Gus Manley

gus manleyName: Gus Manley
Occupation: Student
Age: 24
Height: 6”
Hair: Blonde

When Gus Manley isn’t playing sports he can usually be found hanging out with his girlfriend Tabitha Essex ( Kitten ). A jock through and through, Gus lives and breathes sports. Tabby isn’t into sports and gets bored listening to Gus jock talk 24/7. Ironically though, it was when Tabby was made to join the MU cheerleading squad that she and Gus first met.

When Ms. Metrobay assigned a reluctant Tabby to befriend prospective Grrl Power candidate Tori Travayle, it was Gus who solved the dilemma. Both sports lovers, Gus and Tori hit it off right from the start.

Although he has no superpowers, Gus often helps Tabby solve campus capers. There are unconfirmed reports linking him to the hero Ramrod, however. He has no idea his girlfriend is the famous Kitten or that most of Tabby’s friends are Grrl Power superheroines. He considers himself their campus protector in his boyish way. Because of this Grrl Power girls lovingly gave Gus the nickname ‘Studmuffin’ to Tabby’s eternal chagrin.

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