prove it to me. Stand back, at the edge of the sidewalk"

"No! I can't! Someone's coming!"

"You'd better be quick then. Good girls do what they're told"

April edged slowly backwards, covering herself with her hands once more, until she reached the side of the road.

"Okay, now let me in!"

Misty just held up one finger, telling April to wait.

"It's a man! He's almost here!"

April looked up the street at the approaching figure and when she looked back Misty was gone; the blind lowered.

"Misty! Misty! Come back!"

With nothing left to do, April tilted her head forward so that her hair fell over her face and waited.

"Excuse me, miss?" said a well spoken man that April didn't dare look at. "Do you need any help?"

" thank you. I'm just waiting"

The man said nothing and there was no sound of him walking away. The sound April did hear was the fake shutter sound of phone camera.

Then silence again.

Then she felt a gentle squeeze of her left breast before the man left with hurried footsteps. When April found the courage to look up again the shop door was wide open. She virtually jumped inside and Misty closed the door behind her.

"Wow! I can't believe you stayed out there after I opened the door and let that dude cop a feel! I knew you were more like me than you realised!"

"I didn't...he...I...anything could have happened to me out there!"

"Nah, us girls have got to look after each other" Misty said, lifting up a terrifyingly detailed dildo that was at least a foot and a half long. "It's a pretty effective weapon. Half the time men run just after imagining what I might do with it other than hitting them! Now let's get you dressed!"

Misty led April to a room separate room that was more like how she imagined the private room of a strip club would be; all plush red walls and leather seats.

"First, I need to finish sizing you up since I didn't finish last time. Better start from the beginning again"

Misty began to fondle April's breasts for the second time that week; her expert attention quickly had April feeling weak. Misty then took stock of April's ass by pressing against her, chest to chest, and reaching behind to grab hold. Her hot, sweet breath made April's skin tingle as Misty lowered her mouth to April's breasts and began to lick at them and suck forcefully on her nipples.

April, feeling very aroused now, was surprised Misty's hands moved between her legs.

"Wait...please..." April managed to murmur.

"Be good. Remember what you promised? Lots of women are very sensitive. I need to work out your level of I'm going to select you some underwear. You do want underwear, don't you?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes please"

"Good. Now, sit down and we'll carry on. Have you ever felt another woman's tits before?"


"What? How can you expect to know your own body if you don't know anyone else's? You're lucky you came to me! Be good and play with mine while I check your sensitivity"

Misty leant over and started to stroke the the outside of Aprils pussy. Seated in a low chair, April was presented with Misty's firm breasts close to her face. Distracted by the growing heat between her legs, April only stared at them.

"I'm not going to stop my check until I think you've learned something about tits, so get going!"

Tentatively, and still struggling to concentrate, April reached up and gently touched Misty's breasts; brushing her fingers across them disinterestedly. But Misty's research was starting to build pleasurably and when her fingers slipped inside for the first time April paid much more attention to Misty's chest; squeezing and playing with her nipples. And when the first orgasm was imminent April pulled Misty's chest closer and latched with her mouth, sucking and licking hungrily.

April climaxed three times before Misty decided she was done. Afterwards she slouched in the chair, panting for breath.

"You really get off on being told what to do, don't you?"

"No, I'm not like that" April replied, shakily.

"Hmmm....maybe not with me, not quite. I know how you feel, it's not the same without a man, it it?"

"No it's...I need..."

"Say no more. As a special treat for a woman who's sure to be a valued customer you can try out Rufus"

April stood up and quickly looked around the room in a in a panic, trying to cover herself again.

"There's a man here?!"

"The only one that can keep up with me" replied Misty presenting her fearsome looking dildo as if offering a weapon for a duel.

April stared at it, silent and unmoving, with a hungry look in her eyes for a good long time before she was able to speak.


But still she hadn't taken her eyes off it. Not even to blink.

"No? That wasn't easy for you to say, I can tell. How about a little taste and then you can be certain? Don't worry he's clean as a whistle and self lubricating"

Misty moved forward and began sliding the long shaft back and forth against the lips of April's pussy. The spell that had been broken when Rufus had dropped out of sight returned with greater strength and April was torn between wanting to back away and desperately needing the dildo inside her. She summoned the last reserves of her willpower.

