A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

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A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

Postby abc » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:31 pm

People often ask me (in imaginary conversations I like to have) where I get my story ideas from. And when that happens I humbly admit that just about every idea I have has most likely been done better by someone else and tell them to shove off.

But this story is different. I can personally guarantee that nothing like this story has ever been seen before. Not in books by a beloved author. Not in a couple of films. And certainly not in tens of thousands of fetish stories online.
So, prepare to goggle at things no mind has imagined before.

A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

"Welcome, all, to my extremely ordinary confectionary production facility! My name is Burt York!"

The man himself stood before the five guests waiting to begin the tour, dressed in a sober, grey suit. He was such a nondescript man that people only really remembered him as a boring, grey suit that spoke occasionally.

"Is your name really Burt York?!" asked a short, curvy, blonde haired woman in a slightly disappointed yet somehow excitable voice. "Only I thought that someone who made soooo many people happy around the world would have a kooky sounding name! Like Scrumpty Dumpty or Choco Moco Boco or...!"

"No," Burt interrupted "It's Burt. Why do people always expect an absurdly unhinged creative genius to be running the place? How would anything get organised? Who would deal with supplier contract disputes? Attend shareholder meetings? Who? No one called Willy Bonka would!"

The irate businessman quickly calmed himself, but even his ranting had been thoroughly forgettable.

"I like to start these tours by finding out why each person is here" he continued, "So why don't we start with you, my energetic little lady? Er...I think there was a mistake in your form. I have your name here as Toe Ring?"

"Yeppers, that's me! Toe Ring Pepper! The way I see it I'm pretty lucky! You can get worse things on feet after all, tee hee!"

She actually said, 'tee hee'. That and the fact that she was dressed in what appeared to be a frilly, human sized doll dress spoke volumes as to the sunny daydream she viewed life as.

"People always tell me that I'm so super sweet and I love happy smiley places! So I said to my Teddy bear, Monsieur Fuzzy Face, I should go to where they make food as sweet as me! Yay, this is fun! Group hug everyone!"

Unperturbed, by the lack of movement towards her outspread arms, Toe Ring began skipping around the room singing 'la la la'.

"But you meant chocolate factory when your said confectionary blah blah, right? Right?" asked the next woman impatiently as they all ignored Toe Ring's cavorting.

"Ah, you must be Aggy" said Burt, "The woman who wrote to us every day for a month asking for a tour. And then blocked our delivery bay until you got the answer you wanted. I feel it's a little dismissive to write off the great work we do in non-chocolate confectionaries which makes up a substantial portion of our turnover. But don't worry and please try to control your salivation. The very first stop on our tour is our chocolate production department."

Aggy's most distinguishing characteristic was her weight. To say that the black haired woman was massively obese would have actually been a kind description. The only way she'd been able to attend the tour that day was with the aid of her tank-tracked mobility vehicle which had platforms extending from either side to keep the entirety of her mass from dragging along the ground.

"Good" was all she said in response. The hungry look in her eyes said the rest.

"How about you, miss...Beryl Blasé? Am I pronouncing that right?"

"What does it matter?" responded an outlandishly dressed woman wearily.

Beryl was dressed to get a reaction and not in a conventional 'look at my cleavage' style, although that would have been a definite option for her. Her entire outfit consisted of belts. So many, in fact, that very little skin was actually on show. People who didn't know her thought it was an attempt to attract attention. But she just did it because she hadn't ever done it before.

"I'm bored" she said. Possibly this was her explanation for wanting the tour. Or it may just have been a statement of her current mood.

"Okay...who's next?" said Burt.

"I am" said the tall, attractive woman striding out from behind Aggy. Like Burt, she wore only grey over her beanpole body. But she had somehow made the colour appear aggressive on her; an accusation that everyone else was somehow dressed extremely inappropriately and immodestly.

"Ms Chapelle?! Your name isn't on my list! We've told you several times that we are not interested in producing a line of religious confectionary"

"You've made your position clear, but with or without you we will proceed with our plans. Chocolates should be used to draw the youth to our church. You waste your influence on shallow concerns. I am here to learn what I can before we embark on our own production"

"You will have to leave at once, don't make me have your arrested for trespassing"

"Just you try. You all heard him! He's discriminating against me because of my faith! With our lawyers we will own your business by the end of the year!"

"Very well. Stay then. I'm sure you won't understand anything worth learning. And finally, Charlene?"

"Yeah?" said the final woman. Even in more regular company than her fellow tourists she would appear exceptionally average. Her near constant expression was sneer directed at humanity in general.

"What brings you here today?"

"Someone screwed up. Apparently coming here counts as community service"

"That's no mistake! For a receptive individual, seeing the inner workings of a confectionary production facility firsthand can be a hugely reformative experience" said Burt, sounding like he'd memorised the sentence years ago.

"Let's get started" he said as he swiped his ID card at the security door and ushered the group through to a short corridor ending in another set of double doors.

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

Postby abc » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:35 pm

Speaking in a hushed, reverential tone he prepared them for what was ahead. "Through these doors you will see our chocolate production floor, the backbone of our business and a testament to mankind's ingenuity"

"One question first" said Charlene, possibly just to annoy Aggy with the delay. "Is there a reason why there are only women here?"

Sounding like another prepared statement, Burt responded "I decline to answer that question on the grounds that a stereotype regarding women and chocolate may offend"

After opening the doors, Burt immediately leapt to one side as Aggy sped through behind him, bowling the others out of the way.

Once inside, she halted and looked all around in increasing desperation. The whole room was nothing but massive interconnected steel boxes from which the sound of machinery could be heard.

"Where's the chocolate?!" she yelled, almost in tears.

"My oh my! You can't see the chocolate" said Burt, with a chuckle, "The whole process is hermetically sealed from start to finish to keep anything unpleasant from getting into it"

But Aggy wasn't listening.

"I can smell chocolate!" she said, turning her head this way and that trying to catch the scent. "Through those doors over there"

"I uh assure you that you can't smell um anything" Burt stammered. "That is a storage area for cleaning products"

He had broken out in a cold sweat and mopped his brow with a handkerchief he produced from his pocket.

"A purple handkerchief? That doesn't really match your style" said Charlene, smirking.

Burt quickly put it away.

"You're lying. I'm taking a look", Aggy declared.

"You can't. It's locked"

Aggy just laughed, revved her carrier's powerful engine and accelerated towards the door. It didn't stand a chance.

Burt, yelling 'stop', and the others chased after Aggy through damaged doorway, it hadn't quite been wide enough but that hadn't mattered. Once inside and clear of the devastation a large metal block dropped down behind them sealing them inside.

The gargantuan room they now found themselves in resembled a green, rolling pasture land except that the grass was clearly not real. But what was impressive were the fountains.

In hollows all across the artifical landscape were many very utilitarian looking fountains but they sprayed a dark, rich, chocolate coloured liquid into the delicious looking pools that formed beneath them. Around the edge of each pool was a herd of cows, drinking sedately.

Aggy was already hurtling towards the nearest fountain.

"Stop! You'll hurt the cows! You'll damage the machinery!" Burt shouted, full of concern.

Whether she could have stopped or not didn't really matter as Aggy had no intention of trying. A cocoa lust had descended on her. The herd scattered away and the fountain bore the full force of her approach which snapped it clean away from the pipe that fed it.

The fountain became a geyser which poured down on to Aggy and her upturned, open mouth. She guzzled as much as she could without cease, but the shear volume being released at once was causing the pool to deepen slowly.

"Please Mr Chocolate Man!" squealed Toe Ring, "She'll drown if you don't help her soon!"

"Oh no, she's not in any danger from drowning" Burt replied, dismissively. "We have herd management machinery that responds when a cow's in danger. Should be here soon enough"

As if on cue, a rumbling noise was felt and then heard coming from a direction where the ground sloped steeply out of sight. Then it appeared, a huge machine rising up to 40 feet in height as it rolled into view on its caterpillar tracks. It moved with great speed towards the growing pool and drove right in. Next, a collection of mechanical arms extended into where Aggy had just disappeared from sight, still drinking happily, and moments later she was lifted out and deposited face down on a platform at the front of the robot rescuer as it moved out to higher ground. By now the geyser had ceased and soon the pool would gradually drain away completely.

The first thing the machine did, once reaching a safe place close to the rest of the group, was hose down a spluttering Aggy. High pressure jets of water blasted every drop off the chocolate liquid from her body along with most of her clothes. All she had left on at then end was her industrial strength underwear.

And the first thing Aggy said was "Oh, god! That was the best chocolate I've ever tasted! I want more. Give me more now!"

Whilst she began struggling to move in a vain attempt to get back to the chocolate pool, the other women gradually noticed a change in Aggy.

"Is it just me" said Ms Chapelle, "or is she losing weight?"

Aggy's grand excess of fat was melting away as they watched and her skin tightened with it, leaving no unpleasant sagging.

"Mostly" was all that Burt said.

This spectacular event managed to distract Aggy's one track mind and, at first, she was very happy with what she found.

"Wow! You've created weight loss chocolate! You're going to be the first billionaire Nobel prize winner. I feel amazing!"

She clambered to her feet, allowing everyone to see, as her voluminous panties fell to the floor unnoticed by her, that she now had a damn sexy body. Except for one detail.

"My tits!" she said of her flabby and floppy hooters still encased in their immense bra cups. "I'm not losing anymore weight and they're still the same"

If anything they looked worse now in comparison with how good the rest of her looked. And with the loss of fat around her back and sides the bra, which previously compressed her breasts substantially was under less strain but still kept them up.

"Oh well, I guess it doesn't work on tits, eh? You wouldn't want your cows to end up with small udders I guess! Ha ha!" Aggy said, in good spirits. "I tell you what, Mr York, you pay for my reduction surgery and I'll star in your 'before and after' adverts. Deal?"

The machine on which she stood chose this moment to extend four small arms to seize Aggy's wrists and ankles gently but firmly.

"Hey! What's happening? What's it doing?" she asked, struggling to extricate herself.

"Once a cow is no longer in danger, the machine will return to its regular tasks amongst the herds. I'd guess that what it's doing precisely at this moment is calculating and waiting" Burt said whilst the machine carefully manipulated Aggy's arms and legs into different positions. "You see, a cow can't stand the way a human does, the way you're standing now. At this point the machine would be concerned about hurting the cow if it doesn't assess a safe way to move her limbs into the necessary position"

"Necessary for what?" asked Beryl, obviously intrigued.

"For milking, of course" said Burt, "before milk production capacity becomes an unmanageable problem for the cow"

"Well then, just get me out of here and let it get back to adjusting the herd or whatever" said Aggy, not yet cottoning on to the direction of events. "And whilst I'm waiting, get me some more of that wonderful chocolate. Mmmm! Just thinking about it makes me want more. Mmmmm! Delicious! Mmmmm! Mmmmmoooooo! What?"

"Um, did you just say moo?!" and Toe Ring, "That was totes adorable!"

"No I didn't!" Aggy replied indignantly "I said Mmmmmoooooo! Why did I just mmmmmoooooo?"

"I think that's some kind of learned cultural reaction to the process but I'm not certain. You see, we had a great idea for making the world's best milkshakes a while back" explained Burt, "we would get cows to produce the whole thing in one go. In this example we feed them chocolate and water together with an addictive chemical to make them prefer it to water on its own and we add an activating agent that allows the cows mammary glands to produce chocolate milkshake whenever they digest chocolate.

