Alias: Blackout
Former Name: Crissy Tanner
Age: 19 (physically)
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Black
Occupation: Minion, Troublemaker
Affiliation: Gothik Girls
Abilities: Superpower Cancellation

“Blackout” is the result of a cataclysmic battle between Gothikka and an enraged Alpha Woman over the very soul of Crissy Tanner. Gothikka, having influenced Crissy’s decent into darkness, infected her with black magic venom and turned her into a goth-worshipping menace. Alpha Woman, mad with an overload of psionic power and furious with both Gothikka and Belinda Giolla for their continued attacks on her family and friends, attempted to force Crissy back into the light. It did not go well for Crissy or Belinda.

The resulting explosion caused severe injuries to Crissy, and in an effort to save her life Ted Twiss and Gilbert Petto transferred her mind into the SARA doll so her body could heal. However, Gothikka once again interfered, her spell inadvertently causing Crissy to be split into two beings with opposite personalities: naughty Blackout and nice Surge.

Blackout, since revived by Gothikka’s dark magic, spends her days getting into mischief with Voltara, with whom she has grown very close. The Superheroine Squad, unaware she is alive, continues to search for her body in an effort to obtain some form of closure and perhaps reunite her with Surge one day.

Blackout and Voltara were instrumental in the capture and transformation of Karen West into Frank Einstein’s obedient “Frankenbride” minion in exchange for the creation of a playmate of their own – a bargain which has yet to be fulfilled by Einstein. Only recently has Blackout revealed herself to anyone outside of Gothikka’s mausoleum, asking Twiss for his help rescuing Voltara from the possession of Drusilla Divine in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Mrs. West.

Notable Appearances: Halloween Havoc: The Bride, Cell Block XXX, Halloween Havoc: Blackout & Voltara