Superheroine Squad Headquarters

superheroineThe Superheroine Squad Headquarters is the central hub for information, strategy, training, and socializing for all members of the Superheroine Squad. It is located in the heart of Metrobay, just behind and above the 21 Street Precinct which doubles as the central offices of the Metrobay Police Department.

Built upon the foundation of the original Superheroine Squad by the police department to accomodate their superpowered counterparts, the Superheroine Squad Headquarters is a marvel of engineering, technology, and law enforcement. Metrobay spared no expense to outfit their champions with the highest quality computer software and most up-to-date, top-of-the-line equipment, resulting in a headquarters that is the envy of crimefighters everywhere.

Within the confines of its illustrious halls, the Superheroine Squad has personal dormitories for its members to crash in after long days fighting crime, state of the art gymnasiums and training facilities, a science and crime lab, a large meeting and planning room, and several monitoring stations that constantly watch the city for even the slightest sign of trouble.

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