Conversion Chamber

Conversion chambersThe Conversion Chamber was designed by the android Sentius as a means of mass enslavement of the female population of Metrobay.

Sentius plan was two-fold; two lure women to his secret factory with the hypnotic subliminals embedded within the H.E.R.-TV broadcast station, and to finalize their transformation into mindlessdrones within the conversion chambers.

The conversion chambers were charged by a large quantity of electricity, contained within an impenetrable barrier field. This large sum of energy was then directed to two sources.

The first was a collection of nanomachines collected on the skin of an individual within the chamber. The electrical stimulus of the chamber would then activate these nanomachines and cause them to rapidly reproduce and expand, covering the nearly entire body of the individual within the chamber. This ensured a careful monitoring of the individuals vital functions as well as providing an outside source of control for Sentius.

The second area affected was the human mind via either a compact Control Helmet or embedded Cybernetic Implants. Both were electronically charged by the energy within the chamber and subsequently linked to the main computer and Sentius as part of the H.E.R. Order.

The process of conversion could only work with flesh alone, and subjects undergoing the procedure had to be stripped of their clothing and, in the case of those wearing Control Helmets, their heads shaved. Though thought to be an irreversible enslavement procedure, it was found the link to the computer system was weak against Silver Satin’s technopathic abilities, and a cure extracted from the DNA of Ms. Metrobay helped ensure that the women who had been converted underwent a full recovery.

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