Alias: Paw-Paw
Real Name: Kachina Dreamwalker
Age: 19 (Calico Kitty Saga)
Height: 5’10″
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Shaman
Abilities: Expert huntsman, tracker, and warrior; can commune with spirits

Kachina Dreamwalker hails from a proud tribe of Native American warriors and hunters in the heart of the unforgiving and rural Hooter County. At an early age, she was selected to be her tribe’s shaman, gifted with the ability to speak with the spirits of their ancestors and share their guidance with her people to lead them to future prosperity.

While most of her people were opposed to the influx of western settlers and tradesman who began to take up residence in their land, Kachina was fascinated by the strange foreigners and sought to better understand their culture and customs. It eventually came to pass that the spirits guided her to leave her village and seek out an individual they foretold would benefit from her knowledge and guidance. Her journey eventually had her cross paths with the masked vigilante gunslinger, the mysterious Calico Kitty. She joined her as her stalwart ally, assuming the identity of “Paw-Paw”, and the two began their daunting task of cleaning up the lawless lands.

Forging a bond of friendship that became legendary in tales retold, the two experienced hundreds of adventures through the uncharted wild west. From coast to coast, their adventures were shared – from stopping train robbers to busting up saloons to battling mythical Wendigos – inspiring legions of budding young heroes to follow in their stead and paving the way for future hero teams such as the Superheroine Squad, the League of Liberty, and the Gem Angels. 

As for Kachina, no one knows her true fate. Some claim she ultimately fell in battle against a voodoo priest and her soul has been trapped ever since, while others believe she retired from her endless battle and her decedents now walk among us, while others insist she still watches over the citizens of Hooter County as its spiritual guardian and protector.

Only one woman knows for sure… and she is not keen to share that information anytime soon…