"Please stop doing that"

"Stop doing what?" Misty asked, backing away.

But April could still feel the dildo gliding back and forth. Confused, she looked down only to find that Rufus was firmly in her own grasp, that she was teasing herself.

"What? I don't want this!"

"Then stop"

But she didn't.

"Why am I doing this? Am I a slut?"

Misty laughed in genuine amusement. "A slut?! Is that what the world's got you thinking? You're just a woman enjoying herself. Not a goddamn thing wrong with that! Girl, you've got a long way to go until you realise that it's okay to want what you want, to take pleasure where you find it if you're not doing any harm. No matter how strange your tastes"

Misty closed in again, put one hand on each of April's shoulders and gently but firmly pushed her down on to her knees.

"I'm going to help you find your way until you can find yourself the right man - and from the way you're grinding on Rufus I can see you definitely want a man"

In truth, April didn't need much help with the next part. With only minimal assistance she was soon pushing the dildo deep inside herself. She almost came there and then, eradicating her hesitancy completely. With reckless abandon she took in as much of its length as she could cram and vigorously worked herself up to an earth shattering orgasm. By the time she was worn out, April had lost count of how many times she'd cum.

When she'd finally caught enough of her breath to think about pulling Rufus out she found it curiously difficult.

"Umm...Misty....I think it's stuck somehow. Can that happen?"

Misty's smile grew even larger than it had already been whilst watching April f-ck herself.

"Yep, he's stuck alright. It's my favourite feature. You see Rufus is pretty unique. I was given him as a gift, more of a 'sorry' present really, to provide entertainment when I didn't feel like going out to make my own. Right now, he's reacting to your body heat and your juices and getting himself good and stuck. Soon you'll notice that he's also getting thicker, stiffer and longer inside you. He's filling with a kind of artificial cum and that's the only thing that'll let him slide back out.

"Well how do I release it? Where's the button? Please, I can feel it swelling already!"

"Button? You've got to get it out the old fashioned way. It could take a while, he's hard to please"

After a few more ineffectual tugs failed to remove it April resigned herself to following Misty's advice. Her second round with Rufus was very different. This she time had to focus on giving pleasure rather than making it for herself and doing it for an inanimate object was bizarre.

There was just enough give for her to get started and immediately the feeling it gave her was completely different. As tired as she had been, April was now invigorated. She felt excited at the idea of being subservient to a man's sexual desires, to be enslaved to his wishes and knowing that she was in a situation out of her control.

April even felt panicked by the dildo filling her more as it grew, but the panic aroused her and as pleasure rose within her once again its was a deeper feeling than before; an emotional pleasure. Everything was right.

One she understood this April reached the verge of a climax. She knew she couldn't reach it before the dildo came and she balanced there, being driven out of her mind but never losing sight of her goal; giving the cock what it needed. Putting herself first would have felt terrible compared to what she was experiencing.

April came as soon as the dildo erupted inside her and she'd never felt anything more amazing in her life. Even when Rufus slid easily out of her she didn't feel an emptiness. She felt perfectly at one with herself.

As she lay there not wanting to break that perfect moment Misty began to talk.

"My father never wanted me to grow up. He always believed that the whole world would be better off if everyone stayed sweet and innocent. At great expense he had me conditioned to grow up to be a dopey, naive woman who'd never be interested in sex or anything serious at all. I would have stayed that way my whole life if...something hadn't happened. At first it was a nightmare, I was completely out of control and more depraved that you can imagine, but it was like a dam bursting and after the flood had destroyed all the stupid pretty houses, the river flowed as nature intended. I was free to be whoever I wanted to be. I've come to learn that some people build their own dams and yours is crumbling and soon you'll know who you are. So don't be scared"

By the next morning, April had convinced herself that no part of her had been responsible for her experience with Misty the night before. That she had been taken advantage of in a vulnerable state. What she couldn't find a excuse for, was why that only made it seem hotter.

The raw footage her blackmailer had sent over had taken some time to edit and upload, especially as it had been so distracting reliving the humiliation she had almost forgotten about during what had followed at Misty's shop.

So April was yet again in a distracted state when she entered her shop and found a package sitting on the countertop. It's wrapping was heavily damaged yet there was no question in April's mind as to who it was from; the picture on the box of a woman with an expression of orgasmic delight on her face was enough proof.

