Speed Demons

speeddemonsThe Speed Demons are a small group of young heroines and friends with a mutual appreciation for speed, non-traditional sports, and fighting crime.

The group currently consists of DareDoll, Shadow Rider, and RollerGrrl. The three Demonettes acquired their powers at the same time when they stopped The Boyz from robbing an old man’s magic shop. The man – a retired wizard – granted magical powers to the girls’ forms of transportation, giving them all enhanced speed and reflexes, abilities the girls quickly put to good use.

The Speed Demons are not officially a part of the Superheroine Squad, despite considerable pressure from other heroines that they join. They prefer to do things their own way at their own pace, which is exceedingly faster than what most other heroines can handle. They will gladly come to the aid of their fellow superheroines, however, and have even temporarily joined the Superheroine Squad in times of extreme crisis. They are also regularly seen teaming up with Grrl Power, the Superheroine Squad junior auxiliary who are closer in age to the Demonettes than their senior Squad teammates.

Left to right: DareDoll, Shadow Rider, RollerGrrl.

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