Star Sorceress

Alias: Star Sorceress
Name: Kiriko Fey
Occupation: Apprentice of Sorcery and Mysticism
Age: 24
Height: 5’6″
Hair: Light Brown
Affiliation: Order of the Celestial Spirits, Superheroine Squad, Grrl Power, Magic Grrls

Devoting her life to defending the world against a menacing demonic sect called Deviants, Kiriko Fey is a member of the Order of Celestial Mystics whose dream is to be a mystic of renown to her people. Coming to Metrobay to put her gifts to protect mankind, Kiriko’s tutelage under the Enchantress started her journey to understanding the true balance of the celestial forces. Partnered with a former rival of the Umbral Moonphase witches, Moon Mage, she has found a companion to bring out her best potential. With a heart full of love, compassion, and vigor, the Star Sorceress rises above Metrobay as a mystic guardian.

Notable Appearances: EnchanTed, EnchanTed 2: Von Fluffy’s Revenge ,EnchanTed 3: Starcross,