Removing the last of the wrapping still attached revealed what April could only think of as a strap in vibrator. From the photo on the box it looked like it would sit quite deeply inside her, but there was something else that caught most of her attention. It came with a remote control. And a short note.

'Wear this for me today'

She snatched up the box and strode into the back room where she knew he'd be waiting.

As soon as April entered the room, he gawped at her and she was reminded of how good Misty was at her job. In the dress she'd stolen yesterday, April had looked sexy but in honesty she was naturally sexy. It had made her look slutty as well because of how inappropriate it was. The clothes Misty had selected had taken both to another level.

The lacy underwear April now wore exaggerated her already excellent body. Her breasts in particular were magnificent, lifted proudly to unignorable effect by a plunge bra, they were still free to jiggle with even the slightest movement she made. This particular effect was extremely visible because of the even plungier, silky white, form fitting dress with splits on both sides running just to the top of the thin band of her panties.

She'd absolutely loved it when she'd put it on that morning, but had been wrong to put it down to the surge of confidence the mirror gave her. That confidence was gone now. In front of the pervert that controlled her life the dress made her feel like he could tell her do anything and she'd do it without question. And yet she still felt good, maybe better, even after that self revelation.

At that exact moment April had no idea of what she'd planned to say. Instead, she dropped the box onto the desk, which she now automatically thought of as 'his' desk. As he looked down at the box April, quick as a wink, slid her panties off and onto the floor. Grabbing the box away from his slow move to pick it up, she tore it open. The slits in her dress made it easy to put the vibrator in place without exposing herself whilst the over-elaborate but discreet straps ran above and below her buttocks too​ tightly whilst another sat between her cheeks on its way to the from. Even with the vibrator off, the pinching would make it impossible to forget about. Finally, she placed the small remote into his unresisting hands and waited.

But all he did was stare at her with his thumb hovering over the power button but getting no closer. April didn't know how long the standoff lasted; her, unwilling to back away and show weakness and, him, seemingly content to wait forever. The balance broke when the buzzer on the front door of the shop informed them that a customer had arrived.

Moving fast to get out of the room before the first blast she knew must come soon, April had the handle of the office door in her hand when she remembered her panties were still on the floor. Her face reddening at the thought of walking out without them she turned back and immediately felt the vibrator for the first time. Caught by surprise she stumbled a step but it didn't really seem all that powerful and April was intent on retrieving her underwear. It was only once she had them in her hands that she found out what trouble she was in. The speed of the vibrator increased smoothly but alarmingly fast, bringing​ April to her knees.

'Oh god! The remote is pressure sensitive!'

She only regained her feet for a moment before needing to steady herself against the desk, dropping the panties from a shaking hand. At the moment they hit the ground the vibrator stopped.

April made another grab for them in desperation only for the vibrator to strike again, more powerfully than before. How high could this thing go?

She hadn't known how close she was but she came immediately, flopping onto the desk with both hands balled up in fists against her crotch and still it continued for a minute more.

When it ended, April gave no thought to underwear or anything at all and crawled towards the door until she got some strength back in her legs. Shakily, she went to meet the customer, a middle aged woman, who was just browsing and thankfully content with a smile and nod from April who was still trying to catch her breath. Instinctively, she moved to the shelter of the counter, just in time, she thought, as the vibrator started up again, weakly. Perhaps the walls are blocking the signal? This time the speed increased slowly and April began to worry about losing control in front of the customer until she worked out she was being warned. As soon as she stepped out from behind the counter the warning ceased. She now knew she wasn't allowed to hide away.

By this point the customer had some questions to ask and April, feeling more steady now, was happy for the distraction of answering them. Standing close together as April talked, the customer gave a little sniff and looked down towards April's skirt for a moment then hastily made an excuse about being late for an appointment and left in a hurry. It took only a few moments for April to finally notice that her orgasm in the office had left her thighs sticky with her own wetness and the smell of sex would have been unmistakeable. Completely ashamed, April ripped open a screen wipe, the only thing she had to hand to clean up with, and was hit with the vibrator again for her troubles. This time it didn't stop until she'd cum several times, leaving her forbidden to do anything about her pussy dripping more of her juices down her legs. Nobody would walk into the shop now without instantly noticing the aroma of pleasure and assuming she spent her time masturbating when customers weren't around.

