Janelle Burbank

Janelle Burbank bioName: Janelle Burbank
Lingerie Shop Proprietor

Janelle Burbank is the owner and operator of “Hey Ladies”, a boutique lingerie shop located between Metrobay and the city’s growing northern suburbs.  Janelle founded the business to better serve Metrobay’s legions of full-bosomed women, who often could not find attractive undergarments in such impressive sizes.

Janelle was unwittingly drawn into Metrobay’s criminal underworld when Liz Trance, under the sway of an experimental APEX Nanobra, was sent to enslave Janelle and use the store as a distribution hub. Additional women were brought under the control of the bras before a critical flaw was discovered and Max Indeks ordered the project abandoned.

Janelle subsequently returned to her life as a entrepreneur while remaining friendly with Ms. Trance.

Notable Appearance: “Slaves to Fashion”