dipstick costumeAlias: Dipstick
Real Name: classified
Age: 25
Height: 5’6″
Hair: Brown (dyed blonde)
Occupation: professional criminal, ex-wrestling manager
Affiliation: The Boyz, Circle of R.O.P.E.
Abilities: “skilled” criminal mastermind

Dipstick is the third and youngest member of The Boyz and is the so-called brains of the operation, generally the one who comes up with the better ideas and ways out of sticky situations, though to say he is intelligent might be giving him too much credit. Being the youngest and smallest member of the group, Dipstick frequently finds his lack of a seniority and physical prowess a cumbersome obstacle whenBronk and Fingers call dibs on the latest stolen goods or captured female hostage. Dipstick embarrassingly was also cursed with a decidedly small package and was subject to ridicule by even his captives. He has since been upgraded through APEX experimentation and now possesses one of the larger male anatomies in all of Metrobay.

His lifetime of inadequacy has given him something of a complex, and he often goes to great lengths to make up for his “short” comings. He is a notorious lady stalker and is sexually forward with many women he meets. It is implied he is familiar with many campus girls from Metrobay Universe, but whether or not he is a student there, or simply hangs out there for the girls, is uncertain. He has expressed a keen interest in the heroine Gallant Lass, however.

dipstick civilian

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