She had a long wait before the next customer came in, a small man this time. From recent days she'd gotten better at gauging how serious the customer was. This one had a genuine reason to be visiting her shop but was obviously going to drag the whole thing out as long as possible for the chance to ogle.

Each time she caught him sneaking a look at her tits, or trying to glimpse under her split skirt as it swung this way and that, a burst of vibration accompanied her embarrassment. Sometimes the vibrator actually alerted April to the man's overly familiar attention. The little parcels of pleasure weren't enough to push her over the edge but they kept her close to it. By the time the customer left with his purchases she almost wanted to break one​ of the rules to get the full whack and the release it would bring.

The rest of the day continued the same way, she barely made it through the busy lunch hour without finishing herself off right there in front of everyone. But if she thought it was to be a one day thing she was very wrong. Day after day she wore the vibrator, with every little humiliation keeping her close to cumming in public, something she both desperately needed and feared. Each night she tried to relieve some pressure but failed, telling herself it was because of stress. Yet she always slept soundly, not worrying about going through the same thing tomorrow. But this she put down to exhaustion.

After a week without a further orgasm, April began trying to goad her controller into giving her what she had to have. Only now, when she stood behind the counter the vibrator went dead, staying in front of it brought the little leaps towards ecstasy she lived for now. And sometimes she would strike provocative pose for a lecherous customer, letting them take a good look at her. Still it was only when she realised that no reward was coming and then felt genuinely embarrassed to have put herself on display in hopes of a fix that the vibrator would kick into life.

More time passed as April learned to hold two opposing positions to be true. She needed to be embarrassed, to feel that the man in his office behind her store was directing her towards those situations and would torment and tease her with pleasure just out of reach as he did it. So the way she dressed, the way she moved, even the decisions she made on the spur of the moment all served to make those situations more likely. She would manage to snag her skirt climbing down a ladder raising over her panties, if she was even wearing any that day. She would fail to notice for a good minute that her breasts had popped out of her dress. She would trip whilst looking at a low shelf so that her face ended up resting against a customer's crotch.

Once, by total accident, she managed to tear a flimsy dress completely open by catching it in the shop door as she saw the day's last customer out. The customer turned at the sound of popping buttons pinging of glass and saw her through the shop door as April struggled to free the dress from the door or herself from the dress whilst her braless breasts bounced and jiggled and the vibrator whirred like mad. The customer was a teenage boy with very little shame and when he saw that part of the dress was on his side of the door he tugged it, pulling April nearer to the glass and making it harder to get herself free.

When she spotted what he was doing she tried ferociously to pull that bit of dress back in but like a seatbelt in reverse the door let the fabric go out much easier than it could come in. Another firm tug from outside brought April right up against the door, her breasts smooshed wide across the pane. The dress wouldn't move back inside by an inch now even as the young man let go and pulled out his phone. All April could do now was lean back and hope the dress would break or the world would end as the now banned customer recorded the show she put on.

Eventually it did (the dress not the world) and April fled to the back office where she was rewarded with a further hour of being edged. She never managed to re-engineer the experience with the door though she did try.

But as much as she desired these things to happen, the man in charge somehow knew if she wasn't truly mortified. So April had managed to section off a part of herself where she still felt completely humiliated each and every time. It was the only way. She needed more than she being given but couldn't give up what like she had; that she would be allowed to cum. When she was allowed.

The need for self exposure had even taken a more intimate turn recently. In the mornings, before opening up, April now went to the office and would reveal one​ of her deepest fantasies or confess secrets she'd told no one. She did this partly to see him push down on that button, even before he touched it an orgasm was toothlessly threatening to overwhelm her without ever arriving. The other reason she held nothing back was the hope of giving him more blackmail material, more control over her life. The idea that this might end, that he was just playing a game before disappearing with his money terrified April.

This morning however, she had a question to ask.

"So.... this came in the post today. It's er.... an invite to my college class reunion... It arrived late, it's tomorrow night, you see...not much time..."

"You want to close the store tomorrow?"

"I need to buy a new dress and...yes, please"

"You want to close the store and spend extra money? Is that financially sensible, do you think?"

He had a mischievous smile on his face now. April knew now they'd both get what they wanted, she just had to keep playing the game.

