Polly Vinyl

Alias: Polly Vinyl
Real Name:  Mary Hermann
Age: 43
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Turquoise
Occupation: Chemist
Affiliation: APEX Industries
Abilities: Genius-level Intellect, Impenetrable Skin, Prolonged Aging

Polly was one of APEX Industries’ top chemists, working closely with her partner Peter Bakelite on a number of top secret projects. The duo was tasked with inventing lightweight and durable synthetic materials for use in the company’s consumer products division.

One day an explosion ruptured a vat of a liquid which Pete and Polly were developing as an artificial skin for medical purposes, such as severe burns. The liquid permanently bonded to their skin, giving both of them the appearance of living mannequins. APEX management, including Max Indeks and Belinda Giolla, falsely blamed the accident on negligence and fired both of them in an effort to cover up the incident and hide the damage from stockholders and the press.

Now unemployed, homeless, and ostracized from Metrobay’s scientific community, Polly and Pete angrily turned to a life of crime in order to fend for themselves and ultimately exact revenge upon their tormentors. They appropriated their ‘plastic skin’ formula for a new use as the epidermal coating on their line of “LiveDolls” – beautiful women enslaved and transformed into living love dolls to be sold to the highest bidder in a secret online black market.

Notable Appearances: A New Toy, All Dolled Up, LiveDolls