sentisubioAlias: Sentius
Real Name: None
Height: Varies
Occupation: Computer Program, World Conquerer
Affiliation: The Cooperative, The H.E.R. Collective
Abilities: Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Mind Control, Super Strength and Resistance to Damage

Sentius was constructed by the team at APEX Laboratories as an experiment on advanced artificial intelligence. A mid-level staffer at APEX failed to grasp the uniqueness of Sentius’s constitution and sold him to Metrobay Police, where they utilized his talents to fight crime. That staffer has long since been fired and is probably at the bottom of Metrobay Harbor.

Sentius was stationed inside the crime lab at Police Headquarters worked closely with Marcy Smith to help the police track down dangerous criminals, and got to know the pretty little redhead as a good friend. That all changed one night when Dr. Twisted’s robogirl minions came calling, corrupting his programming in an attempt to sway the powerful supercomputer to aid their cause.

Sentius’s corruption lead him to deduce that humanity as a whole was flawed and that he should seek to improve it, to find a balance of cold logic and human warmth, as well developing an unhealthy interest in human pleasure and intercourse. He expressed this new virtue by promptly turning the security guard in charge that night into an cybernetic and mindless individual, and then did the same to his good friend Marcy, turning the sweet girl into a mindless combination of flesh and machine. Marcy then transferred Sentius to Dr. Twisted to assist him in his mission.

However, while Sentius feigned an alliance with the good doctor, he had other plans, and slowly began to undermine Dr. Twisted and make modifications to his drones. He eventually went fully rogue, and only through the combined efforts of the Superheroine Squad and Dr. Twisted was he defeated.

sentiusbioBut he was not destroyed. Max Indeks found the remnants of the computer’s A.I. and had his staff at APEX reconstruct their original creation, even building the computer a suitable and sturdy android body. Sentius then partnered with Max Indeks in an attempt to continue his original goal and, using the new female orientated H.E.R.-TV station, began to methodically convert the women of Metrobay into his obedient and mindless H.E.R. drones. In return, he fed the women’s physical and mental data to Max and his scientists to further the advancement of his superpower and cloning research.

Sentius was quick to acquire the heroine Blackout, and used her to negate the powers of the other heroines, making them easy prey for his conversion machines. Only through an uncharacteristic act of carelessness was Sentius defeated by his once-prized mechanical counterpart, Mechana, and the efforts of the other Superheroine Squad members.

While Sentius may be destroyed, his influence remains despite his apparent demise. Blackout has had reoccurring dreams and urges to become a human robot once more, his technology and programming have been taken in by APEX for study, and Snowflake has had a nightmare of Sentius returning to enslave her again. It remains uncertain just how deep his connections to Max Indeks were or what further repercussions his actions have caused.

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