Green Guardian

green-guardian-bioAlias: Green Guardian
Real Name: Vanessa “Vesa” Wyatt
Age: 47
Height: 5’8″
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Retired Sheriff/ Active Superheroine Trainer
Abilities: Bio-kinetic barrier
Affiliation: Metrobay Police Department/Superheroine Squad/Hooter County Sheriff Office

Vanessa Wyatt was born and raised in Hooter County, the youngest child in a large family of law enforcement officers, and like her father and all her siblings, she knew since she was a kid that she wanted to become a cop.

Complications arose when she developed her powers around puberty, as her family and father in particular held low opinions of superheroes in masks and vigilante justice. She also began to realize her attraction to other girls, which was at odds with her family’s staunchly old-fashioned and conservative views. As a result, young Vesa hid her powers and her desires from her loved ones and tried to fit in and meet their expectations.

green-guardian-young-bioPerhaps because of her upbringing, she specifically chose Metrobay University to attend after graduating high school, knowing it had a reputation for being open-minded and wild. She majored in Criminology and began to excel in her seminars. It was there that she met fellow student Lillian Murrow, who immediately took an interest in the young, naive southern belle, and the two began dating socially.

However, upon graduation, Vesa broke off their relationship, unwilling to confess their relationship to her family and feeling that she would prevent Lillian from pursuing her dream of archaeology. Vesa returned to Hooter County and was made an active duty deputy eight months later. Life was normal and quiet until her ex-girlfriend, upset at a world that would unjustly keep them apart, sought out an ancient, Atlantean power and stole godhood from an Atlantean goddess, Lilit’tiree-zuras, using it to create a world without men so they might live together with Vesa as her queen.

Vesa, however, was gifted the powers of the fallen goddess and overcame Lillian’s spell, restoring the world to its natural order, but outing her powers in the process. She made the decision to move to Metrobay for training with the Superheroine Squad, joining the fledgling Grrl Power, which was mentored by the veteran Yuri Lan, whom Vesa immediately became smitten with.

green-guardian-young2-bioTragically, Yuri Lan perished in an assault on the city, and Vesa returned to Hooter County to cope with her feelings, accepting the role of sheriff for several years until Ms. Metrobay called her back into action. It was, however, during this time that Vesa found herself mysteriously pregnant – a combination of Lillian’s influence during her reality manipulation, the goddess Lilit’tiree-zuras’s power, and the energy burst from Yuri Lan’s last stand – resulting in the birth of Angel Gold, the future heroine Goldwing. However, due to an “evil” spirit intent on stopping the newly-born demi-goddess from being a threat, Vesa’s knowledge and memories of her daughter were wiped from her mind for a time.

Green Guardian returned to help the Superheroine Squad after the fallout with Sentius, as the Squad had a surplus of rookie heroines and were in dire need of teachers and trainers. Vesa accepted the role and has remained an instructor at the Squad ever since, though she tends to go crime-fighting only when necessary.

She has since rediscovered her connection to her daughter and has grown closer to her, while many have grown to see her as a stern-but-caring mother figure of their own. Her priorities to the Squad and her ever chaotic life and the adventures they share had prevented her from having any sort of stable social life until several years ago when she met Doctor Beate Fuchs and the pair have had a relationship for several years, although Vesa has made a point of trying to keep the two parts of her life separate.

Top: Modern uniform
Middle: Grrl Power cadet uniform
Bottom: Current uniform

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