And one of the great things about the activating agent is that once enough's ingested the cows body starts to produce it on its own, so we can move them to other areas where they aren't fed it. And the addiction to chocolate remains permanently even once we withdraw the chemical as well! A great cost saving! And the activator is designed to react to a variety of different foods to make different flavour milkshakes depending on market demand just by changing the feed! We can switch them between chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla, etc and they'll give us what we need!
And to keep production levels high without making the cow unhealthy from a high calorie diet. Any spare energy is directly put into milkshake production no matter what source it comes from, either carbohydrates, proteins or fats. As a result, after a cow first experiences our concoction, any excess fat not needed for good health is immediately stripped for milkshake production. It could be quite overwhelming to make so much milk at once, so we avoid using any very overweight cows"

Aggy was stony faced. "So you're saying I'm going to start mmmoooaking mmmooilk until all the energy from...before...is used up?"

"Well, chocolate milkshake actually if you recall. But that's not quite everything. You see, energy is stored inside fat cells and once the energy is removed the cell isn't needed in the cow anymore. A cows body is able to break down these cells with our help and excrete them but our safety models, run in case of a situation like this, suggested that a cow with human biology would actually relocate and repurpose unneeded fat cells to allow milkshake to be produced at levels appropriate to the energy available. In other words, your udders are going get bigger so you can make a lot of milkshake very quickly. So I hope that answers the question I think you were about to ask; are my udders getting bigger? Yes, they have been the whole time I've been waffling on"

It had started as an increase in the firmness of Aggy's breasts and the more desirable shape they took on as a result, but by the time Burt had finished they were running out of space in her resilient bra.

"Oh, no no no no! Breasts as big as all my old fat combined! That can't happen!"

"Actually, you'll be pleased to learn I've been assured that the differences between fat cells and milkshake producing cells is sufficient that your udders will...end up...a fair bit...um bigger. Sorry, I started that sentence like it was good news by accident"

"Bigger! I don't have udders! I'm not a cow! I'm a person! Let me go!"

"Of course, in the biological and legal sense you're human. We're not going to keep you locked up against your will or anything. Ha ha ha! But, in terms of production, your about to become the greatest cow that ever lived! And in those circumstances I think you'll agree that your udders should be as close to a milking machine as possible"

The machine finally worked out that it could quite easily bend Aggy into a four legged animal position without hurting her.

As she was leaned forward, she looked up at everyone and could only think of one thing to say about it all.


And then she tilted her head down to watch her udders grow.

Aggy's bra was at maximum capacity and struggling but it was well made and holding on. Beneath her, suction devices had been slid in and moved about the surface of her bra trying to locate her concealed nipples.

When the bra did finally break, cups and breasts together dropped down and trapped the struggling device out of position. It wasn't designed for supporting anything this heavy and it still hadn't found a nipple to pump.

With her breasts set free, Aggy noticed a new sensation that felt a bit like pumping to her. However, instead of being pumped out she felt pulses filling her breasts. The tissue she had gained was now ramping up its milkshake production to catch up and, with no release, her tits became increasingly bloated and swollen even as they grew, now spreading out from underneath her against the platforms surface.

"It's not working" said Charlene, concealing a laugh.

"Oh noes!" Toe Ring responded. "Oh double noes"

"I'm sure my machines can figure it out. It's a great test of the technology's capabilities"

The machine disconnected the trapped suction device from the rubber tube it should have been feeding and partly slid open a panel beneath it and Aggy's breasts. They both fell through into the space below.

"Ow! They're too heavy! They're going to tear me in two" shouted Aggy

"Ah, that opening is usually used for disposing of deceased cows if they pass during the milking process, but I don't think that it's going to drop her" mused Burt.

Next, the machine spreadeagled Aggy's arms and legs so that she lay flat against the platform and her breasts hung entirely beneath. Then the whole platform rose upwards and, once high enough, rotated so that Aggy's breasts were now on top. Immediately, a pair of the larger arms that had rescued her a short while ago grasped her breasts near the base to take the weight off Aggy held flat to the underside.

"Brilliant!" said Burt. "The whole platform can be rotated so that it can be cleaned whilst the next batch of cows are brought on. Now it should be able to access her teets"

During this time, Aggy's breasts had doubled in size and were now almost spherical against the pull of gravity having ballooned full of milkshake. When two suction pumps were lifted up and attached, Aggy's cry of relief was instant. Her breasts sagged a little as the popular drink flowed away, unseen, to storage tanks.

"Phew! She's going to be okay everyone! Yay!" Toe Ring announced, based on pure optimism.

"She lost something 90% of her weight and most of it's coming back as boobs" said Charlene, enjoying the spectacle. "Boobs which are filling with milkshake. And the bigger they get the more they can make. I don't think you should break out the drinking glasses just yet"

"As long as the machine can match the peak flow rate, eventually she'll start to run out of fuel, as it were. She did drink a lot of chocolate though...". Burt looked worried about that final thought.

The tubes were already stretching wider with the pumps at maximum suction and still Aggy's breasts grew larger, but they were looking very stretched and full again themselves. In response, more of the large mechanical arms moved in, grasped at her tits and began to squeeze and pull upwards, rhythmically.

Aggy had been unable to see any of this from her side of the platform. She had definitely noticed it.

"What's going up there! It feels like it's working! Actually it feels...mmmoooo...good"

It was working. The tubes were at their limit and Aggy's breasts were still growing, but they spread much more naturally outwards across the platform now as the machine kept ahead of her ability to produce and Aggy moaned and mooed below.

"Ow Ow Ow!" she yelped suddenly. "What's pinching! Stop it! Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Nothing immediately obvious changed up top until Aggy's breasts became firmer again as they grew. The arms continued to squeeze and pull but struggled as her tits returned to being gigantic, unyielding orbs.

Burt was already backing away slowly. "I think I see the problem" he said. "The suction device was only designed for regular cows, you see. There's a chance that her teets, or nipples as you'd say, are now too big. The devices may be acting as a kind of nipple clamp at the moment, stopping the flow completely. Either that or she's producing lumpy milkshake and there's a clog, but I'm sure a fine specimen like her makes very smooth shakes"

"Sounds kinky. What happens next?" said Beryl.

"Um...I don't know"

Reacting to the halted flow, more arms joined the efforts to manually milk Aggy, not understanding that there was no way for it to get out. They worked faster and harder, giving Aggy some conflicting feelings.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ooooh! Oh! Ow! Ow!"

A blast of milkshake shot both the suction devices off Aggy's nipples at the same time, the internal pressure had won out. The arms kept working and regular spurts of milkshake shot skywards accompanied now only by sounds of pleasure from Aggy. Chocolate milkshake flowed down her growing globes and down underneath the platform where Aggy gleefully opened her mouth to drink as much as she could.

"Isn't she just going drag this whole thing out by drinking that?" asked Ms Chapelle.

"Maybe that what she wants?" replied Burt "On the other hand, she is now addicted to chocolate. She might not be able to stop herself"

"She was clearly already addicted before she came here"

"Not as badly as she is now, believe me" said Burt. "But now I think we should be moving on elsewhere"

"And just leave poor old Aggy with this scary machine?!" asked Toe Ring.

"Machines" said Burt "You'll notice that hand milking can't keep up with her even at her current size and she might only be halfway done by my estimates, even without her getting high on her own supply. I believe this unit has called for assistance and we shouldn't get in their way"

This time the rumbling of the ground was far greater than before . From several directions a fleet of other herd maintenence machines were converging on them at speed. The group fled, following Burt, and they were just over a rise about to descend a steep slope to a far wall when they heard Aggy scream. She did not sound unhappy.

Looking back, they saw two last blasts of milkshake shoot in the air before they continued on down.

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

Postby abc » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:39 pm

After exiting through a set security doors into a straight corridor, Burt turned to the remaining four, looking defeated.

"Fine! Okay! You've got me!" Burt ranted. "I'm a zany inventor in pursuit of fairly dangerous new ways to make confectionary on a daily basis. We all are. Every major chocolate maker. But I'm also a damn good business man. Damn good! But if you make just one milkshake cow no one will take your seriously. Oh sure, they'll do business with me, but after the meetings they'll laugh at the eccentric fool with million dollar ideas! So I hide it all with horrible grey suits and faceless factories. But now you all know"

"Yes, we do" said Ms Chapelle, looking like the cat that got the cream.

"Yes, yes, Ms Chapelle. You'll have your deal. At cost, I've no doubt"

"For starters" she said, still grinning.

"All of you. You'll be compensated to your satisfaction once we get back to my office. Whatever you want for your discretion. Contractually arranged, of course"

"Oh, I just want everybody to be happy, all the time! I want lovely Aggy to be okay! We never spoke but I'm sure we'd be bestest friends!" said Toe Ring.

"Certainly. Once we're back, whoever's left...I mean, we'll all go see that she's okay. Okay? Now, I'd rather not do this but the only way out is through my other secret rooms, so let's continue the tour"

"Wait, you said whoever's left. What are you planning?" asked Charlene.

"Nothing at all" replied Burt, "but you all know how this works surely. We go from room to room and each time one of the group does something silly, related to some lesson they need to learn, blah, blah, blah and then there's one less in the group. But if everyone's careful and willing to listen & learn before things go wrong then you'll all be fine. Now, this way please"

The doors at the other end of the corridor led them to the bottom of a huge, indoor amphitheatre filled with the sound of a thousand squeaking dog toys. There were no toys and the animals weren't dogs.

Around each row, all the way up to the roof, tiny conveyor belts rolled coffee beans into the room and dropped them out of sight down a small hole, but every so often one would be diverted to a tiny sluice that ran all the way to the bottom of the amphitheatre, merging with many other sluices on the way, straight into a manhole sized pit in the middle.

The method for choosing which beans were diverted was by means of depressing a large button on front each belt and then releasing it to continue normal operation.

The operators of these buttons were basically balls of fur around six inches in diameter, which bounced up to land on the button and then off again with a squeak each time they landed.

"They were called Cuddlywumps by the explorer that discovered them and then disappeared soon afterwards. But they prefer to be called Bastards" said Burt, answering the unspoken question on everyone's lips.

"They love coffee more than anything, so they get paid with it. And they can sense a bad bean in an instant. When they spot one they send it off to the trash chute over there"

"I can smell it from here. Hardly very hygenic" said Ms Chapelle.

"We make sure the good beans aren't contaminated and Bastards enjoy the smell, so we leave it uncovered to keep them...well not happy, they're never happy. They complain less, anyway. Now, follow me to the next room, please"

They were about to exit through the door on the opposite side when they noticed the group was one person short.

Toe hadn't moved. She hadn't heard a word that had been said after 'Cuddlywumps'.

"I want them" she said in a whisper.

"This way please, miss" called Burt.

"I want them! I want them! I want them! I WANT THEM!" shouted Toe before making a dash for the nearest Cuddlywumps.

With surprising speed, Burt had crossed the floor to block Toe.

"Please, stop! I know how they look, but you really wouldn't want one. They're extremely bitter and cynical Bastards"

"Oh don't be a silly goose!" she scoffed, cheerfully "they're the fuzziest, sweetest, most adorable little pets in the whole wide world!"

"Shh! Don't say things like that. They might hear you"

"But I love them! No wait, I wuv them! I want to hug them and kiss them and brush their hair and sleep in a big pile of them every night!"

"You can't" Burt said, getting desperate "They're...um...busy working"

"Those ones aren't!" Toe said, skipping off down an open corridor before Burt could block her way.