"No...I mean, the website is making me some money I thought..."

It was true, she'd brought the subscription cost down from the intentionally high price, telling herself it was to prove no one would be interested. Then people started signing up to watch the edited CCTV footage she been diligently uploading. The numbers weren't huge, but there was a small, dedicated community with a vibrant forum that she got a thrill out of reading sometimes.

"So you thought you'd take the show on the road? Make some videos whilst your there? A busman's holiday?"

That wasn't what she'd thought. The idea of something happening in front of all those people she knew...


"Yes! Please!"

"I guess I'll have come along too then"

That was what she wanted.

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Re: Internal audit

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April waited on the sidewalk in the dress Misty insisted she wear. It was surprisingly classy. All Misty would say about it was that she usually only sold them to people she didn't like but knew April would appreciate its unique qualities. It was black and backless (Misty often said that the back was a sexual organ, but she said that about everything and probably just meant that she'd had a lot of sex whilst lying on hers). Its skirt was loose and hung to April's shins whilst a wide, pleated halter neck ran as a single piece of fabric up, around her neck and down again leaving only a hint of skin on show at the front.

The only accessory Misty had provided was a sealed envelope that April was supposed to give to her 'date'. April had been careful not to give anything away when they'd talked about him, she'd been worried that Misty might try interfere and make things worse but she also knew Misty was sharper than most people would give her credit for. Nevertheless, she didn't even consider opening the envelope. It was HIS not hers.

When he picked her up she gave him the note and watched him smile as he read it.

"Let's go" was all he said as he tucked the note away.

It took a while after arriving at the Hilda G. Pildagee Technology College for April to relax. But there were no lascivious stares, no embarrassing mishaps and so the vibrator remained motionless. Her keeper had disappeared almost as soon as they'd arrived. April knew he was close by, she could feel when his attention was on her.

It helped that she was back among fellow geeks, some she'd kept in touch with, others she'd not seen in a while. She'd always found it easy to talk to people here, even though the organising committee and a few others were wearing action cameras to document the evening for the alumni website.

After mingling for a while and working up a sweat on the dance floor April naturally returned to a group of friends she'd spent the majority of her college years hanging out with.

"Welcome back, Apes!" said Jiao. She had been the source of everyone's nicknames.

"And when did you become so fashion conscious?" asked Derek "I'm not complaining, but you used to go for days wearing the same sweatshirt and now you changing dresses in the middle of a party! You still trying to impress Satyendra after all this time, eh?"

"What? I'm still wearing the same..."

April looked down. She was still wearing the same dress, was different now. For one thing it was a different colour, no longer black, now a dark red. More worryingly to April, it was smaller. The skirt portion had risen to just above her knees, now fitting more closely and above that the halter neck was diminished enough that April had a definite cleavage on display and wasn't far off from sideboob territory. No longer pleated, the once thick satin material lay flush against her breasts and felt thinner than before. People would almost be able to see....



The whole group had followed April's gaze as she'd looked at her dress as if she'd never seen it before. So when she let out a moan they all saw her nipples spring to attention through the fabric of her dress. It was obvious now she wasn't wearing a bra.

April looked up to see her old friends staring at her chest with various expressions on their faces and the vibrator picked up pace.

"Oh!, I just need to...excuse me"

April hurried off to a dark corner. She was trying, carefully, to stretch out the material to cover more of her body or fit more loosely when he spoke behind her. And, as he spoke, she felt the vibrator getting gradually faster.

"Don't turn around... I brought your camera with me. Everyone thinks someone else hired me as a videographer. I filmed you dancing as your dress changed, as it slid up your legs, as it tightened against your tits"

"What? How is this happening?"

"Your friend, Misty, I like her already. It was all in her note. That dress you're wearing? It changes, shrinks, as you get warmer. The higher the temperature, the smaller it gets. Irreversibly. You must have been hot on the dance floor"

"Please, can we go? I can't be naked in front of everyone"

"You can"

"I don't want to be naked here"

"You do"


"Don't worry, April. It won't get any smaller. Unless you get warmer than you were before. If you stay away from saunas you should be fine. We'll stay and have fun"

He said nothing more. April wanted to turn to him and when the vibrator stopped she did. He was gone. She took a deep breath and headed back to her friends, trying to think of an excuse for her strange behaviour and only got halfway before the music stopped and lights illuminated the hall's stage. Standing on it, microphone in hand, was Cosimo Magzeen, who had been involved in every events committee possible during his time at the college. Nobody ever actually knew what his major had been.

