April Andrews

aprilandrewsbioName: April Andrews
Age: 22
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Brown
Occupation: College Student
Affiliation: Metrobay University

April Andrews is the younger stepsister of Marvin Quimby. Her mother, Sandy, remarried when April was nearly out of high school and Marvin was finishing up college. The merging of households did not go smoothly, mainly since April was a very smart, beautiful, popular young girl and Marvin was a nerdy, social inept recluse who refused to find a place of his own to move into.

April had a habit of using her sensuality to tease her stepbrother, taunting him with forbidden fruit just to get under his skin. Despite this, April has grown to appreciate her new sibling, even if he has a darker side even she is unaware of.

April is also the next door neighbor to Liz and Lorenzo Trance, as well as a good friend of fellow Metrobay University classmates Tabitha Essex and Gus Manley.

Notable Appearances: The Girl Next Door, Convert Another, Love Program #9

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