"No! That's their break room! Come back!" he shouted, seemingly unwilling to follow her. "Don't keep them from their coffee!"

When Toe reached the break room, she saw a long line of Cuddlywumps waiting to roll through a small shower that sprayed steaming hot coffee over them one by one. After rolling out again they dried fast, absorbing every drop through their hair. Toe immediately began picking them up one at a time, trying to hold as many as she could.

"I'll call you Lucy and you Benjamin and you Puddleduck...." she went on. "...and get you all pretty ribbons to wear and sparkly tiaras and..."

It had been a few minutes since Toe had disappeared from sight of the group. Burt paced nervously while the others were just bemused.

Then Toe returned, carrying several Cuddlywumps with many more bouncing along after her, apparently gleefully.

"See!" she said, "they're just a bunch of cutie pies!"

Then she started to sing and dance about with her new friends.

♪I love you♪
♪You love me♪
♪But not as much as I love you♪

As she continued with the same three lines over and over many Cuddlywumps stopped their work and joined the others in bouncing merrily beside her.

"Oh no!" said Burt, darting for cover. "They're being sarcastic. Get out of there!"

Soon it was difficult to see Toe through the mass of furry creatures. She tripped on one underfoot and fell over with an" Oopsie daisy!". But the creatures formed a soft landing for her.

"Yay, you saved me from an owie!"

More of them rolled and bounced on top of her, until all that could be seen was her head.

"Tee hee! That tickles! Hee hee!" she said between giggles.

Then they started to move her.

"Where are we going, my little wuzzlebugs?! On a magical adventure?!"

She craned her neck to try see.

"Let's not go to near that stinky hole! I wouldn't want any of you to fall in!"

Slowly, they got nearer.

"I think we should stop going this way! I know, I'll read you all a bed time story and tuck you in to sleep! That sounds fun!"

She was sounding worried now and trying to get up, but more of them bounced onto her making it impossible. Her feet reached the edge of the hole and the Cuddlywumps at that end moved away as the rest of them fed her out over pit, her legs waving in the air.

"Stop right now! Don't make me send you to the naughty steeee....!" said Toe as they dropped get down the trash chute. Then, as one, the malicious creatures went back about their business.

Burt and the group ran to the hole.

"My God! They killed her!" exclaimed Ms Chapelle.

"No, they didn't" said Burt. "The chute isn't a dangerous drop. And they're much nastier than that, anyway. She'll be back in a few seconds"

And sure enough, a clear cylinder rose out the hole with Toe standing in the middle of it.

"Hooray! I'm back!" she said. "That was a very sneaky trick they played but I forgive them!"

"We are very environmentally conscious here" Burt began "As a business we don't like to throw away anything good. This system is set up for coffee beans, so they normally just shoot through and all the good bits are extracted and recycled instantly as they pass. And all the waste continues on down. It's very clever"

"So when can we get her out of there and get this tour over and done with?" asked Beryl.

"Well, with anything it doesn't expect it takes a bit longer to work out what's good and what's trash"

"Are you saying she might end up even nicer than she already infuriatingly is?" asked Charlene.

"Er...no. As I said, it extracts the good, and leaves trash behind"

"I think I'd like to get out before that happens, please?! I don't want to get yucky garbage water on my dress or something!"

"Unfortunately, due to biohazard containment procedures, it can't be opened until it's finished the process. We'll just have to wait and see what happens because I'm really not sure"

A bright white light illuminated Toe in her tube. So bright that it was difficult so see what was happening. Then, as the light began to pulse up and down, the watchers saw her hair change first. It stayed blonde but changed from being natural and light to looking like it had been bleached cheaply. Its curvy thickness changed to suggest the overuse of hair straighteners for many years.

"What is everyone looking at?" asked Toe, seeing their curious gaze "Ain't you never seen a bitch this sexy before?"

Toe clamped her hands over her mouth in shock.

"Jeepers! I'm super sorry, everyone! I would never say such naughty, upsetting words! If I had a thick, hard cock in my mouth to shut me up! No, no, no I didn't mean that! What's happening?!"

Makeup appeared on her face where none had been before. Seemingly from within, rouge blushed her cheeks excessively and messily. Mascara thickened her eyelashes until they became clumpy. Bright magenta lipstick, applied in a rush, smeared around her lips.

"I think it's extracting your goodness and making you trashy" said Burt.

"But you can't, I'm sweet! Why don't you come in here and taste me? I bet your cock's small but it'll better than nothing. I don't do lezzy shit but if the rest of you can find some strap-ons we'll see how many I can squeeze in"

Toe lifted her hands to her face as if about to cry but pulled them away again saying "Ouch! Something pinched my face!"

Toe now had ring piercings in her nostrils and lower lip. She didn't have time to notice them before she felt more pinching.

"Something bit my dirty pillows!" she's said, her hands flying to where her nipples would be under her dress. "Wanna see? Course you do. First time's for free. Second time, you better buy me a shot"

Toe grabbed hold of her neckline and ripped open her dress down the front, scattering buttons about her container. Then, as if she'd done it a thousand times before, she snapped open her bra and whipped it off.

She pulled out her large, perky tits which now sported nipple rings themselves and she squished them against the clear barrier.

"I'm thinking of going bigger, but I love to watch them swing when I'm getting pounded doggy style and I'm worried fakes just won't be the same"

Toe froze and desperately tried to cover herself for a few moments before becoming more interested in the clothes she wore.

"What the hell am I wearing anyway? I look like a fucking toy! I must have been completely wasted last night" she said, looking around as if was just realising where she was. "Bunch of weirdos dressed me up and locked me in a cage, eh? I know how to play this game"

Tilting her head down and her eyes up as if suddenly shy, Toe plucked and pulled at her open dress nervously but managed to display more of herself rather than concealing anything.

"Oh, please, I'm such a good girl" she said, in faux innocent voice but unable to hide her sleazy grin. "Don't turn me into a nasty slut who'll f-ck any man who looks at her. Please?"

Her head shot up. "Is that what's happening to me?! I don't want to be a slut! Get me out of here!"

She began tugging down her dress, slowly, like she was fighting against herself. Her grin was back. "My hands are slutty already. I can't stop them. Soon you'll see my hot body and then I'll become your sex slave forever"

Toe dropped her dress around her ankles leaving her only wearing a pair of frilly, white panties and tights.

"And now you're making me dance like I'm in a topless bar. Don't come in here and use your powers to have me suck your cock. I won't be able to stop myself"

As she danced poorly but lewdly, tattoos appeared on Toe's skin. On her neck a dog collar was inked indelibly and high on her chest an ornate but meaningless symbol arrived. Rolling her tights low on her hips the words 'cum dumpster' became visible at the front, surrounded by little blue stars, while just above her supple ass it read 'Tradesmen's entrance: No more than three men may access at same time' in large letters.

Ceasing her gyrations, she stuck one hand into her tights and her fingers deep into her pussy.

"Oh, that feels good" she said, dropping the innocent act.
"Oh my, it really does! I never knew!"
"I'm such a whore"
"But I can't be. I like unicorns!"
Her breath quickened.
"With dildos for horns!"
"I like rainbows!"
She bit her lip, stifling a moan
"With horny leprechauns at the end who'll pay for my pussy with their gold"
"I like my dad and mom"
She fell to her knees, close to climax.
"I'd f-ck him while she watched. I'm a total slut"
"I'm a slut?" she said, half surprised. Then the orgasm hit. "Oh, f-ck! I'm a slut! I'm a slut! I'm a slut! I'm a slut! I'M A SLUT!!!!"

And she slumped backwards, her dripping pussy on show for everyone to see, her fingers still gently working inside and the other hand caressing her body, plucking at her nipple rings.

Opening her eyes, Toe asked "So, who's fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......." as the base of her tube opened up and she plummeted down the chute.

The container lowered until its top was level with the ground and stopped. There, on top was jug striped white and blue. Burt picked it up and the container continued out of sight. The flow of coffee beans restarted as if nothing has happened.

Burt looked inside, sniffed at the contents took a sip from the jug and then a swig.

"Cream" he said. "Anyone want to try?

"Did that come out of her?" Charlene asked. "Is that her... goodness?"

"I believe that's the suggestion" Burt replied. "Hey, don't look at me disgusted. I did nothing because I knew she couldn't be helped, but why did you all just stand there?"

"If she had true faith she could have resisted. She fell into temptation and betrayed herself willingly, as Eve did in the Garden of Eden" said Ms Chapelle.

"I was hoping it might get interesting. But it didn't" said Beryl.

"What do I care? It wasn't me in there was it?" said Charlene. "Where's she gone then?"

"The chute leads to a barge and once it's loaded fully it takes all the refuse to the Peverton Municipal Dump. It's all automated and unmanned until then, so we'll send word to the dump to have someone collect her when she arrives. Then we'll help her as we can. Anyway, these guys here still have short tempers, so we should move along unless someone else feels like a change"

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

Postby abc » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:45 pm

The next gigantic room they arrived at was chaotic. Unconventional machines whirred and clanked all around the group, from small devices sitting on workbenches to hulking contraptions looming over everyone.

At great haste, moving around the room, monitoring and maintaining everything were the factory's workers.

"What are those?" asked Charlene, rudely pointing at the people going about their jobs.

"What do you mean, WHAT are THOSE?" Burt replied, incredulously. "They're my employees. Just because they happen to have been born with dwarfism, there's no need to talk like that about them!"

"Okay, but why is their skin bright orange then?"

"Oh, that's fake tan. I've been informed that it's some kind of union protest. Some complaint about a lack of natural light in the workplace or something"

"Are all your employees little people?"

"Er...now that you mention it, I think they all are. I hadn't really thought about it before. Bit of a coincidence, eh? Hold on, where's Beryl gone?"

She was nowhere to be seen.

"Both of you stay here. This room is where we experiment with new ideas. Nothing here is safe to touch" said Burt. Not even waiting for Charlene to move, he bumped passed her and sped down an aisle in search of Beryl.

Left alone, Ms Chapelle and Charlene exchanged a conspiratorial glance before wandering off in different directions to look for things they might like to take with them.

Charlene was better prepared for her sightseeing trip than Ms Chapelle. She'd lifted Burt's security card from him when she made sure he bumped into her. It didn't take long to find somewhere to use it; the door had 'Top Secret' written on it after all.

The room itself was plain and all it contained was one item under a glass dome. It was a clear liquid in what looked like a regular, glass drink bottle. Before stashing it in her satchel, Charlene's curiosity got the better off her and she unscrewed the cap.

The fruity aroma that escaped from it was so delicious that it begged for Charlene just to try a little and before she knew it the bottle was at her lips. But not one drop had reached her mouth when she heard a commotion somewhere near the other side of the door and it brought her sense back.

"Nice try" she said, recapping the bottle and hiding it away in her bag.

Cautiously exiting the room, making sure no one spotted her, Charlene saw that the workers were shutting down the various experiments and hurrying of in the same direction, towards the hubbub she could hear.

She arrived at the same time as Ms Chapelle to see a wide open space where Burt and a growing crowd of people had Beryl cornered against a large and spindly machine.

"Just put down the gum please, miss" said Burt, keeping his distance. Beryl held an ordinary looking stick of chewing gum threateningly near her mouth.

"Why?" she asked. "What's so interesting about this? It looks just as boring as the rest of this place. Seeing that woman turn into a milkshake volcano made me think this place might not be so bad but then I realised that everywhere here is basically the same. It's all been done before and better. It's all so boring. And now your acting all terrified over a dull stick of gum"

"Please, don't eat it" said the foreman at Burt's side. "We don't get paid enough for overtime"

"Just tell me why or I'll eat it right now" she said, tilting her head back and dangling it over her open mouth.

