Valor Girl

valorgirlbio2Alias: Valor Girl
Real Name: Sulia Layla/”Trixi” Tompkins
Age: 34/24
Height: 5’9″/5’7″
Hair: Blonde/Black
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Abilities: Matter Density Control/none
Affiliation: Superheroine Squad

Sulia Layla developed her powers at a young age, discovering the ability to harden her body’s density to the point that her skin could become bullet-proof and her body invulnerable, turning her into a veritable walking battering ram of hard-fisted justice. She chose the name “Valor Girl” as a nod to her childhood idol Valiant Girl and because Valient Grrl had already stepped in as her hand-picked successor.

valorbio2Valor Girl is an associate member of the Superheroine Squad who successfully thwarted many of R.O.P.E.’s schemes. Apparently, she proved to be too effective at her job and eventually the villain Syman Sayz was sent to take care of her. Realizing that he was unable to triumph over Valor Girl’s nigh-invulnerable powers, he instead opted to erase Valor Girl from the picture entirely. He managed to capture her and then subjugated her to an experimental “Personality Exchanging” machine, offering a call girl named “Trixi” $50,000 to be the other guinea pig in his experiment.

The experiment proved to be a success, with the two subjects swapping bodies and some personality traits. This left Sulia powerless in the hooker’s body and Trixi inhabiting Valor Girl’s superpowered form. Neither seemed aware of the ordeal they went through or seemed to realize they had been transposed into different bodies.

Trixi currently has no memory or awareness of her powers or her heroic identity, though her obviously uncanny resemblance to Valor Girl has made her a hugely successful and popular call girl amongst the degenerates of Metrobay. Many of her clients ask her to act as Valor Girl, though a select few criminals do know the amusing truth behind the resemblance.

Sulia continued to act as if she was a fully powered superheroine, though her over-reliance on her abilities earlier in her career left her ineffective and humbled from a recent string of disappointing defeats. She tried diligently to keep fighting the good fight and maintain her honorable title, but her misfortune continued when she was mistaken for the prostitute whose body she was now trapped in and arrested. With all her fingerprint, dental, and even DNA records matching Trixi, Sulia was sent to the Funhouse to serve out a prison sentence she was genuinely innocent of.

valorbioShe was recently freed, however, when the telepathic heroine Alpha Woman realized something was amiss about the young prisoner behind bars. Jade Lightning and Crystal Cyclone then tracked down her real body and dragged Trixi back to the station, where Silver Satin and Ted Twiss had created a replica of the personality exchanger. The two underwent the process again, and Sulia found herself in her own body once more, while Trixi was carted off to jail.

Back in her own body, Sulia denied vacation leave and got right back to crimefighting. On her first day back, she encountered a crashed alien ship and met the fugitive alien refugee, Lunaria, who saved her from two other evil aliens. Sulia offered her a place with the Superheroine Squad as gratitude and has been attempting to help her adjust to life on Earth.


Sulia originally could control the density of her body, turning her from a soft and supple woman to a rock-solid powerhouse. The only downside to this ability was doing so severely hindered her speed and movement due to her increased mass and weight, but allowed her to survive almost any assault and dish out powerful damage.

Notable Appearances: “The Switch”, “The Arrival”, “Forbidden Fantasy”

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