Mildred Glestein

milredbioName: Mildred “Milly” Constance Glestein
Age: 22
Height: 5’5″
Hair: Brown
Occupation: College Student, Librarian

Mildred Constance Glestein is a bright young student at Metrobay University. A gifted but shy student, she excels in most of her classes and is proactively involved in the math club, reading club, chemistry club, and other student clubs. She works in the school library, which mainly gives her an outlet to read as many books as possible.

Despite her good nature, she can be a bit eccentric, which makes her a target for bullies and preppies. Pristina Wellington in particular seems to pick on the nerdy bookworm, but she gets along well with most of the other students, even if she tends to avoid socializing with them. If she does choose to hang out with others, it tends to be with Tabitha Essex or Angel Gold, though they might have to prod and pry her to leave her cubbyhole of an apartment.

Notable Appearance: Time Management, Speak of the Devil

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