"Okay" said Burt. "It's an entire meal in a piece of gum. But it's for adults, couples, you understand. The different meals enhance an evening of pleasure between consenting adults. Plus nobody feels too bloated like they do after eating a real meal. That can really spoil the romance"

"Oh, is that all?" Beryl sounded disappointed "Oysters and all that. Isn't everything supposed to do something crazy here?"

"We don't know what it would do" said the foreman. "The meal combinations come out at random. Some combinations have unexpected effects"

Burt hadn't been able to stop his foreman saying that first sentence. After that he knew it was too late.

"You don't know?" said Beryl, her eyes shining brightly now, staring at the gum "Anything could happen!"

She shivered.

"Quick, get that off her" shouted Burt, leaping forward with several others.

With surprising speed and agility, Beryl dropped the gum into her mouth and leapt up onto the machine at her back, climbing out of reach of her pursuers.

Reaching a point where she could stand safely if a little precariously, Beryl turned her attention to what she was eating.

"Soup?" she said, looking down at the mostly anxious crowd. "Hardly an exciting start. I mean, it tastes alright. Quite nice. Fairly spicy. It's even making my stomach tingle. Actually it's going a bit lower. Oh! That's where it's going! It's getting me a bit warmed up down there. I hardly feel like a nymphomaniac though"

"The expectation is that the kind of couple it's intended for would already be a little excited themselves. The soup just kicks a woman's current arousal level up a notch" said Burt. "Now please spit it out before the next course"

"It's a pasta dish. Very rich tasting. It's a good job this isn't real food. I'm sensitive to glutens, ha ha! What should this one do?"

"It vastly improves sexual stamina"

"Is that all? But...oh...my skin! I can feel it. I mean really feel it. It feels good. Even the air temperature is starting to make me wet"

"You see! That shouldn't happen! Your 'sensitivity' has muddled up with the pasta and the soup. Enough is enough!"

"It's never enough! I need to know what's next. It's...it's...it's blueberry pie! And I can feel something coming. Oh! It's me! I'm going to cum! Yes! Yes! Yes! f-ck yes!"

Beryl's legs buckled under her as the orgasm washed through her body. She fell forward and would have dropped a long way to the floor if she'd not been able to grab hold of a part of the metal work that ran all along the ceiling taking various wires where they needed to be.

"Wow! This is fun! It's been so long!" she yelled.

"Someone get a ladder!" Burt ordered his workers. "Hold on, Beryl! We'll get you down soon! Just spit out the gum and hang tight"

"I swallowed it when I fell. It's okay, I can't taste it anymore"

"You swallowed it! Quick! Drop now! We'll catch you. We've got to get it out of you now!"

"Let go?! I can't!"

"You have to! Before..." Burt was cut short, standing directly beneath with others ready to break her fall, by a drip landing on his forehead; it was blue. "Never mind, it's started already"

"What has? Another surprise effect? I can't wait! I can feel another orgasm coming, is that it?"

"No" said Burt, as Beryl gripped tightly through another climax "That'll happen a few more times since the gum is sitting in your stomach. It's not regular gum and it'll stop when it's digested shortly. But if you look up at your hands, you'll notice that you are turning blue"

Beryl saw that he wasn't talking about hypothermia. The colour that finished spreading to her fingers as she watched was a vivid, deep blue. From the changed feeling in her sensitive skin, she knew this colour now covered her entire body.

"Amazing!" she said. "And I can stay this way until I get rid of the gum, right?"

"Right now, the very useful bacteria that live in your gut are feasting on that gum. And learning. The changes that are spreading through you, with them as a starting point, are going to be more drastic than just your skin colour. And your body isn't going to want to go back to what you consider normal. In fact, it will have a completely new normal that it won't want to leave. It's all to do with retroviruses. How do you feel?"

"Uh, a little bloated actually"

As a result of the profusion of belts she wore, there was certainly no sign of bloating on to be seen Beryl's slender frame. But from these belts came what might be described as the 'sound' of bloating; that unique creak that instantly suggests leather stretching.

"In fact, my outfit's starting to feel a little tight" Bell continued, "hey, am I going to become a giant? That might be exciting!"

"It's hard to tell from down here. How tall are you normally?" asked Ms Chapelle.

"Five foot five"

"Well, if you're still five foot five when this finishes" said Burt "I'm beginning to suspect that you'll be about five foot five all round as well"

"All round? What does that...oh god yes! These orgasms are the best! Ow! These belts are starting to pinch...um...how's that ladder coming along?"

It wasn't easy to see from ground level but, already, a number of buckles were twisting under pressure down Beryl's back. What could be seen was that, despite the restraints, a change in the shape of her body was taking place. It was as if her every feminine curve was exaggerating itself. Her chest and ass, of course, but also her hips, her thighs and even a pot belly had become swollen versions of their former selves.

"How has she even held on for this long?" Ms Chapelle wondered out loud.

"I guess this whole things kinky enough to her for it to count as sexual stamina" Charlene replied, so quickly that she had probably already been thinking about it herself.

With several whip cracks, the belts around Beryl's chest failed and sprang away at great speed. Unconstrained, the full scale of her breasts became clear. At first she didn't notice, another orgasm had diverted her attention, but when she looked down Beryl saw her large and improbably spherical tits. Her blue skin was so firm and taut that it looked like she had obviously fake implants.

"Big breasts! Really, again? Have you got an obsession?"

Before Burt could think of an answer other than 'yes, of course', another set of belts leapt off Beryl. This time her hips and ass were set free and, just like her breasts, if you hadn't known they were part of a human being you would have assumed they were genetically modified fruit grown out of control and deliciously ripe.

"No! It's the pie isn't it? It's like I've eaten too much and I'm getting fat. I can feel my stomach and legs getting chunkier as well. It's going to take me ages to work this off and gyms are dull" said Beryl.

"If that's all you're worried about then I've got good news" said Burt. "I'm confident you'll be close to zero percent body fat. They're quite healthy, I believe. You might be quite sugary though. Is that a concern for you as well?"

"What are you talking about, you strange little man?" Ms Chapelle asked.

"What? Well, blueberries, of course" he replied, confused that it wasn't obvious to her. "I'm did just explain all this. Her biology is being rewritten by her own gut bacteria in combination with the dessert course"

"I'm turning into a...a...BLUEBERRY!" said Beryl, finally shocked. On cue, the remaining belts gave way. Her thick but firm thighs new appropriate for the round hips and bulbous ass they supported; her swelling midriff only looking slim because of the overall hourglass effect on display.

"No, no. You're just turning blueberry-ish" said Burt, dismissively.

"Oh, well that's okay then" said Beryl, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!"

Now completely unimpeded, Beryl began to swell rapidly. The features of her body quickly became indistinguishable from each other as she approached the shape of a globe with the exception of the large breasts growing and spreading across her surface. Soon her legs and arms were only hands and feet poking out from opposite sides; even her neck was gone, leaving only her tilted back head to mark her top. And from her lower side blue liquid seeped constantly from the slim opening of her pussy, running along her curvature before dripping to the ground like a leaky roof in the rain.

Beryl's hands had been f-rced apart by her new shape and she was now only holding on by one of them. Unable to hold her increased weight any longer, her grip slipped and she plummeted downwards. The crowd beneath backed away as quickly as they could before she hit the ground and actually bounced a little.

These last events happened so quickly that the 'out of the loop' group hurrying to save the day with their ladder were running into the open space as Beryl landed. The impact, as well as giving her the biggest climax yet, caused a blast of blue pussy juice to splatter and momentarily blind her delayed rescuers. The ladder they carried between them hit Beryl like a battering ram, bowling her down a wide aisle. The heightened sensitivity of her skin, and the particular location on her body that the flat top of the ladder struck, topped her last orgasm as she rolled over and over; juice spraying out like a perverted Catherine Wheel.

Cannoning off and destroying a work station station resulted in a white powdery cloud shooting from a device and coating Beryl all over before she wedged in a wide tunnel used for bringing in large equipment. Her continued expansion had brought her to around eight foot in diameter; a perfect fit.

By the time the crowd caught up with her, the powder had disappeared from Beryl's skin. For the purposes of communication, it was lucky that her upper half was still in the room.

"Change me back" Beryl panted, out of breath but not exhausted by multiple orgasms. "I want everything to be normal again"

"A fine sentiment, but one that's a little too late" said Burt. "You were a little distracted before, so I'll try again. For you, this is the new normal"

"That's not normal" said Charlene. "Normal people don't look like that!"

"People come in all shapes and sizes and are still normal" said Burt. "But I'd agree if you said normal humans don't look like that. Beryl, species wise, isn't quite Homo Sapiens anymore. We can work on it later, but I suppose Homo Baccae will do for now. She's a human berry. Most pressingly at the moment is to juice her down to get her unstuck. Or at least to stop her growing further in that confined space. I'd estimate she could reach ten foot wide before she's 'ready for market' if you'll pardon the expression"

"Juice me!" exclaimed Beryl. "Your going to use some horrible squeezing machine or suction tubes like you did for Aggy!"

"No, we haven't got anything like that which could reach you here. And it wouldn't help anyway. Excuse me a moment"

Burt leaned down and whispered instructions to the foreman, who raised an admonitory finger.

"Yes, yes" Burt sighed. "It will be reflected in your wages"

The foreman opened his mouth to speak.

Burt cut him off, saying "Fine , we'll get more windows as well!"

Smiling, the foreman took a dozen workers with him and left the room through door close to the tunnel.

"Where was I? Right. The juice inside you can't be f-rced out by squeezing" Burt said as two men raised the ladder at her side and climbed up. "It was an adult dinner, remember? Pleasure is the only thing that will work, I suspect"

The two eager volunteers clambered on top of Beryl, one onto each breast, then began to massage her flesh and play with her nipples.

"Hey! What's going on up there?" asked Beryl. "Stop that! Oh. Mmmm! I said stop! Oooh!"

"Please, they're just trying to help. You need to orgasm to expel more juice. You're tougher than a blueberry, you're not going to burst, but we need to get you out of there"

"Wait, how...ooo..small can you get...mmm...me? And in what shape?"

"With enough attention we could have you back to your old size and shape, but I know what you're thinking. It won't last. Your body will begin to return to normal. That is, to being a ten foot wide, hypersensitive ball of blueberry flavoured, pussy juice with huge breasts. Then we either leave you like that or start over again"

"Oh! Hang on...orgasms...where did you send those others?"

"To the other side of the tunnel"

"No, no no! Call them back!" Beryl shouted, only able to helplessly flap her hands and, in the tunnel, uselessly waggle her feet. "Don't let them...Oh YES!...f-ck me! Yes, yes, yes!"

Even through the blocked tunnel entrance the sound of Beryl spraying a small man off a ladder was easily identifiable.

"I can assure you that my instructions were 'hands only' until such time as suitable marital aids can be purchased. No one is f..." Burt paused and turned to the remaining workers. "Could someone go oversee that my instructions are being carried out to the letter"

The flood of volunteer overseers made a rush for the door. Burt managed to delay one of them for a few seconds.

"Peterson, that powder, was it...?"

Peterson nodded and then rushed out after his fellow humanitarians, leaving only Burt, Ms Chapelle and Charlene behind; along with the two Breast Men who had taken their shoes off and were now bouncing up and down on Beryl's tits.

