Alias: Charger
Real Name:  Nancy Lumens
Electrical Engineer
 can discharge large quantities of electricity
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Nancy Lumens was a “bright bulbs” as a kid, growing up with with a zest for engineering and tinkering. A freak thunderstorm that struck near her home one day activated latent electrical powers, allowing her to manipulate and harness electrical powers as a human battery.

With such vast powers, she only felt it was right to put her talents to good use in the seedy city of Liberty Grove and become a trusted ally of the League of Liberty, giving them a “spark” to take on even the most daunting challenges.

After their leader Suprema vanished during the events of Unity Prime’s invasion, Nancy stepped up to assist where she could. During one such mission to assist her new leader, Esperandza, the two felt a shocking attraction to one another and began a super-charged affair. While both would love nothing more than to become public as a couple, both felt it appropriate to keep their relationship secret lest they be accused of partial treatment in the field.

With several League members missing in Metrobay, Charger was tasked with tracking them down. However, she ran afoul of Sera Solas, becoming converted by the nano-leash and sent back to sabotage the League from within, starting with her lover.