Afterburn bioAlias: Afterburn
Real Name: Amelia Applegate
Age: 36
Height: 5’10″
Hair: Brunette
Occupation: soldier, test pilot
Abilities: suit enables flight, enhanced strength and reflexes
Affiliation: Foxy Commandos

Amelia Applegate is a hardened soldier, devoted patriot, and dependable test pilot for the U.S. government. In her youth, she was one of a select few elite female soldiers that formed the Foxy Commando Strike Force unit, a feared military black ops unit sent on some of the most dangerous, impossible, even suicidal missions that developed a reputation for succeeded against all odds.

It was revealed that famed Superheroine Squad member, Brown Sugar, was once a member of this unit and was a fiercely loyal friend of Amelia’s, but Brown Sugar left their unit under unexplained circumstances and their relationship became strained.

Over the years, Amelia rose in prominence and rank and was eventually selected as the test pilot of the prototype military grade “AFTERBURN” combat suit. After a grueling series of tests and training, she began to take her suit into active combat zones to further collect data to enhance the suit’s capabilities further.

During one such outing in Metrobay, she had a chance run-in with Brown Sugar and recognized her from their past. However, to her shock and surprise, her commanding officer, General Longcannon, asserted control over her via the suit’s synchronization with her brain and nervous system, rendering her nothing more than an obedient soldier. Dimly aware she is nothing more than a puppet of a corrupt military official, Amelia now finds herself in the difficult position of struggling to liberate herself and turn traitor or giving in to her unquestioning orders like the good soldier she was programmed to be.

More recently, Longcannon took advantage of Amelia’s erstwhile friendship with Brown Sugar to lure the superheroine to his private bunker at Fort Tetas, where Sugar’s Foxy Commando programming was reactivated and she was forcibly bonded with the Sexturion battle armor.

Notable Appearances: Chain of Command, Military Machine

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