And Beryl, of course. There seemed to be a lull in her juicing; possibly whilst safety procedures were implemented.

"You've got to do something to stop this" she begged "I can't keep going through this again and again. I'll go mad!"

"We'll certainly work hard on a long term solution for you, but I have no idea how long it might take. We're dealing with fundamental changes to your DNA. And our area of expertise is mostly in sweets and chocolate. The two fields don't have much overlap.
But you've already inadvertently solved the madness problem yourself. The powder you got all over you, that's been absorbed into your body, it's a potent version of an icing sugar we created. People often eat comfort food, so we made icing sugar for food that would make all the minor problems of the day seem not so bad.
Then we had an idea. With a more powerful version it could be used after car accidents and such to protect people from post traumatic stress. It could even be released over disaster areas to protect people's long term mental health just by breathing it in . Wonderful stuff!

"But in the quantity you've absorbed it won't just protect your sanity. Once you're juiced to your previous shape you'll forget it ever happened. And when it starts again it'll be like the first time. So you'll never get bored of it either! Great, eh?"

The look on Beryl's face suggested she wasn't about to agree but as she opened her mouth to hurl abuse, the massed employees in the tunnel got back to work.

Burt used the window provided by her earth shattering orgasms to hustle the remaining two in the group towards an exit. When he struggled to find his security pass, Charlene helpfully pointed out that it was on the floor and that he must have dropped in his haste before taking the opportunity to grab a strange looking sweet that had just popped out of a nearby machine whilst he picked it up. She barely had time to read the sign on the machine; an everlasting gobstopper sounded valuable.

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

Postby abc » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:47 pm

"Just one more room to get through" Burt said once they were in the latest anonymous corridor. "Then we be back at my office and can make a deal that keeps all of us happy"

He led them into a room that was very bare. The only thing on the walls were lab coats hanging on hooks. In the middle was a raised platform which seemed to be the target of a death ray-ish looking device suspended from the ceiling with a control panel nearby.

"What is this? I don't see any sweets" said Ms Chapelle. "Don't tell me you're branching out?"

"Confectionary sales is the final aim of this project but, yes, we're starting out in other markets. This device, ladies, once perfected and miniaturised, will allow people to buy my products in the comfort of their own home over the Internet and watch as it instantly appears in front of them. It would be tough to get these into every home just for people to buy sweets and chocolate, so we're starting with a section of society will known for being early adopters of new technology; perverts! There are a lot of people who want to buy...specialist items...but worried their neighbours might find out. In collaboration with various niche businesses we will make it easier to get these products into houses with less risk of having your tastes exposed"

"You foolish man" mocked Ms Chapelle, "you've created a technological marvel and all you can think of is selling sugar! Think of the things that could be done with this! You could sell my products instead! My television network spreads the good news but it needs funds to become as glorious as it should be. Just imagine every one of my viewers buying crucifixes, bibles, holy statues and relics as and when I tell them to!"

"If you're interested in becoming one of the companies using our technology I know I don't have much of a choice in the matter. Once we've got through the testing stages with our current partners, I'll have a proposal put together"

"No. I will not have my work associated with any of the godless people you're working with. You will cease contact with them and devote this project entirely to my needs"

"Please be reasonable, Ms Chapelle. I've entered into agreements with good people in good faith..."

"Faith! FAITH! How dare you use that word when you clearly have none! These partners of yours sell unholy things to people that hide in the dark, knowing that they are sinners but refusing to repent their ways. They should be cut off from society until they are forgotten and wither away or brought into the light to atone for their transgressions of moral law!"

An instinctive sermoniser, Ms Chapelle stepped up onto the platform as if she were addressing a congregation. As she continued, she stared off into the distance as if unaware there were only two other people present.

"Every perversion must be purged from this world, for does the Bible not say 'Thou shalt not suffer a masturbator to live'. For although they spill their seed on stoney ground through the eye of a needle, that seed is like unto the kingdom of heaven. When..."

"What does this button do?" Charlene interrupted whilst pushing a factory issue Big Red Button.

There was a short hum and a flash of light from above.

"I can't move my legs! What have you done?"

"I'm sorry, Ms Chapelle, Charlene has tested a purchase from one of our partners"

"What?! What has she bought?"

"Just clothes" said Charlene.

"Clothes?" asked Ms Chapelle, suspiciously

"Stripper clothes" said Burt, arriving at the control panel. "Although she didn't really buy them. We have full and free inventory access with our partners during testing"

"Degrading clothes, how childish" said Ms Chapelle, witheringly. "I'm not so easily embarrassed"

"Perhaps not, but it's really not designed for people to be standing in the beam's path. Our partners are very environmentally conscious and whilst the beam doesn't use conventional materials, plastics, fabrics, etc, it does use energy. So they insisted we have a way of upgrading and replacing old products. So, for example, if you put your old clothes in the beam it can use them to make the new clothes with less electricity. You're being held in place because it would be a bad idea to take move something in or out whilst this happens"

"Is that your blah blah way of saying my suit will be replaced with the new clothes? You do talk far too much"

"I like to be precise. As I said, a person shouldn't be in the beam. It gets muddled. It'll take a bit of time but it changes your clothes, yes, but the emphasis is on 'your'. Your clothes will become these stripper clothes. Whatever you wear, whenever you put them on. It's some kind of persistent aura, if you'll pardon the mysticism"

"What? You'd better stop this now!"

"It can't be stopped, it's already begun. But don't worry. We can add some austere clothing to the database and have them on you before you leave. And of course, in the long run, we'll add whatever you want to wear. It'll be great saving for you. But..."

"Oh, shut up. Listening to you is worse than getting magic stripper clothes. I think I can feel it starting. I don't think they're in my size. Something feels very tight on my...behind" she said, reaching for her ass. "Is it supposed to be...padded?

Indeed, Ms Chapelle did seem to gaining some padding. Her ass, or something covering it was filling out the seat of her pants. On her otherwise shapeless body, the sizeable rump that was forming looked absurd. The seat of her pants ripped down the middle just as it stopped increasing.

"Have they just appeared underneath? I thought you said her clothes would change?" Charlene asked, disappointed.

"They will" said Burt. "Those aren't clothes. And neither are these"

Ms Chapelle didn't have time to ponder those words before, what she thought was, her new bra arrived.

"How small are these strippers? How could any bra feel tight on me or is it more padding?" she wondered.

A fake chest was indeed sprouting underneath her white blouse and severe grey blazer. The first casualties were some of the middle buttons on her blouse, which pinged away creating a window in the front; the view through which caused Charlene to gasp.

It wasn't until the higher buttons up to the collar were detached that Ms Chapelle saw what the gasp was about. She looked down and saw cleavage on herself for the first time.

"These monstrosities almost look real" she said. "Almost as if..."

She raised one hand and gently prodded one of her still growing globes and, finally, the reality of her sensations caught up with her.

"These are my breasts! They're growing! How? These aren't clothes! Stop this! Stop growing!"

She tried to squash her tits as if she could shrink then back down. But they kept growing until they'd completely f-rced their way out of her blouse and were on display in the wide 'V' opening of her undamaged blazer.

No longer enlarging, Ms Chapelle removed her hands and saw that, despite their very natural malleability, her breasts sat like two soccer balls stuck to her chest; in both size and shape.

"What have you done?!" she demanded of Burt.

"Should I carry on then? Okay. As I was saying, this particular company sells everything a stripper could want. Including cosmetic procedures. And, in their catalogue, they sometimes use the same photo for different products. In this case, the photo of stripper modelling their clothes is the same one showing how good their breast and butt implants are. Our testing has highlighted a database error where all products associated with an image are delivered instead of just the requested ones. Normally, we'd just end up with a few items of clothing and a pile of implants on the platform. Unless somebody were to stand there when it's delivered"

"...Breast and butt implants...get them out of me now!"

"Like the clothes, they'd come back even if surgically removed. We can use the beam to replace them with much smaller implants, barely bigger than you started out, but that will take time to arrange. They don't currently sell implants smaller than yours"

"Nothing smaller! These are gigantic!" she shouted, gesturing at herself before realising her new clothes had arrived and her old clothes had disappeared with much less fuss. They were final stage stripper clothing really. Two sparkly nipple tassels were attached exactly where they should be and a vanishingly small thong was almost pointless if you thought of clothes as a way to cover your body. That's what Ms Chapelle thought about clothing and now she was free to move.

"You are fixing this right now!" she said, leaping down and falling flat on her chest. "I have a broadcast to make tonight!"

"We can't rush this. If we're not careful it could make things worse. Unfixable even"

"Get out of my way and I'll do it myself"

Burt tried to block Ms Chapelle's way but she bounced him to one side with a violent swing of her tits and he went sprawling. She rapidly navigated through menus at random looking for anything that might help with Charlene at her side laughing and making unhelpful suggestions, but all she saw was product after product that offended her and she was getting exasperated.

"Aha, what's this? Automatic Body Shop? They're bound to sell my classic shape. No. No. No. No. Urgh! No. No. Good God! These are all disgusting! What's wrong with this world! Who would ever make themselves look like that!"

In anger, Ms Chapelle leant forward and thumped the top of the console with a clenched fist. In doing so, one of her Big Round Boobs pressed down on the Big Red Button. Hum. Flash.

Burt got to his feet and pushed Ms Chapelle away from the console.

"What have you ordered?!" he asked. "Oh my. The Automatic Body Shop? I don't even know what this is. It shouldn't be on here. But it doesn't sell women new bodies, it sells robots! Extremely advanced ones probably for a very private list of very rich clients!"

"So what, I wasn't up there this time"

"No" said Burt, pointing upwards. "But where does the ray look like it's pointing now?"

Ms Chapelle looked up and was horrified to see that the ray was pointed straight at her.

"It was still locked on to you and now you're being sent the sex machine you ordered"

"No, be serious. You're being silly. It can't turn me into a robot. I'm a person. Stop lying. Oh, God! I can't move my legs again"

As Ms Chapelle desperately tried to move her legs with her arms, Charlene took a close look at the console to see which robot had been ordered.

"Wow, you sure went for a top of the line model!" she said. "So many different features and modes. Listen to this. 'World's most realistic artifical skin - Only a gynecologist could tell she's not human!' and 'programmed with every known sexual technique - no act is off limits!'. This might be the best bit, you've made yourself a Crowdpleaser model (Trademark) which is 'perfect for an orgy or any large scale event. She'll do anything for anyone and won't stop until she's the last one standing. And that's when the real fun begins'. I might buy me one of these myself. Not to turn into, of course. I'm not crazy"

Charlene's spiel left Ms Chapelle dumbstruck. She kept looking at and touching herself, expecting to see or feel the beginning of the inevitable transformation. When it started it began in her feet and hands and gradually worked it's way up her body. At first it felt cold, but only for a moment before an overwhelming rush of sensations flooded from her newly artificial parts into her remaining nervous system. It was information; every bit of data that the advanced systems spreading through her limbs could send about itself and the immediate environment was interpreted as pure pleasure in her organic mind. When the transformation reached her pussy, she would have collapsed in ecstasy if her legs had been free to crumple. Instead she bent double and screamed loudly in pleasure.

She could barely think straight as the changes made it to her neck and only managed to feebly say one thing before the process was complete.

