Omega Woman

omgbioAlias: Omega Woman
Real Name: Violet Amber Black
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’2″
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: Full-time Superhero
Affiliation: Superheroine Squad
Abilities: Flight, Super Strength, Energy Bolts

Not much is known about this legendary superheroine, but ask any Metrobay old-timer and you’ll be in for a tale of mythical proportions.

What has been passed down through the generations as local folklore is how this mighty warrior, the bravest, boldest, and most beloved crimefighter the city has ever known, triumphed countless times over the most heinous and despicable villains of her day.

Alongside fellow heroines such as Ms. Metrobay and Valiant Woman, she helped to found the Superheroine Squad, and then quietly vanished from the public eye when she was confident that her work was done and the city was in good hands. It was unknown exactly where she disappeared to, but there were rumors that should the need arise for Metrobay’s champion to once again save her beloved hometown, Omega Woman would be waiting.

Turns out, the rumors and folklore were pretty much spot-on.

Violet Black was a fairly skinny, pale-skinned pageant contest for the Miss Metrobay beauty pageant who was abducted by Kikka Brust and Feelix Von Ick. Violet was suspended in a vat of chemicals in an artificially induced coma, awaiting experimentation. Once Feelix had captured several other key female specimens and extracted their genetic material, including metahuman DNA from Kelly West and Princess Valaya, he spiced them with Irridite radiation and injected it into the body of Violet, artificially endowing her with vast amounts of unstable power.

When Violet awoke from her coma, she was irate, confused, and unskilled in the use of her powers and attacked Feelix in rage. She was forced to engage Kelly and Valaya in combat, which distracted her long enough for an enslaved Kikka to outfit her with a mindbender headset, taming her anger and turning her into an obedient Zombot alongside her fellow captives.

However, she was freed from their control by Gadget Gal and exacted her revenge upon Feelix and Kikka by destroying their equipment. This accidentally caused Feelix to be mutated into a powerful,radioactive freak and allowing him to have his way with a captive Kikka, though the two criminals vanished by the morning and their fates were speculated upon for decades after.

She soon after joined the fledgling Superheroine Squad upon Trudy’s request, who provided her with a flashy costume (which she felt looked “trampy”), and used her powers for the good of the city. However, as one of the first artificially created superheroines, her powers were unstable and it became necessary to periodically place her in a form of sleep stasis to allow her body to naturally heal and recover after instances of overexertion.

Omega Woman was called back into duty during the terror of Sentius’s attempt to take control of the city. Reawakened by Silver Satin and her companions Mechana and Ted Twiss, Omega Woman quickly stepped back into the role she had left years ago and helped secure a victory for the Superheroine Squad over Sentius’s schemes during the events of the so-called Night of the Drones.

She has since returned to active duty, serving as a mentor to several inexperienced heroines, and getting reacquainted with her dear friend Ms. Metrobay. She has also drawn the attention of some of Metrobay’s more disreputable citizens, and was the prime target of amusement for the crafty Mesmerella, and R.O.P.E. has been more than eager to see her humiliated and kept out of their affairs. Recently, Omega Woman became aware of the strange and uncharacteristic behavior of her friend, Ms. Metrobay, unaware that her teammate had been manipulated into a trap by Mayor Turner and mind controlled by the Lambda Syndicate. While Ms. Metrobay subsequently was freed of Lambda’s control and basically shrugged off the incident, Omega Woman still has plans to locate her friend’s captors and bring them to justice.

Omega Woman recently got a taste of what Ms. Metrobay went through when she tried on Brown Sugar’s greentooth earpiece for fun. Unbeknown to her, Ginger Monroe was making a call to her at that very moment demanding she join her for a tryst as payback for Max Indeks neglecting her. Violet obeyed her orders and had a wild tryst with Ginger, leaving a very positive impression. She was sent back to headquarters, where Brown Sugar angrily snatched her earpiece back, freeing her from her enslavement and leaving her disorientated and confused.

A string of similar disappearances led Omega Woman, Silver Satin, and Knyght Fighter to investigate, which led them to discover the Ghaanite aliens of Platinum Earth. Seeking to rescue a captured and converted Brown Sugar, the trio was overwhelmed and Omega Woman was immobilized and captured. She soon joined her comrades as a hive slave and helped lead an assault on the citizens of Metrobay with the intent of acquiring more slaves. Ultimately, they were saved by the combined efforts of the Platinum Earth and Superheroine Squad heroines and returned to Metrobay alongside her comrades.

Of peculiar note, Omega Woman also is known for her voracious appetite and often eats large quantities of food at a time. She frequently visits the Double D Diner with friends and co-workers, and almost all her meals are always super-sized. Ms. Metrobay joking referred to her appeal with supervillains in the past, where apparently she carried the dubious nickname of “Ho-Mega Woman”. She also appears at times very strict and aggravated by small things, which Ms. Metrobay implies is a result of sharing some of Kikka Brust’s genetic material, giving her on occasion a “nasty” disposition and fierce temper.

Omega Woman does not employ a secret identity, and given her powers, popularity, and general history it is unlikely she would require one. While she is beloved amongst the people of Metrobay, she has also revealed that she at times is uncomfortable and even upset that the life of a superhero was thrown upon her against her will and wonders what her life would’ve been like had Kikka and Feelix not turned her into the woman she is today. She avoids crowds and prefers not to mingle with large groups of strangers.

Omega Woman is also famously busty, almost as endowed as her teammate Ms. Metrobay, whom it was revealed are roughly the same dress size when Ms. Metrobay lent her friend evening wear for Mesmerella’s magic show. Their similar bust size could be contributed the shared genetic material between them that Feelix imbued into her. She is fluent in German, also likely due to Brust’s influence. Despite her invulnerability, she’s sports a pierced navel and despite her flight powers once borrowed Valient Grrl’s expensive sports car and is known to drive fast and recklessly.


Omega Woman is possibly the most powerful woman in Metrobay, at least in a physical sense. She possesses a portion of raw genetic superhero material from the likes of Ms. Metrobay and Valiant Woman. She was first observed dispatching of Super Freak, one of the strongest individuals in Metrobay, with surprising ease. Her physical strength is derived from Valiant Woman and is more than capable of lifting several tons and her body is almost invulnerable to physical attacks, though it has been implied her physical strength is not quite as strong as her forerunner’s.

Her energy-based powers are also quite formidable. Derived from the energy absorption powers of Ms. Metrobay, she is capable of sending powerful, concussive energy blasts at opponents and can channel her energy into her hands for more powerful blows. Her energy manipulating powers can be controlled outside of her body and thrown or manipulated to almost any degree. They can almost be seen as telekenetic, such as when she was observed moving table condiments around with nothing but her powers, and it allows her to be highly durable and possess inhuman levels of strength and stamina.

Her energy powers can also be put under her and pushed upward, giving her the ability of perpetual, self-contained flight. Omega Woman seems predisposed to natural flight and often flies rather than walks and it has been implied that unlike her other powers it comes naturally to her and had been dormant inside her until the Von Ick experiment. During intense dreaming, her flight powers have been shown to take effect, subconsciously drifting her through the air with minimal effort.

She was originally placed in stasis due to a fear that her energy-based powers were developing at a dangerous rate, but since her most recent reawakening she has shown to be much more capable of controlling her abilities. Modern medical and technological advances, particularly with the help of Ted Twiss, and a liberal dose of practice have helped her to temper her once uncontrollable powers.

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