"Cell Block XXX" chapter 21

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"Cell Block XXX" chapter 21

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"Cell Block XXX" chapter 21 has been posted to the members gallery! Chrome and 'Chrome-Drone' have KO'd Alpha Man and captured Gadget Gal. I'll bet you can guess what happens next...

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Re: "Cell Block XXX" chapter 21

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Nice update. As expected with serial conversions, the transformation got streamlined a bit. (Karen used more of her body, or rather Chrome used more of it, before she became faceless.) I have to say while I don't really miss the head deformation part of the transformation (that was a bit gnarly) I kind of miss the brief part where they have the kind of glowing silver eyes. Was a nice effect that kind of got skipped. Nice use of the wall too in this issue. Of all the times a ControlUnit minion has injected into that location, they rarely allow the predrone (or whatever the pre-faceless are called) to have something to hold themselves up.

Wonder when Gothika is going to show up; if that is going to happen before or after Belinda shows up with her guards.

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