Danielle Jordan

danibioName: Danielle “Dani” Jordan
Age: 23
Height: 5’8”
Hair: Dark Brown
Occupation: Student, Intern
Affiliations: APEX Industries, Metrobay University, Metrobay City Hall

Danielle Jordan is a typical college student, a quiet, shy, unassuming type who came to Metrobay to study at its acclaimed university and make a life for herself.

Dani grew up idolizing Vanessa Turner, following her career from beauty queen to superstar reporter to political upstart. Dani hoped to follow in Vanessa’s footsteps, going as far as to interview for an internship at City Hall shortly after the new mayor took office. Vanessa saw a bit of herself in the young graduate student, and hired her to work alongside other young professionals in her administration.

Though a natural beauty and a kind and decent person, Dani kept to herself at work and didn’t make a lot of friends. She grew up as an only child in Metrobay’s suburbs, sheltered from the harsh realities of life in a town where the freaks come out a night.

danibotThat all changed one day when she was introduced to Max Indeks via APEX’s greentooth earpiece invention, and nothing has been the same for her since. Oh, she still goes to work at City Hall each day, blissfully unaware that after hours she has a second job as Max’s new ‘personal assistant’, a job that promises to change her life more than any internship ever could
Dani has continued to be at Max’s beck and call ever since. She recently contributed her “unquestioning loyalty” to the android MilkMaid, as well as served the role of unexpected guinea pig to her H.E.R.-based hypnotic breasts. Recently, Ginger Monroe revealed that she and Dani are involved in a sexual relationship, despite their mutual obedience to Max Indeks, though it is inferred it is purely Ginger’s doing based on her unrestrained sex drive.

As it turns out, Ginger had grown progressively more jealous of the attention and gifts lavished upon Dani by Max, while she felt neglected and unappreciated. Eventually, Ginger sought to eliminate her “rival”, and did this by duping the obedient Dani into joining her at APEX Lab’s, where Dani was put into a conversion chamber and turned into a human robot. Rechristened “Danibot”, Dani remains a mindless slave, but one that Ginger hopes will stay out of her way once and for all.

Notable Appearances: Wireless, Illicit Rendezvous, Hell Hath No Fury

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