Alias: She-Bulk
Real Name: Cassie Conners
 Blue (normally Reddish-Brown)
 Nigh invulnerability, super strength and stamina
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Cassie Conners was a shy, bright, timid bookworm with braces and big-rimmed glasses. She was heavily teased and picked on in her youth, relying on her brains to get her through the harassment of her peers. Around her senior year, her credentials were rewarded with a meeting with popular superhero, Captain Love. Intent on making an impression, she got a make-over, got contacts, removed her braces, did her hair, and shocked almost everyone by revealing she had secretly been a knock-out babe. Most intrigued, perhaps, was Captain Love, who did more than meet with her.

After a night together, she went home feeling strange and dizzy. After noticing her clothes felt tighter, she realized something was wrong, and after a thorough examination it was revealed she had “caught” a rare disease from Captain Love, but due to his meta-human genetic build, the virus was not destructive, only altering her with some unique side effects. These included bluish skin and an increase in size and muscle mass. Determined to make the most of it, she dedicated her life to fighting crime. She publicly denies she ever slept with Captain Love though…

She-Bulk, as she came to be called, joined the League of Liberty and quickly become a popular member due to her strength and abilities. She formed a budding friendship with Gorilla Gal and often shares innocent quips about each others’ unique physical characteristics.

She-Bulk was one of many heroines captured by Unity during its invasion. Kat Krusader herself hunted her down and turned her into “Unity Gamma”, and together they served Unity obediently until Jupiter Justice freed them from Unity’s control and teleported them back home.

Her self-appointed arch-enemy is the villain The Horse, who has vowed revenge against her for his last defeat. She was later enslaved by Insaniac, but escaped through unrevealed means.