Alias: PsiWoman
Real Name: Eliza Bradston
Age: 43
Height: 5’9”
Hair: Purple (Originally Blonde, Dyed)
Occupation: Adult Model/Pornstar, Superheroine (Full Time)
Affiliation: X-Knights, Jobberific Trio
Abilities: Wide range of telepathic abilities, including psychometry, psychic suggestion, mental illusions, remote viewing, psychic scanning, mind alteration, aura reading, sensory linking, psionic reserves boost, mind reading, mental shields, and psychic calming. Although she possesses a wide range of mental powers, she is only moderately powerful, and lacks depth with each of her skills.

Eliza Bradston was born in 1973: the twin sister of Bryon Bradston aka Commander Maldon. They also have an older brother named Jim.
After their parents were seemingly killed in an explosion, she left home with Jim. He became a racing promoter, and she signed on to his operation as a promo-girl. She would turn this into a career as a model, first in fashion, then catalogue, and then the Internet. She spent several years hosting her own site while attending college.

Later she and Jim returned home and reunite with Bryon, who had secretly become Commander Maldon. They got caught up in a number of his adventurers: often as pawns in battle between Bryon and his foes. Eliza alone was kidnapped or brainwashed several times over. These episodes eventually awakened her burgeoning telepathic gifts around age 26. Her powers functioned infrequently unless she focused greatly, but it was enough
She then returned to her modeling career. She eventually met another Psi named Tim Links, and they became romantically involved. He taught her how to use her abilities. She adventured for a short time alongside her brother but was injured, and retired for a couple of years.

She has recently left England, even though she still has the Mansion and Apartment there, and moved to Metrobay at the request of her friend Mindseye: forming a team called the Jobberific Trio. She now seeks to make a name for herself.

Weakness: PsiWoman is a fragile and physically weak woman, and is often defeated by simple manhandling. One blow is often enough to knock her out. She also suffers from psychic backlash quite often. Her lack of physical combat skill becomes deeply problematic when her powers are often resisted. Most foes cause her to fold up quickly.