Emma Wickstaff

EmmaWickstaffName: Emma Wickstaff
Age: 31
Height: 5’6”
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Spy
Abilities: Infiltration
Affiliation: British Royal Army

Emma Wickstaff was a British spy during World War II who was sent undercover as an infiltration mole to observe the German army’s dealings with what she assumed as a small-time criminal arms dealer.The man she met was Draven Ophidian, whom she quickly came to realize was a far greater threat to the world than the entire Nazi army.

Emma discovered the cloning facility Draven created and discovered the brainwashed and recently empowered Agent of D.E.S.I.R.E. named Maven O’Riley, who was destined to become the superheroine named Valiant Girl.

Emma was discovered by Draven and taken hostage. Draven took Maven and Emma to the gates of Atlantis, intending to use the two girls in a ritual to allow him access to the Atlantean Crown. Things did not go as he planned, and Valiant Girl broke free of her brainwashing and escaped with Emma.

For an unknown reason, Emma was used as the template for the clones, perhaps as a rudimentary “test subject” before the process was to be used on the superpowered Valiant Girl. This make her the de facto “mother” of a small army of mindless women, all looking exactly like herself. After her ordeal with Draven her clones vanished, but the cloning process continued secretly for many years. It has been carried on by the likes of Feelix Von Ick and Max Indeks, with clones of Emma even making appearances in the year 2169.

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