Member's Gallery 7/8 - "Physique" #20

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Member's Gallery 7/8 - "Physique" #20

Postby Trishbot » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:22 am

Hey everyone! Here with the last issue of "Physique"! I hope you've enjoyed the ride, but we have one last chapter left to share.

The day is saved and everything is right with Valient Grrl, but she's decided the time is right to take her relationship with Alpha Woman to the next level. As the two lovers discover a form of intimacy they had never pursued before, the future looks bright for the couple. But a lingering shadow hides in the distance... Find out what happens in the final issue of "Physique" Chapter 20, only at Metrobay Comix!

Thanks for reading, everyone! And thanks for supporting Metrobay Comix!
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