Ms. Universe

Alias: Ms. Universe
Real Name: Jennifer Nichols
Age: 37
Height: 5’11”
Hair: Black
Occupation: Freelance Reporter
Abilities: Flight, Energy Blasts, Energy Barrier

Jennifer Nichols is a veteran heroine who has fought the good fight against crime for decades across multiples cities, states, and nations. Seemingly born with a strange and alien power surging through her body, she quickly became a costumed crimefighter with a storied reputation and her own unique base of command. Christened “Ms. Universe”, she established herself in Liberty Grove, a den of incomparable villainy, to try and make a difference. Eventually, she took on a sidekick as well, the plucky Cosmo Girl, who possessed similar powers to her own.

Ten years ago, both Jennifer and her junior partner fell into a trap by the notorious scientist Dr. Robert Otto and forcefully augmented into cybernetic slaves. Under his bidding, they carried out a terror campaign on the city, robbing banks, battling heroes, and serving their master’s every whim. Eventually, they were liberated by the mysterious Shadow Lynx and their cybernetic transformation reversed. Traumatized by the ordeal, Cosmo Girl retired, while Ms. Universe continued the fight, feeling a strong debt of gratitude towards her savior.

She has since been witnessed assisting her fellow Liberty Grove heroines in a variety of battles, but reports have come out that she has gone off-planet in pursuit of larger-scale conflicts. Whatever her circumstances, Ms. Universe’s desire to do good remains unabated.

She still bears the branding of “Unit 02” upon her left breast, keeping it as a reminder of her failure to save Cosmo Girl, and serving to inspire her to do better in her future heroic ventures.