surgeAlias: Surge
Real Name: Crissy Tanner
Alternate Name: S.A.R.A. – Submissive Automated Robotic Assistant
Age: N/A
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Brown
Affiliation: The Dollmaker, Metrobay Police Dept.
Abilities: Superpower Enhancement

Surge is the unofficial internal codename given to SARA, Gilbert Petto’s third attempt at creating life-sized android duplicates from Superheroine Squad members.

Surge came to be when Police Cadet Crissy Tanner entered Gilbert’s toy shop and caught him unprepared, and realized that his robotic assistant MONA was an obvious copy of Brown Sugar. Fearful that Crissy would turn him into the authorities, Gilbert agreed to make a copy of her, who he christened “SARA”

When Gilbert was unable (or unwilling) to grant Crissy’s demand to transfer her mind into the android’s body, she struck a deal with him to return his beloved LISA in exchange for information on who might be able to help her. This led to Crissy’s conversion into the Chrome cyborg by Belinda Giolla.

The SARA doll remained in storage in Gilbert’s workshop until the events of Cell Block XXX, where Crissy (in her Chrome form) was injured in a psionic tug-of-war between Gothikka and “Psycho-Woman” Tina Butler over Crissy’s very soul. In an effort to save her life, Gilbert and Ted Twiss transferred Crissy’s mind into the SARA body, but interference from Gothikka caused Crissy to effectively be split into two beings.

The newly christened “Surge” is trying to pick up the pieces of her old life, unaware of the existence of her dark doppelganger Blackout. She briefly demonstrated the capacity to enhance LISA’s hypnotic powers, a reversal of her abilities in her original human form.

Notable Appearances: Forbidden Fantasy, The Programmable Woman, Cell Block XXX

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