babydollbio2Alias: Babydoll
Real Name: Pristina Wellington
Age: 20
Height: 5′ 6″
Hair: Red (occasionally dyed Blonde)
Occupation: College Student
Affiliation: Legacy of R.O.P.E.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as is the case with Pristina Wellington, the rich, snobby, condescending socialite daughter of the notoriously infamous rich and demented Delilah Wellington, and the pampered niece of Max Indeks.

When you grow up having your own personal maids and butlers on hand to tend to your every want and desire since the age of three, you grow up with a slightly distorted view of the world. Ignored by her mother, who was off following her own loathsome desires, Pristina was raised by submissive servants who wouldn’t dare refuse her anything. Needless to say, Pristina grew up to be an insufferable, spoiled brat, but she was a brat with extremely wealthy relatives and good genes, making her one of the most popular girls at school, which only served to fuel her already overblown ego.

babydollmodernPristina quickly developed a bitter rivalry with Tabitha Essex, a low-class girl suddenly afforded the same privileges as herself. Pristina loathed Tabitha’s “commoner” upbringing and mannerisms and Tabitha held nothing but disdain for Pristina’s spoiled, stuck-up personality. Despite this, they are classmates at Metrobay University and teammates on the Metrobay Wildcats’ cheerleading squad.

Pristina has a sinister secret however. Some of her closest relatives are members of the Circle of R.O.P.E., meaning that as a ‘legacy’ she is as close to the exclusive organization as anyone can be without being a full-fledged member. She quickly found herself at ease playing far more entertaining games with far sexier toys than she ever had growing up. While her mother, the villainess Trixtress, encourages her deviant whims, it was Madame Mynx in particular who saw the makings of a great R.O.P.E. deviant in her and has been nurturing her perverted and twisted, childish indulgences to the best of her ability.

babydollghaaniteGoing by the name of Babydoll, Pristina has recently begun to assist Madame Mynx in her schemes against the Superheroine Squad. Both villains share similar tastes and interests, as well as the boys they either seduce or control. Pristina herself routinely enjoys the Mancubs that Madame Mynx recruits as well as multiple trysts with various Metrobay varsity athletes. She has become arch rivals with the heroine Kitten, ironically unaware that she is in her schoolyard rival Tabitha. She is also unaware that her second cousin, Alexis Wellington, is in fact the Superheroine Squad and Grrl Power memberSolaria, for the two girls are by no means friends and do not socialize unless they absolutely must.

Pristina has been apprehended and sent to prison a few times, though she’s always managed to walk out without a single charge being filed, just an example of how much influence her uncle Max has over the entire town of Metrobay and its police force. Despite this prestigious status, even Pristina is not untouchable and was once captured and humiliated by the villain The Maestro and his cohorts. It was unknown if they knew who she was, or if Max was aware of the situation, but it was nevertheless a harsh change of pace for the spoiled princess used to getting her way.

Babydoll next appeared in the crossover with Platinum Earth’s universe where she appeared to have been abducted from Metrobay by strange alien creatures called the Ghaanite and chemically altered into a slave to the hive mind. Along with a new form, her strength and endurance were enhanced, her fingernails became claw-like, and an intoxicating venom coursed through her body and her newly grown fangs. Her forceful, condescending attitude, however, remained intact. When the heroine Brown Sugar was captured as well, she was given over to Babydoll who drugged her up and began to systematically break her will.

babydollbioAfter what was perceived to be three weeks, Brown Sugar was reduced to a submissive, nameless slave for Babydoll to toy with and train for their mutual master. This continued until the Superheroine Squad and Platinum Earth heroines intervened. Pristina was cured of the hive infection and returned to Metrobay alongside the other captured women.

A bit traumatized by her experience, Pristina changed her look, dyed her hair, and even attempted to be nicer to her rival, Tabitha… a bit. The two continued to argue and fight across school, much to the annoyance of fellow friends and faculty. Unbeknown to them, Professor Lorenzo Trance decided he had suffered enough and the fiendish teacher used an entranced Spellweaver to enslave both Tabby and Pristina to his will, where the two arch-rivals were made to believe they were passionate lovers.

While most believe Pristina is an remorseless and irredeemable brat and villain, under Lorenzo’s control she confessed to Tabby both her loneliness, disappointment with her mother, and even attraction to her once-hated rival. These intimate feelings were quickly stifled by Lorenzo and she returned to mindless subservience, and it remains to be seen what her fate will be, or whether her feelings were genuine or misdirected.

Top: Modern Babydoll
Right: Ghaanite Slave Babydoll
Bottom: Classic Babydoll

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