Tien Hoang

tienName: Tien Hoang
Occupation: Scientist
Age: 23
Height: 5’5″
Hair: Black
Affiliation: APEX Industries

Born the middle child of a five child family, Tien immigrated from her native Thailand to Metrobay with her relatives at the age of two. A shy individual, Tien’s aptitude for science quickly marked her as a star pupil through her scholastic years. By the time she graduated with a degree in Computer Science with honors from Metrobay University, she had her choice of working at a number of high profile tech firms across the country.

After mulling over the offers, Tien decided to apply for the position of lab supervisor at APEX labs. She was introduced by Max Indeks to her new co-workers J.T. and Mikey in the labs area.

However, when Max next saw his newest employee, he saw that Tien had been changed into a graybot. J.T. and Mikey explained that Tien’s transformation had been the result of a workplace accident and her own carelessness. Max seemed satisfied by what he had earned and decided to leave Tien in her current state for the time being. Given J.T. and Mikey’s actions before Max learning of Tien’s new look and the fact Tien found the two being intimate with Gingerbot and Danibot just prior to the incident, the veracity of what was related is in question.

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