Alias: The Cowgal
Real Name: Madison Moody
Ranch hand
 expert sharp-shooter, lightning quick reflexes
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Madison Moody lived in the barest parts of the Arizona desert, growing up on a dusty farm raising cattle with her father. Not the most exciting life for a scrappy, show-off girl such as herself. During her spare time, she would take her father’s pistol out and practice shooting with it… and surprisingly discovered and developed impeccable aim and accuracy with it. As she practiced over the years, her shots became second nature, as natural as breathing, and her mark was always dead accurate.

Feeling her skills were being wasted, she wrote a short note to her father and left, hitchhiking her way to the big city of Liberty Grove. She found an ad for superhero tryouts and attended, impressing the superhero judges Golden Gal and Kat Krusader. She was deemed too young and wild for solo duty, however, and has been placed on a short list of heroines awaiting a mentor heroine to show them the ropes.

She shared a boarding room with upper-class heroine Vanishing Girl. Though the two often argue and fight, with Vanishing Girl viewing Madison as an uneducated hick and Madison views her roommate as a spoiled brat, the two have grown to get along and even like one another.

Madison was one of many heroines captured and assimilated by the Unity matrix. She was liberated by Jupiter Justice and returned home, no worse for the wear. She also has confided in Emerald Tiger that she lost her virginity to the supervillain, the Wrangler, and she has an extremely negative view of Vanishing Girl’s ex-boyfriend, Captain Love.