"Is everyone having a good time?!"

"We were!", someone in the crowd shouted back, unimaginatively. Cosimo ignored the interruption.

"As per schedule, it is now time for the alumni talent competition! And first up, well he's insisted on a stage name, so it's The Amazing Member!...Wait!". Cosimo looked off to the side into the darkness. "Shouldn't​ that be The Amazing Mesmer? No? Okay. The Amazing Member everyone!"

Thanks to the previous hours of drinking there was a reasonable amount of applause and certainly more than any amateur stage hypnotist had any right to expect. Cosimo exited and The Amazing Member entered.

"Good evening everyone! Tonight I shall demonstrate the awesome power of my mind powers! But first I need volunteers with open minds ready to take a serious journey of self discovery! Don't be shy, come on up"

Encouraged by laughing friends, the stage slowly filled with inebriated volunteers who were all given a seat.

"If there's no one else willing to to explore the mindscapes of infinity, then I'll begin"


"Yes!" Everyone near April looked round at her outburst and she panicked. "Me too, I mean". She hurried on to the stage as the vibrator hummed. Clearly 'he' wanted her up there.

Once April was seated with the others The Amazing Member began his induction process. It was the usual schtick of getting the volunteers to relax, telling them they felt their arms being lifted irresistibly over their heads, seeing who responded, sending away those who didn't or who cracked up laughing. Plenty of the volunteers weren't even pretending and started marching around the stage with their arms out in front like zombie clichés. They were quickly hustled off.

About ten were left who had at least managed to convincingly appear suggestible. The Amazing Member took them on to the next phase, the deep hypnotic trance.

He commanded them to stand and perform jumping jacks. This caused a few more to start laughing and drop their ruse. A couple of others just fell over after the first jump, having little balance left due to excessive alcohol intake. Five remained.

Next they were instructed lap dance for invisible people in the empty chairs. The sheer silliness knocked another three out of the running, giggling uncontrollably.

The last two women awaited command.

"I want you to kiss each other passionately on the lips"

Slowly, they turned towards each other and moved closer. With their mouths only inches apart one of them cracked a smile and was about to turn away when April put her hands behind the fakers head and thrust her tongue into her mouth. It took a few seconds for the faker to break free whilst many in the crowd cheered. Even once she she'd pulled back, April kept moving towards her trying to continue. The last faker fled the stage.

"Stop" the hypnotist commanded before turning to the audience.

"Now that I have the only truly open minded mind, we can continue"

April couldn't believe she'd managed to keep a straight face. To kiss that woman as well! The pleasant buzz in her pussy had increased the longer she'd been on the stage. Perhaps that had kept her focussed on playing along. He must want her to.

"I'm sure many of you recognise April. April, say hello". He held the microphone to her mouth.


"That's a very attractive dress your wearing. Is it designer?"

"It's unique" she replied monotonously.

"Unique? What's so unique about it?"

She didn't know how she'd let that slip out, but April wasn't going to tell him, tell everyone, the truth.

"My friend made shrinks when I get hot"

Why had she said that. Hopefully he wouldn't believe her.

"Ha ha! You mean it shrinks in a hot wash. Nothing strange about that. Anyway..."


"No, when I get hot it shrinks. It shrank and changed colour when I was dancing earlier. I was very embarrassed when I found out"

"Oh very funny!" People were laughing. He was angry now. "This is a serious ability I'm demonstrating here! Hypnosis can help people with addictions, self confidence, regaining suppressed memories of alien abductions, everything! And all you want to do is make a mockery of me. It's not as if I said 'Squeeze those big titties of yours'!"

April grabbed her breasts and started squeezing them mechanically.

"Stop that immediately!" shouted The Amazing Member before storming off​ stage. April stopped.

The alumni were in hysterics. April had really gone the extra mile to show up that fool. They laughed even harder when an amateur light technician, who was supposed to be the next act (pickings are slim), swung a whole bank of high power stage spotlights to point at April standing stock still on the stage.

"Come back! Come back! We'll make her dress shrink for you!" Someone called out. More laughter.