"But I'm supposed to be on television tonight"

Her expression went blank for a few moments until she looked around and down at herself, only slightly stiffly, and said "I Am Still Me? But I Am A Machine, I Can Feel It. It Feels Amazing". As with her movements there was the slightest hint that her words were put together and spoken the way only a computer would. In fact, looking closely at her there were only very subtle signs that something wasn't right. Her skin was completely flawless and maybe too smooth to seem natural, her hair was perfectly on place without a stray strand in sight, her eyes had a strange brightness to them and her facial expressions changed from one to the next a little too rapidly.

There was no time to spot further telltale signs when Ms Chapelle turned and walked towards the way out.

"I Am Not Doing This. Where Am I Going?"

"I think you know" said Burt. "You said you're going to be on television tonight, didn't you?"

"You Are Right" she replied, still walking. "I Know Where I Am Going And I Know What I Am Going To Do. Can You Not Stop Me?"

"Ms Chapelle, I'm fairly sure you're now stronger than most people on this planet. How exactly could I stop you?"

"But There Will Be So Many People There"

She reached the security door, immediately tore the panel off, reached inside to the wiring and somehow opened the door.

"And how high are your viewing figures?" Charlene asked, mischievously.

"Hundreds Of Thousands" replied Ms Chapelle flatly and then she was gone.

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

Postby abc » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:52 pm

"That concludes our tour. I hope you have enjoyed your visit today and will come again soon. Gifts are available from the shop in the foyer" Burt said, turning to Charlene.

"It's finished? No surprise room to get rid of me as well?"

"I've not 'gotten rid' of anyone. People have made their own mistakes despite my best efforts. You pushing the button on Ms Chapelle was a definite breach of protocol but, luckily for you, she finished the job herself"

"Just speeding things along"

"In that spirit, if you'll follow me we can get this over with"

Burt led Charlene out into an area that looked just like the offices you'd see in any big company; people (still all with dwarfism) bustled about doing officey things.

Burt paused just outside a door with his name on it, suddenly struck by a thought and looked at his watch.

"Before we get to all the boring non-disclosure agreements and backroom deals, I did say we would check in on the others, so that you don't worry about them"

"Sure, could be a good laugh!"

"And educational, I hope"

They backtracked and entered a room with the words 'Security Monitors' on the door and had a lot of security monitors inside. Burt sent the guards on a break (paid) and started tapping away, changing the camera feed that showed on the main screen.

"Ah, here's Aggy, getting a bite to eat. You'll see she's looking much better balanced "

Aggy was still slender and her breasts, now hidden beneath something like a hospital gown or Moo Moo, were much smaller than they'd last seen them but still huge by any reasonable standard.

"You've cured her then?"

"My word, no! But we're training her to keep control of her new...talents. She needs to be very careful what and how much she eats to avoid further incidents. That's why we've shut our cafeteria to let her practice eating in controlled environment. Clever, eh?"

On the screen, Aggy nervously approached the cafeteria counter, carefully read the list of ingredients and nutritional values supplied for all the food available, shook her head each time at something she read and moved on. Occasionally, she held her stomach and the sounds of her hunger were audible.

She reached the end of all the choices and found nothing she could safely eat. All that was left was a health drink dispensing machine. She read the ingredients and poured herself a large glass. With a mournful look at all the food she couldn't have she went to a table. Her big chest bumped the edge of the table when she sat down and a high moan of pleasure escaped from Aggy's mouth. She looked around in embarrassment but the room was empty.

"You see," said Burt "her earlier growth was entirely healthy. Her skin, for example was exactly as it should be. But when she shrank to this size all the new nerve endings remained, just compressed into a much smaller surface. As such, her breasts are incredibly sensitive to even the slightest touch. We reduced the pain signals as much as possible, however, she could now easily bring herself to an orgasm with even gentle breast play. She's learning to be more careful where she's going"

As he'd been speaking, Aggy had first sipped at the health drink and then, being both surprised and pleased at the flavour, downed the rest of it before heading back to the machine.

"She'll also need to learn restraint. Her body's desire to to be a good cow means she'll be hungry most of the time. But as long as she keeps her calorie intake to only what she needs from day to day there'll be no excess energy for milkshake production. That health drink, for example, is listed as having zero calories"

Aggy grabbed a pitcher and filled it to the brim. She drank it greedily as she returned to the table, spilling almost as much on the floor as she'd swallowed. It was all gone by before she reached the table so she just turned around and went straight back to the dispenser, almost slipping in her haste.

Despite filling as fast as before, the pitcher filled too slowly for Aggy's liking. She dropped it, making even more mess, and stuck her mouth under the nozzle. This time she didn't let any go to waste before it the whole dispenser was empty and she finally appeared satisfied.

"Of course, that wasn't really filled with a health drink. It was our high caloric density cattle feed. The most important things she will learn before leaving are to never to trust a list of ingredients and plenty of people can't be trusted when they know about her condition either. Under normal circumstances her body will keep all the extra fuel and cellular material in suspension until she tastes one of the activating flavours. So, to hammer the lesson home, for Aggy's own good, we added a tiny amount of strawberry to the feed"

Aggy was beginning to suspect something. The loose hospital gown provided no resistance to her chest's initial growth, so it was the increased draft around her legs as the gown was lifted that first made her look down.

"No! Not again! I need to be mmmoooilked quickly" she said, before clamping both hands over her untrustworthy mouth.

Because of her panic she wasn't careful enough and slipped on the feed she'd spilt and tumbled forwards. Landing heavily on her breasts caused Aggy to climax spontaneously. Until it completely passed she just lay there shivering in ecstasy.

Aggy managed to raise herself into her hands and knees and then stopped in that position, her breasts resting on the floor. She lowered her head and began peacefully licking up the cattle feed in front of her.

"Now, this is something odd we noticed. Whenever she's in this position she becomes completely docile and will stay that way until something jolts her out of it. Even under normal circumstance she's become excessively compliant to instructions.

"To aid her body in reducing her breasts once no more milk was being generated we had to give her a bit of help from cow biology. But I can't see how that would account for this. Perhaps it was the long time spent being a milked that did it"

Aggy did indeed seem content to stay there licking the floor as her breasts crept larger. It was only when their size was substantial enough to keep her from feeding that her attention came back.

Skidding and sliding, she tried to get back to her feet whilst heading for the door. Once standing again, she ran forwards supporting her chest with her arms. But her breasts only made it halfway through the doorway before becoming wedged and giving Aggy another orgasm.

Frantically, Aggy kept trying to push completely through but her breasts kept growing, making that impossible.

"Oh dear, this was unexpected" said Burt "We did tell her that she would be able to take care of miking herself without a machine, but she seems to have forgotten that bit. And now she can't reach through to do it anyway. But they must be about done growing, it won't be anything like at big as before, and I'm sure someone will come across her and lend a hand soon. Let's change channels"

"So she has to avoid chocolate, banana, strawberry and vanilla for the rest of her life?" asked Charlene.

"Yes" said Burt and then began counting on his fingers. "Chocolate, banana, strawberry, vanilla...umm...oh, milk, of course and...er...there were a few other flavours we added recently. About fifteen, I think. Or was it 40? The list's around here somewhere. I'll give her a copy when I find it. Or just post it on my blog so it can't get lost"

"Your blog?"

"Yes. Today's been a bit of an eye opener. I can't keep denying who I am. I've got to be proud and show the world that a creative genius can be a savvy businessman as well. Change perceptions! So I've started blogging all about what happens here, starting with Aggy"

"So you've told the entire Internet how to make Aggy's breasts grow? A hot woman with orgasm inducing tits who struggles to resist instructions?"

"Yes! I'm even live streaming her training for the real world. To show the caring side of the business! That's...okay, isn't it?"

"Sound good to me!"

"Great! Now let's see how little Toe is getting on. Luckily, we've got a camera on our barge. Excellent, she's arriving at the dump right now where my health care professionals are on standby"

"They look like burly sanitation workers to me"

"They've been promoted recently"

The barge had docked and the sani...health care professionals quickly found Toe rolling in muck; wearing nothing and masturbating. Seeing the men, she went straight for their cocks, trying to drag the first man's trousers down. But, taking a limb each, they carried her off the barge lowered her into a concrete pit. Then they hosed her down thoroughly, hoisted her out again and carried her to a relatively clean mattress.

Getting up on her knees, Toe was confronted with all of the men's cocks at once. Maybe it was just a glitch in the video feed, but perhaps there was a tiny instant of hesitation before she hungrily took the first man deep in her throat. He didn't take long to cum but she wouldn't let him pull out until she'd swallowed every last drop. This time, there was no pause before she took the next man in her mouth. She seemed almost desperate, forcing her head forward with ferocity as if his cum was the only thing that could save her life.

Once the other two were dealt with in similar fashion, Toe looked round to see the first man now lying on the mattress behind her. She quickly straddled him, suspending the wet lips of her pussy mere fractions of an inch above the tip of his erection. And she stayed there; going no nearer, moving no further away.

The man raised himself just slightly, brushing her with the head of his cock and in an instant she plunged it into her. Toe's first orgasm was immediate and the man's wasn't far behind but neither were finished yet; her wild bucking continued.

People could argue whether the slight freezing of her eyes as another man entered her from behind was fleeting panic or excitement but it was followed by screams of pleasure that brooked no debate.

The other two men found their cocks grasped, one in each hand, and both drawn towards her mouth. The mental image of Toe's cheeks bulging with two men at once might have led to some awkward eye contact between them later on, or maybe they wouldn't really be that concerned. They were professionals after all.

Once the four men were exhausted, it became apparent that others had been drawn by her siren screams. With improvisational skill, she tied a bar to her ankles at each end to hold her legs apart and tightened some comfy foam loops around her wrists before sliding the other ends onto a high, horizontal pole of a discarded frame.

As the larger crowd closed in Toe thrashed her body around, it looked like she hoped for the next session to begin swiftly.

Burt switched the channel to an empty room.

"I'm struggling to see how therapeutic that will be to her" said Charlene.

"Look, didn't that whole cream thing seem a bit weird to you?"

"I can't say that it stood out, no"

"Well imagine you're a very intelligent machine. You've got one job to do. Recycle. Then you're given a person. You can tell there's good in her, but you can't find it to remove it. There's no particles of good. Then you're worried. What if you get replaced for not being up to the job? You might find yourself getting recycled soon enough. So what do you do? Sweep it under the carpet! Hide the goodness under a layer of filth and pop out a jug of cream!"

"You're saying the real Toe is under a layer of filth?"

"I'm almost certain of it. We just need to break her out of it by degrading her with ever demeaning acts. Eventually, she'll break free in disgust"

"You're sure of that'll work?"

"Absolutely. I'd estimate, no less than a 56% chance of success"

"And the 44% chance?"

"Is it possible that encouraging her depravity might force the real her deeper under the control of the filthy fake? Could she recover if we just kept her in a quiet room for a couple of hours listening to classical music surrounded by fine art and literature? Of course it is. But if she's trapped in there, it's my duty to make her act as nasty as possible until she snaps out of it. I'll send her to Metrobay with a film crew if I have to, goddammit!...44%? Is it as low as that? Doesn't sound right. Maybe it was the other way round. Oh look, there's Beryl. Those guys got her size down fast!"

Beryl had just walked into view in a large empty room. Except for the blue skin, which she seemed to be unaware of, she was just like she had been when they started the tour. Once again she was clothed. This time in a deja vu inducing blue all-in-one pant suit with a wide, red belt.

"I can't believe I feel asleep. This tour must have been more boring than even I realised. Thanks for the lunch though, I needed it. I felt really drained before, but now I feel ten feet tall! Hey where'd you go, little man?" she said, noticing she was now on her own.

