Daily Metro

dailymetroThe Daily Metro is Metrobay’s premiere source for news and information in the city, both in print and online. With the city’s wealth of perverted supervillains and gorgeous superwomen, Metrobay has attracted a large number of highly skilled and driven journalists and photographers eager to become a star reporter. A front page story covering Ms. Metrobay’s latest city-saving heroics or a paparazzi shot of a Valient Grrl wardrobe malfunction can turn a no-name newshound into an overnight tabloid sensation.

The best of the best get their names and articles published in the Daily Metro, an organization which hasn’t seen a slow news day since the 1940s. The Daily Metro is widely read for the latest and greatest news, gossip, and cultural trends, from the Mayor of Metrobay on down to the degenerates behind bars at “The Funhouse”.

The part-time superheroine known as “Swallow” works as a reporter at the Daily Metro, using her extensive list of informational sources to get the scoop on the best stories, as well as where the next big crime might go down.

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