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Whew! You're lucky to have me back here! No, don't laugh, I mean it. And no, not just so you can grab my boobs again either! I've just returned from a visit to Metrobay and I have to tell you, they didn't want to let me leave. Actually I'm not that sure I wanted to leave either. But don't tell Mr Stormbringer that or he might start getting ideas about ropes and spankings and paddles and other such abuses. Well actually... thinking about it... maybe a small hint to him wouldn't be all that bad, would it?

Anyway, where was I? No... not there! Oh yes, I remember. Metrobay is one of those compelling places that once you have visited, your life is never quite the same again. Page after page of full-color comix report the activities of the citizens there, and I have to tell you, they are a pretty odd bunch! The town is absolutely chock full of superheroines in scanty costumes that show off their beautiful big boobs and spankable firm bottoms. And it seems equally full of evil villains who have no purpose in life but to capture those heroines and do all sorts of dastardly deeds after exposing their soft, pliant flesh to lecherous eyes. The market for fiendish devices and their related accessories must be huge! You really do need to go and look for yourself though. I can only tell you a fraction of what goes on because... well because just thinking about it makes me dizzy with desire and I have to go and lie down to recover. Go on, get along there now. And when you return... well, I'll probably still be lying down recovering if you want to give me a hand. Or something...

About the Artist
By - Pink Pussycat -

Welcome to Metrobay, a city whose gleaming buildings and busy streets conceal a secret criminal element with a most nefarious goal: to turn beautiful, busty women into sex slaves.

Wealthy and influential perverts run a secret society that pulls the strings of the city government. Dastardly masked villains prowl in the shadows, waiting to ambush unsuspecting damsels. Mad scientists with demented inventions bind sexy captives to their laboratory tables to perform fiendishly carnal experiments. Every day criminal masterminds plot diabolical schemes to defeat and humiliate the crime-fighting superheroines who dare to stand against them.

Welcome to a colossal metropolis of secret villainy; a corrupted city-port that scoundrels have nicknamed 'Grime City'.

Visitors to this city with 'special' privileges may witness a wide array of depraved amusements: Busty and curvaceous superheroines are led into sinister traps, and sexy spygirls are double-crossed into the clutches of their enemies. Beautiful and innocent civilian damsels are snatched from their ordinary lives and made to serve as pleasure pets. Wholesome and na´ve young coeds attend a university that secretly serves as a slave recruitment center.

The villains employ numerous perverse methods to subjugate their unwilling captives: Gadgets that warp the female mind; tight ropes and straps that keep the captives helpless; strange science that takes control of a woman's free will; wicked magicians who hypnotize and mesmerize their prey; elite socialites who throw deranged sex parties; and deviant technology that wrinkles the very fabric of reality so these fiends can even capture sex slaves from other dimensions.

Sworn to thwart the corruption infecting the city are such sumptuous superheroines as Pink Pussycat and the Action Cats, Ms. Metrobay and the Superheroine Squad, Valiant Woman and the Guardian Gals, and the college-age Grrl Power junior heroines! But the dastardly Circle of ROPE and their 'League of Villains' co-conspirators have countless schemes and traps awaiting the purehearted heroines.

Metrobay Comix offers many complete series for your reading pleasure; over 1,000+ story pages. On top of that we add frequent new update pages of several ongoing comic series as well! All this sinister fun and more is waiting for you at Metrobay Comix!


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