Nicole Banks

nicolebioName: Nicole Banks
Age: 30
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Black
Occupation: Personal Secretary
Affiliation: Carmichael Inc.

Nicole Banks worked hard to get to where she is. Very intelligent and highly competitive, she knew from a young age she wanted to work directly under Miss Andrea Carmichael herself at Carmichael Inc. and built up an impressive resume.

Ultimately, her hard work paid off and she got her dream job, helping Miss Carmichael with all her planning and finances and finding great joy and reward in her profession.

Recently, however, she became victim of Max Indeks’ scheme to stop her boss from a corporate takeover. When Nicole showed up to help negotiate the terms of the takeover, Max instead had her kidnapped and forcefully converted into an obedient, robotic drone with the new “nano-leash” nano-virus. She was reprogrammed into Max’s slave and sent out to trap her old boss. Ultimately, even Andrea herself was enslaved.

Nicole continues to work for Andrea, but under the control and guidance of Max and APEX Industries. She is now often borrowed as an assistant by Leela Patel, who has put her to many new and stimulating uses.

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