Milking Machine

milkmachineAs part of his arrangement with Max Indeks, The Dairy King was given many unique and specialized equipment straight from APEX Industries’ testing facility. One noteworthy addition to his new secret lair of criminal activity is a highly unorthodox mechanical milking stall… one that doesn’t seem designed to hold traditional cattle.

Instead, Dairy King’s milking machine is designed to be used and tested on human women and comes equipped with state-of-the-art restraints to hold even the most powerful heroine firmly in place. The machine, as described, pumps the milk from a woman’s breasts to be used for Dairy King’s own fiendish purposes. With the help of MilkMaid, and his thrallium-enriched dairy products, Dairy King is even able to induce lactation in otherwise normal girls, such as Patricia Summers, who have no history of lactation prior to their capture.

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