Tempo bioAlias: Tempo
Real Name: Jedora Davis
Age: 23
Height: 5’9″
Hair: Brunette
Occupation: student, DJ
Abilities: can speed up or slow down time with “time blasts”
Affiliation: Grrl Power, APEX Alliance

Jedora Davis always had an uncanny knack for keeping rhythm and time. Such innate talents led her from a young age to enjoy the flow of music and song, especially music with a nice, strong beat.

She eventually earned a musical scholarship to Metrobay University to study music theory. While there, she began to notice her “talents” were evolving in a way that wasn’t entirely natural.

As she listened to the beat and rhythm of her music, she found she could alter and distort the rhythm and speed of people and objects around her. Through focus, she could generation “time blasts”, striking people and objects and speeding them up or slowing them down to whatever “tempo” she desired.

She immediately knew what she had to do. She sent her application in to Grrl Power, eager to harness the power of her abilities and help her beloved city as its newest rhythmic heroine, Tempo.

Recently, Tempo began investigating the strange behavior of her friend Projekt, only to discover she and several others had been transformed into mindless members of the APEX Alliance by Leela Patel. Unfortunately, she was ambushed by a brainwashed Aria and subjected to the same nano-leash treatment as her comrades, joining the Alliance as its newest obedient member.

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