Are there too many heroines nowadays?

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Are there too many heroines nowadays?

Post by ajiehb »

So here is the question. Aren't there too many heroines in Metrobay right now? Because I think we have reached critical point where author's can't handle this amount of heroines and do proper circulation of all available heroines.

And second question do you think every heroine need to be presented in the comix during say a year? I know every author has fav heroines they use all the time and there are readers requests and let us say main attraction to the Metrobay. So I guess authors have priorities when they choose whom to use.

There is also this situation where heroine who isn't among main attraction to Metrobay or among fav of the authors could disappear from the stories. Even if she was used a lot during past years. This brings a question how authors are tracking the "screen time" of the heroines?

I know you are trying to bring as much heroines in circulation as possible but do you notice that some heroines are missing? Or it's the readers job to bring this topic to your attention.

Also it would be nice to hear authors opinions about how long they think is ok for characters not being used. I know it depends on character like not to use Ms. Metrobay and Pink Pussycat is a crime but still would be interesting to hear your opinions.
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Re: Are there too many heroines nowadays?

Post by Doctor Robo »

Hi ajiehb,

The short answer is we don't track the usage of our characters. Their use is dependent on the storytelling needs of our creators. Does that mean some of our characters are used more often than others? Absolutely. Is that a perfect system? Certainly not.

We understand and appreciate that Nightengale is your favorite character. Hopefully we can find a way to use her in an upcoming story.

- Doc

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