illuminatiAlias: The Illuminati
Real Name: unknown
Age: unknown
Height: unconfirmed
Hair: unknown
Occupation: unknown
Abilities: Subliminal voice
Affiliation: unknown

The entity known as The Illuminati is shrouded in mystery. Even Illuminati’s gender is unknown.

What is known is that Illuminati is a paranoid conspiracy-theorist who believes the entire government and businesses of the world are secretly trying to manipulate the world. The irony is that, in Metrobay, Illuminati is not far off…

However, Illuminati’s paranoia went from harmless to dangerous when it was discover Illuminati’s voice has a hypnotic effect of implanting subliminal suggestions into whoever listens to Illuminati’s voice. The victim begins to think that the words said are their own thoughts and cannot differentiate their thoughts from Illuminati’s conspiracy theory ravings, making them agree and follow their new leader in paranoid delusions.

Illluminati has thus created a very dangerous small army of devoted believers who will follow Illuminati’s mad goal of sabotaging Metrobay’s government, businesses, and law enforcement, leaving only Illuminati’s “golden truth” as the one and only truth that its citizens should abide by.

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