Bliss Starliss

BlissstarlissName: Bliss Starliss
Age: 33
Height: 5’9”
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary
Abilities: Infiltration, Weaponry, Martial Arts

Bliss Starliss is a freelance mercenary stationed in Metrobay in the year 2169. She made a career in corporate espionage and criminal investigation and earned a highly respected reputation amongst her peers and rivals.

Bliss was hired by an unnamed client to investigate rumors that APEX Industries had continued to engage in cloning practices despite the procedure being declared illegal and immoral over two centuries earlier. She learned that the claims were quite true, a fact readily admitted by a man bearing a striking resemblance to the 20th century scientist Feelix von Ick. Bliss further encountered clones of the 20th century British spy Emma Wickstaff, as well as further evidence of clones including Draven Ophidian, Valiant Woman, Sheridan Fox, and Hypnotica. Bliss also discovered a Dimensional Portal, another highly illegal endeavor by APEX.

When confronted by Feelix von Ick, she attempted to flee, only to crash into the demon Lascivia, rendering them both immobile and allowing Bliss to be apprehended and held hostage. Her fate is unknown.

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