April wasn't laughing. She hadn't meant to be so honest. And when the lights hit her she could feel their warmth straight away. She had to get off the stage but she wasn't moving. That's when she worked it out. She wasn't in two minds. The part of her she'd gotten used to so quickly, that always wanted to be humiliated, was silent. It wanted to obey and be ordered so much it had been hypnotised and given away control. And the other part of her mind remained conscious, only able to watch what would happen next. And still the vibrator worked harder every second and April couldn't believe an orgasm wouldn't come soon but she reached a new level of torment every moment that passed.

The audience laughed and waited at first, expecting a wink and a bow from April any second. The longer she stood there, the more awkward things felt. Was she trying to turn the joke on them? All she did was stand there doing nothing. Then she turned red.

Not her skin, which was already glowing under the hot lights, her dress.

It began at burgundy and brightened swiftly to scarlet. Some of the crowd laughed half-heartedly, suspecting a light filter was at work in the rafters. Then someone near the stage shouted out.

"Oh my! It's really shrinking!"

And it really was. The bright red skirt climbed April's legs, narrowing on its way, already at mid-thigh. Her breasts became increasingly visible as the fabric there narrowed on either side and pulled her tits tighter. By the time the shrinkage stopped, April was wearing a combination of a microskirt as thin and figure hugging as a second skin that only travelled halfway down her ass, and a sling bikini only just wider than her erect nipples that tented the fabric away from her exposed breasts.

The bright glare of the stage lights glinted off the trickle of wetness running down the inside of April's legs. It was clearly visible even from quite deep in the crowd that thronged against the stage.

"Are you actually enjoying this?" a woman asked. It was Jiao, who'd finally f-rced her way to the front.

"Yes, but I want more" answered April. And her body answered too​, with the pattering of her juices dripping straight to the floor from her drenched pussy.

"You want to be naked?"


This time a man next to Jiao asked "then why aren't you?"

"Because I've not been commanded to. Please command me"

"Strmph". Jiao clamped her hand over the man's mouth before he could finish but close by another stepped in.


Without hesitation, April released the clasp behind her neck letting the last strips of covering drop away from her breasts. Then she dragged her skirt all the way down and off​ her legs and in the process pulled one side of her panties down below her hip joint. She completed their journey a few moments later and then stood still, once more, just waiting for what came next.

Whether it was the vibrator now running at absolute maximum capacity or this final and total humiliation that did it, April found herself whole again. In charge of her body again. It may not have been the best timing.

Screaming with a pleasure that had no outlet, April fell to her knees and tried in vain to help herself over the edge with her fingers as the hall's sprinkler system activated causing much panic and running around.

"Need any help?" a man asked.

April looked and saw a face from the past, the man she'd desired and fantasised about throughout college. Satyendra, still as tall, dark and handsome as ever. She'd missed or messed up every opportunity there'd been to get with him and now here he was just at the moment she desperately needed to be fucked. But...

"I need to find someone" she managed to reply.

"Not me though?" he said, kneeling down and lifting April to her feet. "Just my luck, you've already got a man"

And then she saw him waiting at the side of the stage.

"No, he's got me"

The strength returned to her legs and she ran straight to him and stopped, inches from touching.

"Please?" she asked in a whisper.

He leant forward, his mouth by her ear, and whispered back.


And like that, the weeks of denial unrolled within April. Every muscle in her body went limp as she became pure pleasure itself. Even her heart missed a beat before racing away. He had caught her and laid her gently to the floor. She fumbled at his zipper before releasing and guiding him into her, the vibrator now discarded and unneeded.

They both came the moment he entered her and April felt like she was everywhere at once.


"I'm just going for a shower before work, unless you want me for anything?"

"No, off you go. But forget to close the bathroom blinds, you know how they like to watch from across the street"

"Oh, yes sir!" said April before she skipped off looking both nervous and aroused.

Sidney Trevara hadn't expected any of this to happen, but he couldn't have been happier. Because April was happy.

He been expecting another dull, small business audit where the best he could hope for was not destroying someone's dreams by finding out they'd messed up their taxes. Then when he saw April for the first time he felt like he'd met her before and he knew when.

