Duke Remington

Alias: The Hunter
Real Name: Duke Edgar Remington
Age: 43
Height: 6’2”
Hair: Dark Brown
Occupation: Socialite
Abilities: Expert Hunter

Duke Edgar Remington hails from a long, prestigious and affluent family line that traces its roots back centuries. Inheriting a colossal fortune and large estate, the Duke quickly established himself among Metrobay‘s wealthy elite, but unlike the Indekses, Quires, or Wellingtons, he much preferred his withdrawn solitude and is known as a private, reclusive bachelor. However, he became quite friendly with many of Metrobay’s upper class, particularly Alfonse Quire.

An avid game hunter, Edgar’s mansion sports a wide and exotic collection of trophies from his various hunting safaris, from all corners of the earth. Ever seeking greater challenges, his prey became ever more dangerous until nothing alive could outwit his keen and cunning predatory mind. Disillusioned, he pursued a greater game to hunt, and sought out the likes of certain individuals with a goal in mind – chiefly the McNorms, Mystica, and The Puppetrix.

His single years came to an end upon meeting the stunning Christine Fendricks, who caught his eye. While Christine and her young daughter Annabelle were in truth a traveling pair of con-artists who preyed on wealthy men, Edgar was quick to suss out their intentions. Thus a game of cat-and-mouse began, with Edgar marrying Christine while setting her and Annabelle up for his ultimate trap.

Christine ultimately discover the sordid truth that Edgar had long-since moved past hunting beastly creatures and had turned his ventures towards hunting human prey, stumbling upon a vast collection of eerily frozen female “trophies” – her daughter Annabelle among them. Revealing he knew from the start of her duplicitous scheme, he made Christine a new, permanent part of his display.