Meanie Mouse

meany-mousebioAlias: Meanie Mouse
Real Name: Mitsi Murina
Age: 22
Height: 5’8″
Hair Color: Black
Occupation: Criminal
Affiliation: League of Villains
Abilities: Genius-level intelligence, Ph.D in Psychology, Doctor of veterinary medicine.

Mousey Mitsi Murina grew up with her nose in the books. Ironically though, her parents were both lowly minions for hire; Iron Head Harry and Quick Draw Doris. Harry and Doris worked at different times for a variety of masked supervillains, such as: being tricksters under the Trixtress; cooking up trouble as short order cooks for Chef Pasty; and criminal Klowns under the Black Hat among other various nefarious occupations. So, it was just as surprising to Harry and Doris as it was to everyone else that their child Mitsi was a natural-born genius.

True to their criminal natures, Harry and Doris saw Mitsi’s brilliance as a vehicle to make themselves rich. They used their underworld friends and influence to get Mitsi the best tutors and into the best schools. Her parents relentlessly drove her to study non-stop. Mitsi had no time for friends or any kind of social life. Her every waking moment was spent studying.

The Murinas lived in the Grime City section of Metrobay, and rats were everywhere. But, to Mitsi, rats became her only companions. She’d feed rats with one hand while holding her book with the other hand. Alley cats that came around got shooed away by Mitsi, who protected her rat companions from the ferocious felines. Over time, generations of rats became familiar with Mitsi as if she were one of them.

She graduated high school four years ahead of the norm. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor so she’d become rich and take care of them with her ‘legitimate’ wealth. So, she went into pre-med. It was then that she realized she wanted to be a veterinarian. She lied to her parents telling them she was pursuing medicine when she was in fact attending veterinarian school. She was also interested in the psychology of rats, so she also began studying for a doctorate in psychology. By this time, Mitsi could lie so convincingly she could keep her parents in the dark without any trouble. Besides, all the friends of Harry and Doris were dumb thugs as well and had no way to know what Mitsi was studying. Her academic world was foreign to them.

When Mitsi neared completing her veterinary studies she knew her parents would find out they’d been duped. She wasn’t going to be a rich medical doctor like they hoped. So, Mitsi needed a powerful ally and went to Ava LaPette. Ava owned a perfume company among other businesses. Mitsi’s background could prove invaluable to Ava’s products that focused on bringing out animal magnetism in people. Ava happily took young Mitsi under her wing. This move protected Mitsi from her own parents’ wrath, since Ava LaPette was a secret member of R.O.P.E. They dared not get on Ava’s bad side. Their daughter had easily outsmarted them.

With Mitsi’s expertise, Ava manufactured her best selling perfume line ever. Ava couldn’t make enough perfume to resupply what was sold. It was an overnight success that allowed Ava’s business to go global and rake in millions of profit. Ava knew she owed it all to Mitsi’s intellect, and vowed to herself to look after the girl genius as if she were her own daughter.

Notable Appearance: The Painting

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