"What the...? My skin's turned blue! Oh very funny. If I've got paint all over my body, I'm suing you perverts!"

She walked to one door and then then ran to the other, finding both locked.

"What is this? Let me out now! Get this...what the...?"

Without a profusion of belts to slow her progress, Beryl soon noticed her curves were enhancing at speed.

"I'm having a reaction to this paint, you morons! This isn't a joke anymore, get me out!"

Beryl kept hammering on the door right up to the point where her belt popped off her expanding body (quite easily, she thought, almost as if designed for that purpose), causing her to look for another option. She looked around made straight for a side wall, waddling now, and set off the fire alarm. It sounded loudly throughout that level of the building.

"I hope someone gets here soon"

But it wouldn't be soon enough, despite the loose fit of her suit it was already filled to capacity didn't take long to pop its buttons and tear apart under pressure (it must have been cheap, she thought, for the stitching and fabric to have ripped so easily), leaving her naked. She fought to ignore how good her skin felt bursting free and the arousal it was bringing.

In shock at how round her body has become and how big her breasts had grown, Beryl stumbled and fell backwards. Actually, she rolled onto her back and, no matter how much she struggled, wasn't able to right herself. By now she didn't have a leg to stand on, just her little waggling feet poking out from her bulk.

"Someone help me! This is too weird!"

"Great material" said Burt, back in the security room. "This will make us a fortune!"

"A fortune?" asked Charlene

"Imagine what people will pay to see this. And this is just test footage, once we make a more professional film we won't have to sell it online for pirates to share. We could open cinemas!"

"I thought you were going to help her, not turn her into a fetish porn star"

"Some might consider that a fairly helpful thing for us to do in its own. But do you know how much it'll cost to research a cure? Or to pay the extras and the workers who'll get her size down and clean up afterwards? Or even just the cost of all the extra windows? A lot. And accountants notice that kind of thing. She needs to be self financing and what else can she do to earn money? Unfortunately, with all the overheads, advertising costs and consultancy fees it's going to be a while before we can turn a profit to invest in research. We've got some very ambitious films planned!"

"Well, your first video's just got seedier now that Beryl's glistening and wet" Charlene said, looking back at the screen.

Eventually, the unattended alarm had set off the sprinkler system in the room. Now at her full size, Beryl was being drenched and the water was running over her giant berry of a body and pooling deeply on the floor.

"Uh oh" said Burt. "I hadn't thought of that. We've just fed her a nice meal with everything a plant person needs to stay healthy. And now we're watering her."

Beryl hadn't stopped at her normal size, she was already at 12 feet and still getting bigger. The water that had pooled on the floor was disappearing as it was absorbed through her skin; the water from the sprinkler directly above her seemed to be going straight in to her body, now shiny from stretching.

The first of the extras, who wasn't going to let a fire alarm ruin his debut, trotted into the room through a, now unlocked, door waving a dildo over his head, singing "Oompa, looooholyshit!" before running back out again just before Beryl's increasing mass f-rced the door shut.

The room had been well chosen to allow a 10 foot Beryl plus extras to stay in shot whilst providing a slight sense of claustrophobia to the viewer, but she had now reached the ceiling and walls. No longer quite as spherical, her shape had distorted as it spread to try fill the corners.

"She'll probably stop growing soon" said Burt. "She's blocked the sprinkler system. Just so long as she doesn't rupture the main water pipe, ha ha! It'd take her years to pay off the damage to that warehouse if she got that much water into her. And a hell of a lot of orgasms to get her ready for the next scene!"

At that point, Beryl's bulk crushed the video camera in the room and the feed cut out.

"Oh blast! I hate cliffhangers, don't you? Never mind, just Ms Chapelle left. She's not scheduled to be on air until later but, by my estimate, she'll be at her studio now and won't want to wait"

A few button presses brought up the Peverton Ministry Television network, where a large, florid man known as Pastor Eizen was enthusiastically preaching on the topic of holy communion as it pertains to tax breaks for religious groups. Behind him, Mechapelle marched on stage eliciting gasps, cries and more than a little blasphemy from the studio audience. Eizen was confused until he heard the voice of his employer, saying "This Is My Body, Given For You"

"Ah, Ms Chapelle! Earlier than expected, but always a blessing. Yes! Those were the words spoken by our Lord at the last supper, the first holy communion! Perhaps you're early today because you bring this news?"

Being the professional that he was, Pastor Eizen kept facing the audience the whole time and barely turned towards his betasseled and bethonged boss when talking to her.

"Yes, I Bring Good News" she said, moving close behind him. "I Am Here To Take Away Your Sins. As Much Of Them As I Can Swallow"

With these words, she whipped Eizen's pants and briefs down to his ankles in a single motion. In a panic be reached to pull them up again but found a pair of hands holding fast. From this position he looked through his legs to see the grinning face of last person be ever thought might pants him on live television.

"Ms Chapelle! What's happening?!"

In answer, she quickly moved in front of him and took his cock in her mouth. Her surprising strength prevented him from moving away and all be could do was look around pitifully as he became immediately erect thanks to her expert technique.

At that point, some enterprising producer cut transmission and went to infomercials.

"That didn't last long" said Charlene.

"She's a resourceful woman, she'll won't stay of air for long"

"You seem to have been very well prepared to deal with ask these 'accidents' today. And you still want me to believe you didn't plan any of this?"

"People are people and we try to be prepared for any contingency. But I do sometimes think that people are a bit too predictable. No matter how many chances you give them they end up doing exactly what you thought they would. I try not to dwell on it"

The broadcast resumed after Mechapelle convinced enough of the crew to keep the show going. At that moment in fact, she thoroughly convincing a producer by riding his cock in the control room as he lay on a desk. She'd brought a camera man with her after promising to convince him as well.

Caressing herself as she stared straight into the lens and, writhing like a snake, she spoke to her flock.

"It Costs A Lot Of Money To Spread The Word Of God, But A Lot Less To Make Me Spread My Legs. Every Donation Sent In The Next Hour Will Buy You a Special Thank You From Me In Person. And Remember, The More You Give The More You Get"

The live donation tracker at the bottom of the screen went into overdrive at that point. Names flew past faster than they could be read and the total for the day was already shooting up by 100 of dollars a second and accelerating.

"Ooh, There Are So Many Of You. It Is Making My Pussy Extra Wet. I Will Be Visiting The Biggest Donors First, So Give Everything You Have. I Know I Will. OH GOD THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE"

Those last words, as Burt switched off the display, may have been Ms Chapelle's human thoughts being allowed to speak for a moment.

"You're leaving her like that then?"

"We'll try to come up with something, even if it's an expensive solution I'm fairly sure she'll be able to afford it. It's odd, though. I would have thought she'd have ended up looking exactly like the robot she ordered. Much more extreme than she currently appears. So either the rest of her change is slow in coming or there may be hope yet! No, the hardest part will be getting her to come here. I think we'll put a donation in to get on her thank you list. We've got thousands of employees here alone so we'd have plenty of time to get things right if we donate in the company name. Only it would have been better if she'd done this at the start of the tax year, we're close to maxed out on our tax deductions. We can probably spare ten dollars, which means it could be a while before she gets around to us"

"I didn't want to be rude, but as you've mentioned charity I'm collecting on behalf of the local orphanage that burnt down recently. Anything you can spare will be gratefully received"

"Of course. I'll split it. Five for you and five for Ms Chapelle's time. Ah, I can't disappoint the orphans, seven fifty for you"

"You're too kind"

"Well then, let's go to my office and finally bring this to an end"

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

Postby abc » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:55 pm

As they moved from one room to the other Charlene should have noticed that the previously busy offices were now empty and silent but she was busy herself; wondering how much money she could get away with asking for.

As she sat across from Burt at his desk in his dismal office, Charlene was looking forward to making him suffer.

"First things first. Hand back what you stole"
Burt said sternly.

"Steal? I don't steal. I'm a good girl"

"No? A witness saw you stealing experimental jelly beans shortly before Beryl started to feel blue"

"Ha! Then he's a liar, liar, pants on fire! Cos I was stealing a funny smelling drink then!"

Something didn't seem right to Charlene, as if she'd somehow lost the advantage. But she couldn't figure out how. In fact, thinking of anything was getting a bit difficult.

"Yes, I know. You even saw how many security cameras around the place and you thought we wouldn't keep a close eye on you? Especially in that particular room where we left the drink especially for you"

"For me?"

"Yes. I know I said we don't set people up here, but for you we did make up some special treats that will never be sold to anyone. You still had to make the mistakes yourself, but I made an exception for a friend to let him decide what the consequences would be. That friend is the judge you screwed in exchange for what you thought was a lighter punishment. That judge was raised in the same orphanage you burnt down. When you came to him with your proposition he played along and sent you to me"

"It was just a dirty old building. Nobody got owies"

"But it was the only home those children had ever known. And now you've convinced me he was right to send you here. You were smart not to drink from that bottle. Smarter would have been not to smell it either. It has quite a delayed effect, but just that one sniff is the reason why you are so stupid right now"

"Am not!"

"And the only the only cure for it is a special sweet we made. And you walked right by it without even noticing! Ha ha!"

"Aha! I think I am not so dumb as you think I am dumb. I bet this is it!" Charlene brandished the everlasting sweet triumphantly.

"No, it's not! Give it back, that's dangerous!"

Burt's skills of deception seemed to have deserted him completely. Not even Charlene with her diminished intelligence could believe him. She popped the sweet into her mouth and started sucking on it with a smirk on her face.

"Excellent, it's working" Charlene said between noisy slurps. "I was too stupid to even realise how dumb I was. But now I'm back!"

"Well done. That sweet counteracts the loss of intelligence for as long as you continue to suck on it"

"Good job it's an everlasting gobstopper then!"

"It's certainly everlasting, but it's not a gobstopper"


"It's not a gobstopper, I said. It's my second treat for you. An everlasting cocksucker!"

Charlene stared at Burt, lost for words and still sucking away. Slowly, she noticed something about the flavour in her mouth. It was undoubtedly delicious but the juice was thick and familiar. And although the sweet was actually quite small, it also felt like her cheeks were bulging with the size of it and that it moved forwards and backwards continuously without her doing anything with it.

The moment Charlene realised that the thick, delicious juice tasted like cum she instinctively spat it out and watched in dismay as it bounced through a grate in the floor.

"No! Please, I need another one! I can't become dumb again! Please!"

"You just wait right here and I'll go see if there's any more ready. But first I'll say it again, hand back what you stole"

Without hesitation, Charlene took the bottle from her satchel and handed it to Burt. He took it a cabinet behind his desk and shut it away.

"You just sit tight", he said "and don't you worry your pretty little head about a single thing. I might even have two to bring you"

When Burt was gone, Charlene became worried. She didn't know how long she would have until she lost her intelligence again. Burt might be able trick to her if he took to long. And there was something else bothering her. Since the moment she'd spat out the sweet, she missed the sensations and the flavour of it. She really needed something to suck on. And maybe it was just the act of sucking that kept her smart. That made sense.

Charlene looked around for something to put in her mouth, but the office was surprisingly lacking in phallic objects. She considered that sucking on her fingers might help for a while until she realised she'd already started doing just that without noticing. And it didn't help.

Then she remembered, the bottle. Taking it from the cabinet and making sure the cap was securely in place, Charlene tilted her head back and took the bottle deep in her mouth.

