Trish Jones

Name: Trish Jones
Police Officer
Affiliation: Femcops

Trish Jones is a lifelong resident of Shady Cove and witnessed first-hand the corruption and devastation running rampant throughout Liberty Grove. She, in fact, participated in much of it herself before she had a change of heart and reformed herself.

She was notorious for having very negative views about men, having endured a heavy string of broken and abusive relationships, and some even labeled her a man-hater. Rumors around the precinct claimed she was or remains a lesbian, but she ultimately found her true love and married him. Tragically, her husband disappeared right before their honeymoon. It was just one of many experiences in her life that have made her a hard woman to deal with, and most people are put off by her rebellious attitude and contempt for authority. However, she can be a kind and dependable woman when the need arises.

She joined the newly-formed Femcops police division at the recommendation of her current roommate, Vanessa, and is a very recent graduate. Many tell her she still lacks discipline, but as the youngest member of the team, she feels a strong desire to prove her worth to her peers and mentors.

Trish was one of many women abducted by the Unity matrix when she was tricked into a meeting with brainwashed heroines Kat Krusader and Emerald Tiger. She and the others were ultimately saved and restored to normal, though her friend and fellow Femcops officer, Maya, appeared to suffer residual effects.