Captain Love

Alias: Captain Love
Real Name: Johnny Awesome(legal name John Johnson)
Business CEO
 Super strength, flight, X-ray vision, dazzling white teeth, beautiful hair, orgasmic voice
Affiliation: League of Liberty

John Johnson (later changed to “Johnny Awesome”) grew up as the big jock in his school, the star quarterback with the hot cheerleader girlfriend, and the looks and charisma to charm the teachers. His magnetic personality carried him through college and to a high-paying job at major tech corporation, which he ultimately become head CEO of.

He found himself with millions of dollars, and all the toys, cars, and girls he could want, yet still wanted more. He eventually set his eyes on superheroines – the only women he was incapable of bedding – and sought to be their equal, even their superior.

Investing a fortune into bioethcial research, he artificially augmented his body with all the traits he desired and took up the alias of Captain Love. He became a public hero and media darling, winning several “Man of the Year” awards, and even slept with a few notable heroines, including his frequent bed-buddy Vanishing Girl, and had a one-night-stand with She-Bulk. But he became discouraged at the continued rejection of several more prominent and respected heroines. The main object of his affections, former team leader Suprema, spurned his advances and even pummeled him when she caught him blowing off his duties.

Since then, Captain Love’s true colors have begun to emerge. His competence as a hero is highly suspect, as are his motives. He ultimately was caught sexually harassing veteran heroine Golden Girl and tried to feel up Emerald Tiger, receiving beatings for both actions. He was demoted to “sidekick” status, but has since resumed a solo career.

Later, he was confronted by reporter June O’Connell, who blackmailed him with incriminating evidence into revealing some shady connections he had to some prominent supervillains. On the positive side, he’s been shown to hang out with the villain FreaKing as a drinking buddy.

Following his miserable track record in Liberty Grove, Captain Love has migrated to Metrobay – an oasis of busty, beautiful heroines – but to date has struggled to leave any positive impressions.