The very night before he'd visited April's store he'd been walking home when the lights of Knockout Tits' tits drifted down the street before stopping where he stood. It was only for a few moments before they shot off urgently in a new direction but in that time he felt...powerful, commanding. He saw himself, desired by beautiful women. No, not women, just one. And in his mind's eye it April he'd seen adoringly draped over him.

So when Sidney walked into the store he'd tried to tell himself it was a trick of his memory but thoughts that he'd never had before ran through his brain. He wanted to order April to strip right in front of him, he wanted to take her out to the street and f-ck her over a fire hydrant with the whole world watching. He wanted her to be his, absolutely.

He'd pushed those thoughts down and got them under control. And then she'd acted so cold towards him (which he was used to in his job) and he'd felt like himself again. When she'd come to him in frumpy underwear he believed it was a trap to get him fired. He was sure of it when she exposed herself the next day. Then he heard her masturbating outside the office. So when she handed him the camera Sidney couldn't fight it, telling himself he was helping her.

Then it had all been a bit of a blur. She'd been pushing him to take charge and he wanted to be that kind of man for her and then he began to enjoy it. By then, he'd finished the audit, nothing to report, but he couldn't leave April. He couldn't imagine being without her. He was connected to her, he always knew when she was nearby. He felt like a dog that would spring to the door minutes before their owner arrived. It was almost psychic, he could read any emotion running through her mind like a book. She could have asked him to do anything and he'd have agreed, just to stay in her life.

When she'd brought him the vibrator that he'd placed on the counter top after finding it wedged behind the door he knew it was now or never. He could see she was in two minds, she wanted to give up control so badly but she couldn't let it go. She needed him to take it.

And now everything was almost perfect. Neither of them could be happier and both April's businesses were doing well. In fact there was a lot of crossover between the clientele, so both had been helped by Sidney pilfering the class reunion recordings for her website.

Of the unanswered questions, only one actually worried Sidney. He found the blackmail letter and he'd even found the soy-stained and unopened IRS letter that announced his visit. April was still just as bad at reading her mail. That made it easy for him to intercept the next one he'd known must be coming.

He left April showering and headed out to clear things up.

Sidney picked out the sullen and jumpy youth straight away. He was the only one who clearly didn't belong in the park. Or possibly even above ground.

"You must be IRS?" Sidney asked.

The boy looked ready to run.

"What? Where is she? You have to tell me if you're a cop!"

"Calm down. April sent me to sort this out with you. Let me guess, Isaac?"

"Ivan Renton Steptoe. But my online name is McGuffin24601. I've been coming here for three days. You shouldn't have made me wait!"

"Pleasure to meet you, Ivan. Your letter only arrived today. And it said 'MEEt Me TODay IN tHe PaRk'. When did you send it?"

"Three days ago!"

"...okay, let's just get down to it. What do you want?

"Payback! She took our money! We were paying for her to get know...that's the whole point of the website! And then she disappeared! I found her though. Worked out she spent our money on a shop. A shop! There's nothing sexy about that! At least, I didn't think there would be. Either way, I want my money back. With interest!"

Sidney tensed himself. "How much?"


Somehow Sidney maintained a blank expression.


"I won't take a cent less!"

"If we pay you and you come back for more later things will go bad for you. Blackmail is illegal, you know. I like you though. Here's a $100 right now in mixed, non-consecutive bills and that's an end to it"

"Wow, thanks mister!" Sidney was already walking away. "Hey! Could I have asked for more?"

With not one cloud on the horizon, Sidney returned home.

"Sir? Are you there? I'm a bit stuck"

It wasn't the first time April had let herself be tricked into leaning out the bathroom window wrapped in a towel only to get stuck. It was kind of a local sport these days.

"Here I am. I'll have you out soon"

She'd managed to keep the towel on for a change. That was hardly fair, so Sidney pulled it off and waited. She was dry from the shower but already wet again.

"Umm, what are you doing back there?"

"Admiring the view, I never get tired of it. Here, take this"

Sidney handed the baby oil he'd bought just for this eventuality out through the gap at April's side.

"What's this for?"

"To oil your tits so I can work you free, of course!"

"But people are watching!"

"Then you'd better get started before more turn up"

April shivered in delight.

"Yes sir"

"And whilst I'm waiting..." Sidney said as he unbuckled his belt.

The end

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Re: Internal audit

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As always, I hope someone enjoys or decides to write something better!

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