The Chrome Virus chapter 54

Story by Doctor Robo, art by Finister Foul, postwork by Trishbot.
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Doctor Robo
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The Chrome Virus chapter 54

Postby Doctor Robo » Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:53 pm

Hey Metrobay fans! This week we start the countdown to the final chapter of "The Chrome Virus", and you can read it all right here at!

Now that the crisis has passed and the Cyberqueen is no longer a threat, the West family and friends can finally sit down for that long-awaited Metrobay Day meal. But the story isn't quite over yet, as we have three more chapters left to tie up some loose ends and set up future tales!

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Re: The Chrome Virus chapter 54

Postby Champ » Mon Apr 27, 2015 10:48 am

3 more chapters....the epic story is coming to its end.....ahhhhhh! I cant believe it. Im eagerly awaiting the grand finale...and hope to see once again CyberQueen as much as the villainous Frostbite. :)

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Re: The Chrome Virus chapter 54

Postby abc » Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:56 pm

Nice to see the softer side of Ted and LISA's relationship. Mostly we see LISA's sociopathic schemes to make Ted happy!

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