She sucked on it in vain hope that it would sate the desire in her throat and protect her mind. But, despite sucking vigorously, it didn't satisfy her need and Charlene was about to give up when the bottle cap suddenly disappeared. Perhaps it was the heat of her mouth or the effect of her saliva that caused the temporary cap to dissolve; either way, the clear liquid within poured into her throat.

She should have removed the bottle and she should spat out as much of the drink as she could but some new instinct kicked in causing Charlene to slurp down every drop before she had time to think. Despite its incredible aroma, the drink itself had a sour and chemical taste and, once every drop was gone, Charlene quickly placed it back in the cabinet. She got back to her seat only seconds before Burt returned. She couldn't let him find out she'd drank the whole lot, at least not until she had another sweet to keep the effects at bay.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, sitting back down.

"Fine, just fine" replied Charlene, feigning nonchalance. "I hate to rush you but did you find anymore of those everlasting..."

"Cocksuckers? Yes, you're in luck. Say, did you paint your nails whilst I was away? I didn't notice they were bright pink before?"

"Yep, pink all day. Pink every day in fact. My fave colour"

"I could have sworn...oh never mind. What were we talking about again?"


"How dare you!...oh you meant the sweet, how silly of me. Of course, you..." Burt stared at Charlene for a few seconds. "If I didn't know better I'd say your hair was blonde now"

Charlene laughed falsely and lied, despite the evidence of her own eyes." Blonde! Of course not. It...it...it must be light playing tricks! The fluor...floor...flier...the buzzing office lights you have here!"

"Could be, I suppose. Now about this sweet. Because this is the second one you'll be having, it's not safe for you to put it in your mouth with your jeans on so if you just slide them down I can give you it safely"

"My jeans? How do I know you're not just trying to trick me and look at my panties? Men are sneaky!"

"If I was trying to trick you I would have waited until you were dumb again, wouldn't I?

"Oh, of course you would ha ha! Okie dokie"

Charlene hurried to pull down her jeans, worried that she might turn stupid at any moment and anxious to have that sensation of a man thrusting into her mouth again. It took a while before she remembered to unbuckle her belt.

"Now close your eyes, open your mouth and stick out your tongue"


"So that your body doesn't know you're having another one and reject it, of course"

"Right. I knew that"

Charlene did as she was told and stood waiting in the middle of the room. She could sense that Burt had moved close to her and so pushed her tongue out as far she could.

With very quick hands, Burt pulled open Charlene's panties and pushed the specially shaped, everlasting cocksucker deep between the lips of her pussy.

"OMG!" she yelled with her eyes wide open. Charlene backed away from Burt but fell over backwards having forgotten about the jeans around her ankles.

As she sought to remove the sweet from her nether regions Charlene felt what she could see wasn't really there; a thick cock sliding in and out of her. It didn't bring pleasure or pain but she could feel it inside her nonetheless. The juice that oozed from the sweet was real enough. The thick cum-like substance ceaselessly seeped out of her and through her panties onto her thighs.

Since consuming the contents of the bottle, Charlene became aware of a gradually increasing sensitivity across her entire body. There is an art to a woman pleasuring herself with her fingers, but now even Charlene's clinical hunt for the sweet had brought her to the edge of orgasm. With great effort, she abandoned her search. Looking up, she saw that Burt now held another everlasting cocksucker in his hand.

"Gimme!" she yelped, jumping up and falling forward having forgotten about her jeans once again. On her way down, Charlene did at least manage to grab the sweet. Once it was in her mouth, her intelligence slowly returned along with the understanding of how stupid she'd been. Burt was once again sitting behind his desk looking relaxed and gesturing for her to retake her seat, which she did after after pulling up her jeans.

"Before you work it out for yourself I'll enjoy telling you that you didn't actually need any sweets at all. The everlasting cocksucker is one of the two ways to counteract the IQ drop, but since you only sniffed the drink that will wear off by itself soon anyway. On the other hand, the craving for having two cocks inside you will grow stronger whenever you don't have one of those sweets to simulate it. Now..."

Burt stopped speaking and silently gawked at Charlene's chest. Being naturally flat, the only reason anyone looked at her chest was if there was a stain on it. But when she looked down as well she realised it all gain with no stain. Beneath her baggy, light blue, Peverton Grabbers basketball jersey Charlene had noticeable breasts for the first time. Their size was far from scandalous but she immediately tried to hide them with folded arms.

"Have...? Did...? Are...?" stuttered Burt

"No, definitely not. I'm leaving now, don't try to stop me" Charlene replied, getting up to make an exit. Or at least that was the plan. But as she rose she found that the wooden chair rose with her and, looking down, she saw that her ass had swollen as she sat becoming wedged between its two arms.

f-rced to sit back down, Charlene wiggled and squeezed and bounced to try escape her seat but it felt to her as if she were becoming more firmly stuck; as if her ass was still getting bigger. Burt couldn't confirm that, but the jiggling resulting from her escape attempts only made it more obvious to him that her breasts were still growing. Having never needed to wear a bra, it was when her motion caused her tits to leap up and wallop her face that Charlene was unable to miss their progression any longer. With a gasp, she pulled down on the hem of her top both to halt its rise and to get a clear view of how big she'd gotten. She was already the same size as Ms Chapelle had finished at and still growing.

"My..my breasts! My ass! They're changing" she stammered.

"You've also neglected to notice a few other details, but I can hardly blame you.To be precise, don't forget your finger nails have changed as well. And your toenails, I'd guess. Your lips are definitely very pink now. Your hair is extremely blonde and looks much thicker than it was before. I'll wager all those colours are permanent. Back to your lips though, they're looking very plump. Don't worry, they don't look out of place. The rest of your face has changed as well. You'll need to wait until you see a mirror to understand, but for now let's just say you have a built in look that's both vacant and horny. It's difficult to tell with my view obscured but it's likely that your waist has diminished as your hips have widened and that your legs are far more shapely. And by the way you're touching yourself, I'd say that your whole body is becoming a highly sensitised erogenous zone. I can only imagine the effect it's having on the ones you already had!"

Charlene hadn't noticed that her hands were roaming over every uncovered part of her body of their own accord. She had to focus on them to regain control and when the wonderful feelings of arousal stopped too she almost let them go again to bring it back.

The sound of snapping wood brought Charlene's attention back to her ass. The weak, wooden arms of the narrow chair she'd been stuck in had splintered enough for her to work her way free. Finally able to stand up, she felt how firm and round her ass now was; her curvaceous hips matched perfectly with her improved legs and accentuated her slender waist. As she'd stood the pressure on her jeans popped the button off above her flies which ripped away at one side. The jeans now fell lower on her ass, exposing a generous portion of her crack and hung open at the front in an inviting v-shape. Her hands had taken the opportunity to be more playful with her new shape than Charlene had planned her investigations to be and once her focus was brought back to her breasts they were left completely unsupervised.

Her tits were now heavily constrained by her jersey. The hem wasn't wide enough to have risen any higher around her abundant chest and a substantial amount of flesh bulged out from the gap at the bottom. Although they were no longer growing, to her it looked like they nearly doubled in size when the back of her top tore most of the way to the collar and all the way between the arm holes. The fabric at the front sprang up in front of her and Charlene toppled backwards over the chair. She landed with the front of her jersey flopped over her head and her magnificently enormous breasts on display.

"Did someone turn the lights out so they could squeeze my titties?" Charlene asked giggling; not realising it was her own rogue hands that were groping at her chest and sending waves of excitement through her.

"You silly billy" Charlene said as Burt helped her to her feet. "I'm so hot now I could murder you and still be let of with a quick f-ck! See you later!"

"Just one more thing" Burt said as Charlene turned to leave. "I need to tell you this whilst you still understand. I don't need to check my cabinet to know you drank the whole bottle. Your dimwittedness is not going to wear off the same way as if you'd just inhaled it. And the important thing about everlasting cocksuckers is that no sweet lasts forever, that would just be ridiculous. Only the need for cock is everlasting"

After Burt said this, Charlene realised just how small the sweet in her mouth had become and that the comforting feeling of having a cock in her pussy was already gone as the last of it broke apart into nothing.

"More!" Charlene begged. "I need more of them!"

"Sorry, I'm fairly sure that was the last one"

"There must be something! Think!" she said, grabbing him by the shoulders as best she could considering the huge breasts that hung from her.

"Well, you know, I find that a blow job helps me think clearly at times of stress. Perhaps...?"

Charlene was used to this kind of suggestion from many judges and victims, but she knew know that, just because he suggested it and even with nothing to gain from it, she would eagerly suck him (or any man) off to escape the empty ache she had for cock.

She dropped to her knees and had Burt's cock in her mouth within seconds. The sweet had merely sated her need; an actual cock in her mouth was an experience beyond her imagining. It felt so perfectly right that she thought of nothing else until she realised her intelligence was returning. The feeling was still there and she wouldn't have stopped for the world, but she was now able to join the dots. Charlene looked up at Burt, then cross-eyedly at the base of his shaft, then back up at him; her eyes, already bigger as a result of her transformation, widened in alarm.

"That's right" Burt said breathlessly. "The only thing that can bring back your smarts now is the real thing in your mouth. And when the man cums, they'll go again. Let me demonstrate"

And with that he spurted his load into Charlene's mouth. She swallowed automatically and then desperately tried to keep him going to no avail, knowing her brains would soon disappear just as the magical feeling of contentment had already.

"You won't even know you're dumb the rest of the time" Burt said, philosophically. "But who does?"

As the fog descended on her mind once more, Charlene got up and stood before Burt with her jeans almost falling off and her top now no more than a bib hanging from her neck and just reaching far enough to cover her nipples as long as she didn't make any movement that could cause it to bounce up for a moment; walking, for example. She waited for the next thought to come along.

"Hey, hang on a second!" said Burt hammily. "I almost forgot to give you your prize!"

"A prize! Yippee! Can I guess what it is?.........................."

"Er, why don't you look in the lowest draw of that cabinet over there in the corner?"

Charlene sauntered over to the cabinet, getting distracted by various things around her despite the short distance. When she opened the lowest drawer, Charlene bent at the waist provocatively to peer inside. That movement pulled her jeans right down around her ass cheeks and provided Burt with the opening he was waiting for, literally. He quickly pulled the last specially shaped everlasting cocksucker from his pocket and inserted it into Charlene's back passage.
She straightened up in shock at the same time as Burt pulled her jeans back as high as they could go.

"What was that?" she asked

"What was what, Charli?"

"It feels like there's a..." blushing, Charlene didn't finish the sentence and then asked, "Am I Charli?"

"Of course you are? Who else could you be?"

"Then why don't I remember being called Charli?". This level of thinking was hard for her to maintain.

"Because this is the first day that you've been Charli"

"Okay, I get it. Hey! Does that mean it's my birthday?"

"I suppose it does, yes"

"Hooray! For my birthday can you put your cock in me. I don't know why, but I really want one"

"I'm afraid I have heart problems and I'm not sure I could survive you right now. But I'm sure you could find lots of people here who are happy to give you what you want"

"And maybe a birthday cake?"

"I can promise you'll find some amazing cakes out in the factory"

"Oh goody! Cocks and cakes!"

As Charli left Burt's office to begin her celebrations, he called a final word of warning.

"Be careful what you eat!"

The end

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

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Nice! Thank you for sharing. :D

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Re: A Startlingly Original Tale About A Confectionary Production Facility

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comixboy69 wrote:Nice! Thank you for sharing. :D

My pleasure! Thanks for reading it :)

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