Gypsy Moth

Alias: Gypsy Moth
Real Name: Esperandza Valenquis
Fortune Teller
 Magical Powers and Abilities
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Esperandza Valenquis was born into a rich heritage of gypsy fortune tellers, dancers, and mystics. Developing acute senses of perception and an innate bond with mysticism and magic, Esperandza traveled abroad to discover more of her bloodline and its inherit abilities. She was discovered by Golden Girl during an intense struggle against a violent mob of supervillains and cast a spell to blind them, allowing the outnumbered heroines to escape. 

She has proven invaluable on a number of different missions and became a respected member of the League of Liberty. However, her search for knowledge remains incomplete, and she even surprises herself with some of her mystic abilities. Despite her great abilities and ardent willpower, her powers occasionally go into flux and can become a danger to herself and others. Baron Von Vile used this to his advantage, kidnapping her and luring in Kat Krusader. She was forced to turn her powers against Golden Girl and Emerald Tiger, the latter of whom underwent a dramatic transformation into a far more voluptuous young woman. She also turned her powers against the villain FreaKing, whom it was implied she shared a past with and may have been responsible for his deformity. 

Gypsy Moth’s talents, however, made her a close confident to then-team leader Suprema. The two were responsible for tracking down and recruiting the heroine Vanishing Girl. After Suprema was lost during the Unity invasion, Gypsy Moth assumed the leadership role within the Squad, stepping into her friend’s highly capable shoes. Though she questions her leadership abilities, her friends will gladly attest to her courage and selflessness and are more than willing to put their lives in her hands.

Gypsy Moth recently attempted to save Duality Dame from an evil demon that had plagued her for centuries and was willing to put her life on the line and perform an exorcism. Her attempt was successful, but the demon took residence inside her own body, forcing Duality Dame to fight the demon out of her and ultimately sacrifice herself to save her and Emerald Tiger from harm. 

It’s been revealed that she and the heroine Charger have currently been having a secret affair outside of work ever since Charger rescued the spellcaster from FreaKing’s wrath during a prior Halloween encounter.