Alias: Starbeam
Name: Samantha (Sam) Kenton Occupation: Former Farm Hand and Current Full Time Heroine
Age: 31 (21 biological)
Height: 5’11”
Hair: Red (natural), Blonde (powered) Affiliation: Superheroine Squad, Grrl Power, Magic Grrls
Abilities: Lighting powers, Increased strength and stamina Samantha (Sam)

Kenton is a farm girl from Kansas. She was chosen, along with her friend Tracy, to become super powered guardians because of their moral integrity. Sam was chosen by the Mace of Justice. Upon accepting the mace, Sam took up the name Starbeam and gained her superheroine powers and abilities.

Unfortunately, during her tour introducing herself to the citizens of Topeka, Starbeam was defeated by the villain Timeskip. Starbeam was placed in stasis for a decade until she was seemingly freed by Maggie MacGilleycuddy. Afterward, she joined the Grrl Power team, the Magic Grrls. Under the guidance of Enchantress and Spellweaver she seeks to make up for lost time by defending the people of Metrobay and fighting for justice.