"The Producer" Chapter 10

Story and art by Mr. Phoenyxx.
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Doctor Robo
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"The Producer" Chapter 10

Postby Doctor Robo » Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:29 pm

Hey folks... our good friend Mr. Phoenyxx is back with an all new (and FREE) chapter of "The Producer", exclusively here at www.MetrobayComix.com!

The guys are quickly making Vikky into a sexy, slutty mega babe (with ridiculously gigantic titties we might add). It might seem a bit odd, but they just did her hair and strangely Vikky herself seemed to have some input towards the end of it. She apparently spends a great deal of time in the salon, and other places, trying to look her best and sluttiest at all times. Well if she got her hair done, then what else might she have them do?

Find out in Chapter 10 of The Producer!

Link to gallery: http://metrobay.eroticillusions.com/fre ... mbo-Studio


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Re: "The Producer" Chapter 10

Postby abc » Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:48 am

Ha! Vikki's in charge now and she's gone off the slutty deep end!
As you suggest, the Producer himself may not know what's been unleashed.

I probably preferred it when other people dictated the changes but there must always come a time when the bimbo student becomes the bimbo teacher :)

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